Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MLM Business Lead-3 Things Not To Do To Generate Leads!

As networkers who need a steady funnel of mlm business leads to talk to, while its good to know what to do to generate a mlm business lead, sometimes its helpful to know what NOT to do. This will save you lots of failure and frustration in the long term. So, let's check this out.

3 Things Not to Do If You Want MLM Business Leads to Join Your Opportunity

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Monique Hawkins
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Monday, December 28, 2009

MLM Business Lead-How To Generate MLM Business Leads Who Are Seeking an Opportunity

As network marketers, we all know how important it is to have a steady funnel of mlm business lead to talk to about the mlm opportunity or products/services.

I came across this article which offers some valuable advice about how to generate your own leads. It is good stuff and I know you will benefit from it

You Can Generate Your Own MLM Business Leads That Are Opportunity Seekers

Finding good business leads that are MLM opportunity seekers is one of the most challenging aspects of building a network marketing business. Many people online are looking for income but not necessarily through the MLM industry.

Very few people have much success recruiting family and friends. Unless you are a person of great influence this is just very difficult to do. Passing out business cards, or cold calling off a lead list, is not a good use of your time and money.

It’s a timing issue with most people. If they’re not of the correct mindset at that moment of approach it’s a challenge in getting them to change that mindset. You need to locate people who are seeking an mlm business now.

Many people trying to build a network marketing business now purchase leads. This does have possibilities but has some problems as well. Many of these leads are old or are not that targeted towards your type of business.

That leads us (no pun intended) to perhaps the best way to find good business leads of MLM opportunity seekers: generate them yourself.

The lead you purchase are generated mostly in a way that you can do yourself. You just need to put a lead generation system in place. Those that are making hundreds of thousands of dollars selling leads have figured this out.

The leads that they generate are basically from websites they’ve built with web copy and content designed to pique the interest of readers so much that they are compelled to give valuable information.

The advertising and marketing strategy of the website is such that people will be inclined to give you their name and email address in order to get more information (and perhaps some free stuff you offer) about how they can achieve success with your business opportunity.

So how do you generate your own leads? You’ll need to advertise and draw traffic to your sites where you capture the visitors. You can do this in several ways.

You can get leads from internet search engines like Google AdWords and Overture. Whe you use pay per click advertising your visitors are target.

You set your budget and set the price you are willing to pay for each sales lead. You then only pay when your customers click through to your site. You are guaranteed to receive interested prospects because you only pay for performance: pre qualified clicks and visitors.

You should also use article marketing and blogging. Adding fresh content to your site is a tremendous aid in driving traffic to the site. By constantly updating information to your site it will become known as one that reader’s can benefit from.

The articles and blogs will have various keywords in them to give you high placement on the search engines and backlinks to drive people to your site.

Louis Martel is the owner of one of the most popular mlm business websites on the internet today. To learn secrets most mlm opportunity seekers will never know visit it right now.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

MLM Business Lead-Sponsoring Isn't Like Selling

When you are out prospecting and talking to a mlm business lead, always remember this as you look to build your mlm business: sponsoring isn't like selling. They are two different entities. Here is what mlm generic trainer Tom, Big Al, Schreiter has to about this in his own words:

Sponsoring Isn't Selling:

When you buy something, you give the seller some money, receive your merchandise, and the deal is completed. That's it.

When someone asks you to join their network marketing company, this isn't a simple, one-time transaction. You are being asked for a long-term commitment. You'll want to know more about the program, the people involved, etc. You want to be comfortable with everything before you make this major decision.

That's why "selling" doesn't work well when sponsoring prospects. What works better is "relationships." Your prospect will more likely join if he knows, likes and trusts you. This is one of the main reasons people join.

If you want to be an effective recruiter, concentrate more of your presentation on relationships and less on features, benefits, and facts about your program.

Tom, Big Al, Schrieter

I'd say this is excellent advice from Tom. Always remember that MLM is a relationship business as my mentor, Michael Dlouhy would say!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

MLM Business Lead-How To Generate Business Leads on Myspace

As folks who have a network working home business, I'm sure you know the importance of having a steady of mlm business leads.

Did you know that Myspace can be a place where you can gather as many mlm business leads you need to your heart's content? Let's discover now how this works.

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Monique Hawkins
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Network Marketing Information-8 Tips on How to Build A Business Warren Buffet Would Buy

As a leader who has a home based business, be it in network marketing, direct sales, real estate investing, etc., a large part of success has to do with leadership abilities and personal development. No matter what the business is,it would be quite an accomplishment to build it so successfully to catch the attention of Warren Buffet as business partner!

Let's take a look at the business principles the furniture and appliance company, R.C. Willey practiced so successfully that it attracted Buffet and resulting in his buying it in 1995 for a hefty 175 million dollars.

The key, it seems, was effective leadership practiced by CEO Bill Childs. Here are the 8 key management principles practiced by Childs on a daily basis:

1. Build a reputation for excellence. Bill Childs made it a practice to exceed customer expectations and standard retail practices. As a result, he earned the loyalty of not only customers, but also their friends and neighbors when they shared their stories. His customer base steadily increased as a result of this.

2. Strive to offer the best services and products and not at the lowest price. Customers always remember poor product quality long after the money saved from a low price. Therefore, always offer your best.

3. Treat potential customers as equals and friends and not as targets. Make this a goal. Offer solutions to their problems. People remember how they felt when they make a purchase as much as they remember the product or service brought. In other words, build relationships.

4. Shun debt. Debt can turn into an inescapable trap in a recession when sales slow and profits no longer cover the operating costs. Both Buffet and Childs believe the risks of debt are not worth taking. It's too bad Wall Street didn't take this principle to heart!

5. Don't force employees to do things they don't want to do. Instead, try to convince them that they want to do those things. For those in mlm, this would be your downline. In other words, find their motivation and appeal to it as Harry Brown would say.

6. Learn the little details that shape your customer's experience. Child's talked with his shoppers and found out their likes and dislikes. Their priorities became his own. For instance, he discovered that moms with young children formed their opinions about a business based on the restroom's cleanliness. Therefore, Child's made sure all his stores restrooms were spotless. It sounds like Child's became an expert listener. So, build up your listening skills.

7. Make your advertising stand out. Bill Child's discovered that if a company's ads are the same as competitors', the advertising costs would be wasteful. He learned how to brand his company in a way to reach new customers and markets. As a result, he created a highly profitable business.

8. Embrace change. Any business must change to keep up with a changing world. Keeping ahead of the competition and keeping the business from becoming stale is a must. Bill Childs never let himself believe he found the perfect formula for he clearly understood what works great today may not work tomorrow. The lesson here is to never stop learning and growing.

These 8 leadership tips are highly valuable for any work from home business. Take some time to think about them and begin to incorporate these timeless principles in your work at home business.

Monday, December 14, 2009

MLM Business Lead-Why Your Prospect Didn't Join

Have you ever had a mlm business lead, who you thought was ready to become a member of your team, only to find out they changed their mind or worse yet, joined with someone else? Nothing can be more disheartening than to have a prospect you thought was ready to join your organization turn cold.

Why did the prospect turn cold?

Simply, you did not understand what motivated your prospect. A good network marketer understands that there are several reasons that motivate prospects. Think back to when you got into the business. What was your motivation? How did that marketer find out what your "hot points" were? We all know that building a rapport is a basic prospecting principle. However, until you master the skills of how to approach and involve your prospect to learn what motivates them, you will continue to have trouble keeping a prospect "hot".

What is the mlm business lead's motivation?

It is important to understand when approaching a prospect - "Prospects will make a decision based on their reasons and NOT yours!" Whether it is security, extra income, more free time, business ownership, whatever the need is that motivates your prospects, you will have to uncover what that need is in order for them to do business with you. When talking to a prospect assume nothing, but search for a fit between what the prospect needs and what solution you have to offer.

The simple formula to approaching and involving your prospect is to ask questions, the right questions. Asking questions promotes prospect involvement and you maintain an interest in the presentation. The next thing you need to do is LISTEN to what your prospect says - it is vital! If you do not hear what your prospect said, you will never learn what motivates them. If you are talking more than 20% of the time, you are talking too much and need to start listening more. Once you know your prospects motivation, you will be able to sell your business opportunity by showing them that your product or service meets their need.

Keep your mlm business lead hot!

If you are viewed by your prospect as a credible person, someone they would be comfortable doing business with, have a good understanding of your products or services, develop the skills to understand what motivates your prospect and can deliver a solution to their needs. You will be well on your way to keeping the prospect "hot" and doing business with you.

Friday, December 11, 2009

MLM Business Lead-Why a Good eMail List is Vital to the Health of Your Business

A good way to generate a mlm business lead list is by becoming proficient with email marketing. If you really want your mlm Internet business to thrive you absolutely must succeed at email marketing, and the only way to do that is with a good email list. Maintaining a good email list can provide all kinds of benefits for your work at home business.

To start with, regardless of whether you are trying to make sales, promote an affiliate website, provide content production, or just generate ad revenue, e.g., adwords campaigns and the like, you've got to have customers. With a good email marketing campaign you can give your customers a sense of real appreciation. Reinforce that you did not forget about them the moment they gave you their money. Their business mattered to you, and you want more of it. In a world where business dealings are becoming increasingly impersonal, this is a sure fire way to build a rapport with your customers that will ultimately boost your bottom line.

Not only do you need to keep track of the email addresses of your existing customers, it's essential to try to obtain the email address of any prospective customers as well. Whether it's by keeping a log of customer service emails, or setting up some kind of membership feature, you should try to get their email address. If they are interested enough to have found your website, they are interested in whatever you may have to offer. You may not be able to get them to buy your product, subscribe to your pay service, or even click an ad, but you will be able to let them know when you have any specials, or any new content for them to look at, or any new services that they may be interested in. If they did not have any interest at all in what you had to offer, you would not have their email address in the first place.

The best part about having a good email list, and using a clever email marketing campaign, is the way it can generate revenue. If you can drive Internet traffic to your website and get a steady flow of new customers, that is great. It would be even that much better if you could obtain there name and email address to add to your list.

If you want to grow your volume, and grow your business, you are going to need to make sure that you not only get new customers, but repeat customers. The longer you work at building the customer - business relationship with an email marketing campaign, the more people you will manage to pull into your customer base. As your customer base expands, so does your business, and your profits.

If your goal is to expand your Internet business until you are living comfortably, working from home and working for yourself, you absolutely must maintain a robust email list, and conduct effective email marketing campaigns. Your mlm business lead list will continue to grow when you learn how to be come highly proficient at this!

Monday, December 07, 2009

MLM Business Lead-How to Use Third Party Credibility

It's no secret that the best form of advertising is word of mouth for any type of mlm home based business opportunity's products and/or services.. Always has been and always will be. Even in today’s information age, where it's nearly impossible to shield ourselves from the daily blaze of information coming at us through various media channels. Mass marketing communication has pervaded pretty much all areas of our lives, but still it lacks the power of good old word of mouth. Word of mouth works very well when talking to a mlm business lead. There is a reason for this and here is why.

The direct selling and network marketing industries were built upon this foundation and both are thriving these days. One of the reasons for this is that as we are bombarded with mass communication messages, the value of a more personal message from a trusted source increases. Traditional companies are starting to pick up on this and are trying to implement programs to stimulate word of mouth by their existing customers. For many companies this transition proves to be slightly more difficult than they anticipated - hardly a surprise to those that have been successful in that area. The approach to using good word of mouth advertising differs very much from regular advertising.

Even though there are many differences between regular marketing and word of mouth, there are also some important similarities. One of them is the power of the use of a third party tool. Of course it's nice if you say how great your mlm company is and how wonderful your products and services are. But that's kind of like your mother saying you're such a nice person. It's not that it's not true. It's just that the source isn't considered to be very objective. A third party is. It doesn't necessarily mean that the third party is completely objective but at least it's considered to be at least more objective than your mother, or your network marketing company, or you.

In everything we do, we seem to have a natural tendency to follow the people around us or people we look up to. Since the latter aren't always present we usually reside to the people around us. Another tendency most people have is to distrust the seller or at least question the truthfulness of what they're saying. These two tendencies combined lead to a situation where almost all our purchases are driven largely by what the people around us say and think about certain products and services. When the selling party advises you on a certain purchase he or she usually has an interest in making a sale and therefore may not be completely objective. When a neighbor gives you advice, you don't worry about this and therefore you find it easier to trust him. Your neighbor just served as a third party.

We generally tend to like testimonials better than commercials, probably because they don't involve hard selling, or at least not to the same extent. The impact of a good testimonial is a lot bigger than that of an advertisement. Especially when it is delivered by someone we know and respect. So the point is to find a third party that can endorse you or refer people to you - preferably someone that has credibility. This point is well understood by many network marketing companies. After decades of aggressive growth this industry still deals with something of a credibility issue. Of course to anyone that has done their due diligence, the validity and opportunity of network marketing should be crystal clear. Unfortunately for many individuals in the industry, most prospects haven't done their due diligence and wouldn't even know where to begin. That's where the importance of third party credibility comes in.

Some network marketing companies have earned endorsements from people that are widely recognized as successful and are using their influence to boost company growth. They know how people will react to an endorsement by a world famous millionaire or even billionaire; "If successful people like that say it's OK, it probably is...” This phenomenon can be seen in every business, in every country and in every city. The opinions of the movers and shakers in any area just seem to have more effect on people. The point is whether you're in network marketing or in a traditional business, using third party credibility can greatly improve your results. Unfortunately very few people seem to actively use this strategy.

If you are in business for yourself you can at least see if you can take advantage of this. Get some testimonials from your existing customers, especially from those customers that seem to have some influence in the community.

Try to find out what kind of person would be good match for your prospective customers. Determine some characteristics and then search your existing customer base to see if you can find any people meeting these criteria. If you do, simply contact them and ask them if they would help you out by sharing their story. In most cases you won't have to compensate them for this, but it wouldn't hurt if you did a little extra to make it worth their while. After all, you're asking them to help you out.

If you can't find a suitable candidate amongst your existing customers, try the rest of your network. Perhaps you can find some people there that aren't buying from you yet, but would be happy to become your customer and endorse you. In this case you would probably have to do a little more in the form of compensation to sway them.

Perhaps you could throw in a discount or provide a part or all of your service free of charge. Yes, this will cost you some money, but it's probably a lot cheaper than running an ad in the local newspaper. And it will probably generate a lot more business for you.

Friday, December 04, 2009

MLM Business Lead-More Big Al Tips to Build Your MLM Opp Big!

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know how much I enjoy talking about Tom, Big Al, Schreiter and his tips on how to talk to a mlm business lead. Plus,he has great tips on other skills you need to have to successfully build a mlm home based business opportunity.

So, in today's post, I will be sharing with you more Big Al awesome tips!

The elevator to "success" is closed. But, the stairs are always open.

I heard this from Hilde Saele as she addressed a session on this year's MLM Cruise.

Think about it.

Distributors want the ad that sends them to a website where prospects automatically join.

Distributors are too lazy to get their own leads, so they pay someone else to get the leads for them.

Distributors refuse to learn the magic words and skills and just hope the sponsor gives them some good new recruits to work with.
I love that saying and I'm going to use it on some effort-challenged people I know.

Cool things to say . . .

Jean Phi of Belgium writes me often and we exchange ideas and marketing tips. Here are two of his sequences that you will enjoy:

"What kind of concerns and challenges are you ready to face to live the life of your dreams?"

"Would you learn some new skills if your boss asks you, in exchange for an annual raise of 5000 Euros?"

Words I prefer not to use.

Financial freedom. (Means that an insurance agent is approaching.)

Time freedom. (Prospect thinks about science fiction time tricks.)

Residual income. ("Residual" means leftover stuff that nobody wants.)

Instant communication.

You can use this skill everywhere, for the rest of your life.

Learn how to get your message inside the mind of your prospects, so they actually believe the good things that you say. This is fun! Just go to:

If you want to be a member of my fan page on and get my Facebook newsletter also, go to:

If you want to follow me on Twitter, I am at:

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
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PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

Monday, November 30, 2009

MLM Business Lead-How to Explode Your MLM Business Lead Base

As a network marketer, you know how important it is to drive traffic to your website. As a matter of fact, your very survival depends on it. If you want to have a great list of mlm business lead, this is a must!

There is an often over-looked area of marketing that is ignored by many in network marketing. This area is offline marketing. While the Internet is a source used by many, there are also thousands of prospects that can be presented with your MLM business opportunity through offline sources. Here are eight offline strategies that you can use to expand your network marketing prospects and mlm business lead list, and, in turn, explode your business.

1. Use a small zip close bag and include, for example, the following in it:

a business card
a business opportunity flyer or mini flyer
a discount coupon
a mini flyer of current special

Hand out the baggies to bank tellers, retail cashiers, at your kids sport events, etc. In other words, everywhere you go! This is a quick and easy way to let folks know what you are about.

2. Print flyers with your contact information, your website address, and email address, along with any current specials you are offering. Then, contact mobile home park offices, apartment complex rental offices, housing developments, etc., and ask for permission to leave flyers in their office or hang on tenant doors. You would also give the office employees a free gift or discount on your product or service.

4. Contact your local bridal supply stores, bridal gown stores, caterers, tux rental centers, wedding DJ's, etc. When contacting them, ask if you can leave your business card with them as a flyer for their customers to pick up.

5. Don't overlook daycare centers! They are excellent places to contact and leave business cards and/or flyers. Make sure that for whatever company you represent, you find items that cater specifically to children or moms. Make sure your flyer clearly shows this.

6. Contact your local churches. A lot of churches hold spring and fall festivals, Christmas bazaars, plan special events around Thanksgiving, etc. Contact them about getting a table or booth. This is a very inexpensive way (generally less than $15 a table) to promote your network marketing business.

7. Connect with your local Chamber of Commerce. Many times they hold local business events that you can participate in.

8. Do you have a college in your town? If so, great! College students are always looking to lose weight, spend money, and for more ways to generate extra income. Remember, how broke you were in college? So, students are also great prospects for your MLM business opportunity.

As you can see, this is just a small list of endless strategies that you can use to market your business offline as well as build a great mlm business lead list. Try one or more of these strategies to start off with, and watch your network marketing business explode!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

MLM Business Leads-Three Tips on How to Talk To Prospects

One person I like to look to for skill training to use when I talk to mlm business leads is Tom, Big Al, Schreiter.

Big Al has been mentoring thousands for years and the skills he teaches are easy to use and very practical. There's nothing fancy with his techniques!

So, today's posts will cover some awesome Big Al strategies to use when you are talking to your mlm business leads.

How to make your presentations rejection-free.

Be polite. It is just that easy.

When prospects acknowledge that they have a problem that your products or opportunity can fix, before you launch into your presentation, ask this question first:

"Would you like to do something about it?"

This gives the prospects a chance to decline a sales presentation, when they have no intention of fixing their problem, or don't believe that you can fix it.

And it's just good manners.

We all hate it when we are subjected to a sales presentation when we don't want to hear one.

On the positive side, if your prospects say that they want to do something about their problem, it is so easy.

Just make a simple presentation and let your prospects buy or join.

Skill #23: How to get your prospects to say "YES" immediately: the magic sequences of words.

Many subscribers have attended this three-hour workshop and asked for more of the basic sequences that get prospects to listen and accept the good things we say.

We don't want to waste our life's breath on prospects who aren't listening.

So here are two more easy-to-use sequences that you can use when dealing with the "decision-making" part of the brain:

1. "I'm curious if you would keep an open mind to . . ."

2. "Well, you know how . . ."

You already know where and how to plug in these sequences from the workshop you attended. So use and enjoy!

People will not do what you tell them to do, only what you show them to do.
The complete library of Big Al skills is at:

What to say next.

After you have finished your "One-Minute Presentation" or any presentation, what are you going to say next if your prospect is not ready to make a decision?

You don't want your prospect to say, "I want to think it over."

You don't want silence while you and the prospect stare at each other.

So what can you say next to keep your presentation moving towards a decision?

Try this:

"So what would you like to know next?"

This forces the prospect to tell you which issues or questions are still in his mind. And by answering your prospect's question on what he wants to know next, you are moving closer to a decision.

This method puts the prospect in control of the flow of information and relaxes the tension of the presentation. Give it a try. Your prospect will love it too.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289 USA

PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

Thursday, November 26, 2009

MLM Business Leads-How to Get Your E-mail Marketing Letter Read

For those of you networkers who are creating a mlm business leads list and use resources such as a free report, newsletter, give away free ebooks, etc. to collect names and emails, one of the things you must learn how to do is to train your people to open your emails. This isn't always an easy task, but it can be done!

More and more people are using e-mail marketing in their mlm business as a way to instantly contact hundreds if not thousands of prospects. However, few people fail to realize that there is a lot more to e-mail marketing than that.

E-mail marketing is no different than any other type of marketing, the same type rules apply. It is important to understand that e-mail marketing is just a tool and like any tool you must learn how to use it. Your goal should not be to make the sale, but to get the prospect to request additional information. You have to want your mlm prospects to learn much more.

Most e-mail marketing is doomed from the start, in that over 90% of e-mails sent will never be read. Why is that?

1. Poor subject line - screw this up and the rest of your message is irrelevant.

Your subject line announces your e-mail and tells the reader if the message is important to them or not. Your subject line should do one thing and one only - get your reader to open the message and read the first sentence. Simply stating "You can make $20,000 in the next 30 days" just won’t cut it. In fact, a line like this will increase the chance that it will be considered spam. The more hyped your subject is, the less chance of getting a response. How do you attract the reader's attention without hype? There's no magic formula, but personalizing the subject line with your prospects name almost guarantees a second look. But name alone won’t get you great results; you still need to craft the rest of your subject line without the hype.

2. Don't confuse the prospect in the first paragraph

Now that the prospect has opened up your message, another 90% or more of your prospects will not make it past the first sentence. Your goal is to get them to read the first sentence, which leads to the second and so on. Don't state in the first sentence why you sent the e-mail message, how to opt-out, apologize for your message and for sure don't state that this message is not spam! Every sentence should contribute toward moving your prospect towards your objective what ever that objective is. If your subject gets the prospects' attention, the first paragraph should lead them into the rest of you message. You should always keep one thing in mind; your prospect only cares about one thing - what is in it for them.

Provide your prospects with something of value and they will take you up on your offer. What do you have that can help them in making a decision? What can you give away that will be an asset to them? If you become a resource to your prospects you will see the quality and quantity of responses change for the better.

If you follow these tips, you will find that your mlm business leads list will continue to grow and you will begin to make sales and find business partners.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MLM Business Leads-Why getting appointments for presentations is hard

As a professional network marketer, I am sure you have noticed that it is not always easy to get presentations with our mlm business leads. There is a reason for this according to mlm marketing expert, Tom, Big Al, Schreiter:

Why getting appointments for presentations is so hard.

In 1959, there were no:

* cell phones
* text messages
* cable television channels
* email addresses
* Facebook pages
* after-school activities.

So if you asked someone,

"Can I give you a 30-minute presentation about my new business opportunity?"

They would reply:

"Woo-hoo! Entertainment!"

Because there wasn't anything to do in 1959.

But what year is it now?

In 2015, prospects have:

* cell phones
* text messages
* cable television channels
* email addresses
* Facebook pages
* and hundreds of after-school activities.

Yes, prospects are very busy in 2015.

And if you are still trying to give 30-minute presentations now, you are trying to do business in 2015 with ancient 1959 dinosaur techniques. And you will end up extinct, just like the dinosaurs.

You are swimming uphill.

What can you do?

For today's world, you want to learn how to give a complete and total presentation in one minute. During that minute you will answer the prospect's three trigger questions, explain your product line, and explain your compensation plan.

Then, at the end of your one-minute presentation, the prospect can make an immediate decision. You save time. The prospect saves time.

But what's more important is that, even if your presentation is only one minute, what is your prospect thinking at the end of one minute?

"I can do this!"

The biggest reason prospects don't join is because they can't see themselves doing our business. The one-minute presentation solves that roadblock.

Give it a try. You'll never go back.

And if you don't know how to give a one-minute presentation, you can learn.

Simply take the no-cost, seven-lesson mini-course now. It's easy and only takes a few minutes per lesson.

Get your first lesson now at:
Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
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PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289 USA

PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Network Marketing Information - How to Get 100 Yes's Instead of No's

As a leader in your MLM opportunity, I think you will agree with this: cold calling stinks! For yourself and others in MLM, this isn't new network marketing information. We all know there has to be a better solution to prospecting.

The good news is, there is better way. The secret is learning the personality colors. This training is not difficult to learn and once you do, not only can you use this training in all your presentations, but the skills can also be taught to your distributors in your downline. Plus, you will find the days of 100 no 's will be left behind.

So, you may be wondering what the colors has to do with your success level and how can your understanding of the colors allow you a significant increase in your sign up rate?

Well, as a leader, you use the colors training to help you have success when communicating with your MLM business leads. Most people think it is all about having a great ability to close the deal, to make the prospect rush to yank out their wallet and buy now. This sounds wonderful, but really misses a key component to long term success in MLM.

To have a successful home business, you must know what the key is to long term success. It really starts with an understanding the type of business you are promoting. Many reps believe it's all bout having the best product or service. Some others think it's about having a awesome website or a 20 page full brochure that reveals why the work from home opportunity stomps the competition.

In reality, nothing is further from the truth. It is not about what you are "selling", but is something so simple most people will completely overlook it. In fact, once you see and understand the simple and timeless principles, you will be amazed at how you will be able to go from having to hear 100 no's every day to dealing with a huge number of yes's. Your organization will love this!

If you are ready to get MLM prospects enjoy your calling them, learn the colors which are yellow, blue, green, and red. Learn what the yellow's, who make up 35% of the population, like to do in their spare time. Discover why the blues, who make up 15% of the population, like to have so much fun! Understand why the green's, who make up 35% of the population, like to research things to death and why the red's, 15% of the population, like to hear how to make a ton of money.

The bottom line, when you learn how to talk with prospects,you will be amazed at how your sponsoring ratios will increase and how much easier it will be to build your relationships with others.

 This is network marketing information that will take your business to the next level. Learn it and begin to use the colors technique today!

Monday, November 16, 2009

MLM Business Lead-How to Use Facebook to Market Your Products Effectively

Having an online mlm business can be very hard for many people. they really struggle to to find the right mlm business leads. Some people today are having trouble getting targeted traffic to their business mlm opportunity website. You have to remember that the key to becoming successful in any online business is by getting targeted traffic to visit your website.

So, just how can you make your online mlm business successful?

A lot of people hire SEO's in order to get their website on the top ten search results in Google. This may help but you still need to get people to visit your website. Even when it is on the top ten search result in a popular search engine, people will not click it unless you get them interested.

To get targeted traffic to your website, you may need to join Facebook and market on this popular website. So, what exactly is Facebook? Basically, this is a social networking website that people of all ages use in order to keep in touch with their family and friends. This is also a website where people can meet new friends.

In this website, you can even join or create groups related to what you are selling. By being active in these groups, and getting people to read what you have to say about the products you are selling, you will be regarded as an expert. Just remember that you shouldn't directly sell the product as if you are telling people to buy it. Instead, try selling your products indirectly by showing the people in the group about the benefits of what you have to sell. Just be informative about the product you are selling.

If people see that you are knowledgeable about the product, this is when they will ask questions about you. You will be seen as an expert in the field and this is also the time to tell the group that you are selling the particular product you are discussing. Once you get their attention, targeted traffic will soon start pouring into your business website.

Facebook is a very powerful tool that you can use for marketing your online business or your products. When used right, you can build a large mlm business leads list. This social networking website is very popular worldwide and with millions of people logging in and out of this website each day, you can be sure that someone will come across your profile.

So, if you want to market your products effectively and get targeted traffic into your business website, you may want to use Facebook as a marketing tool. It's free, it's fun, and it's popular.

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Skype: Monique371

Most people who read the ebook, Success in 10 Steps and get help from Mentoring for Free find why their lack of success in NOT their fault. Click here to get your copy

Sunday, November 15, 2009

MLM Business Leads-Why Use Article Marketing?

One of the most effective you as network marketer can do to generate mlm business leads is to use article marketing. Whether you run your business totally online or offline, you need to implement article marketing. If you aren't marketing your business with articles, you're missing a huge chunk of the marketing pie. Let me give you a few reasons why.

Reason #1: Article marketing is free. Every business owner knows that advertising isn't cheap. Every newspaper or magazine ad you run costs you dearly. By spending just a little extra time writing and submitting several articles each month, you'll save quite a bit of money. Best yet, article marketing doesn't cost you a dime--just a few hours every week. A great place site to use is Ezine Articles at

Reason #2: Article marketing brands your business. Have you ever wondered how some businesses seem to become so well known in such a short amount of time? They're getting their name out there. They're giving away something of value for free to their potential customers. Your articles will brand your mlm business and its products and services and make it a well-known name.

Reason #3: Article marketing makes you an expert. If you write articles about the subjects you know well, you'll quickly become known as an expert in your field. Do you run a website on bird watching? Writing and submitting fifty articles on bird watching will show people that you know what you're talking about.

Reason #4: Article marketing teaches you how to relate to people. You can't write a bunch of articles without learning how to communicate effectively. The more you write, the more you'll learn how to get your message across in a friendly, personal tone.

Reason #5: Article marketing creates back links to your website. Without getting into the technical details of this, back links to your cmlm company's website are good and you'll want lots of them. Back links help boost your rankings in the search engines, thus gaining more exposure for your website.

Remember that article marketing isn't the cure-all answer to advertising your mlm home based business opportunity; it's one piece of the pie. You also can't submit a handful of articles one time and expect to see results.

Article marketing requires persistence and patience. You should plan to spend a certain number of hours each week writing and submitting articles to promote your business. Pencil in this time faithfully and stick to it. Within a few months (maybe even a few short weeks!), you'll begin to see the results of your hard work pay off. You will have a steady stream of mlm business leads!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
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Most people who read the ebook, Success in 10 Steps and get help from Mentoring for Free find why their lack of success in NOT their fault. Click here to get your copy

Sunday, November 08, 2009

MLM Business Lead-Using Traffic Exchanges To Generate MLM Business Leads

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to generate mlm business leads to a product or is by using traffic exchanges or TE as they are sometimes referred to. There is however a right and a wrong way to use them. In this article we will discuss the various components required to get the most out of advertising through traffic exchanges.

Before we begin it is necessary to go over a few of the most common components of a traffic exchange that are related to product advertising. There are typically five key components that every ad campaign must have to be successful. If you don't do this right, you will have difficulty generating mlm business leads.

1. Splash Page - A splash page, or sometimes called a landing page, is a short attention grabbing ad page meant to attract the TE surfer to investigate the pages offer in more detail. Generally this page is very low on content containing usually an eye catching graphic of either the product or a spokesperson displaying the product, a headline, and a link to invite the TE surfer to click for more information. Do NOT use your company's generic page. Make up a very simple one that is unique to you.

2. Lead Capture or Squeeze Page - A squeeze page is another short splash page like advertisement for a product or service but offering the TE surfer the opportunity to enter their name and email address to get more information about the product via an email. Often times the splash and squeeze pages are combined in ad campaigns.

3. Free Giveaway Item - This is an item related to the campaign's product that is offered on the squeeze page to entice the TE surfer to enter their name and email address to get more information via email. This free item is most often a smaller ebook type report or piece of software related to or directly taken from the main advertised product. Make it so interesting that people will rush to sign up.

4. Autoresponder - An autoresponder is a program or service used to send a series of emails to the email addresses gathered from the lead capture or squeeze page. Most marketers call this a list of subscribers. An autoresponder program or service is essential to the success of an ad campaign.

5. One Time Offer - Often called a OTO, a one time offer is used with the autoresponder to offer the list subscriber a special discount on part of the product's extra features or even the product itself at a reduced price. Usually this OTO is shown to the list subscriber just once during the list subscribing process.

Now that we know the five key components to an ad campaign lets look at a proper flow for these items in the campaign. Most often new marketers will be advertising a product that they are an affiliate for. Being an affiliate means that they have registered with the product or service owner to try to get sales for a percentage of the sales price when someone buys the product or service.

The biggest mistake that most new marketers make is trying to advertise the main sales page of the product or service on the TE. Doing so will rarely get any sales. The reason being is that each page shown to the TE surfer is only on their screen for a few seconds, usually less than ten seconds.

That is why the use of splash pages are more effective. The TE surfer can quickly scan the splash page in just the few seconds and decide whether they are interested enough in the product to warrant clicking through to the lead capture page. As I mentioned before, make sure you have a very interesting splash page so that you will get a steady stream of mlm business leads prospects.

Once the splash page has captured their attention and they click through to the lead capture page it is up to the squeeze or lead capture page to persuade the TE surfer to request more information. This is where the free giveaway item usually seals the deal in getting the name and email address from the TE surfer.

Provided that the surfer has completed the subscribing process to the list for more information it is now the job of the autoresponder to deliver a series of emails with product information in specific time intervals. Generally the most effective intervals are three days apart with a series of five to seven emails.

So to recap the basics of a successful ad campaign on a traffic exchange the advertiser must:

1) Use a splash page and not the direct product sales page
2) Offer a free item to get the potential customer's name and email address to their list of subscribers
3) Use an autoresponder to send a series of five to seven emails in three-day intervals to the list subscriber

If you use the above basic strategy with your advertising on a traffic exchange the ad campaigns will be much more successful. Also, as a side note, make sure the splash pages load quickly. Remember there are only about five to ten seconds on the average to get your splash page in front of the TE surfer and every second counts in making that first impression.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

MLM Business Leads-7 Highly Effective List Building Secrets For Network Marketers

As network marketers, we need mlm business leads. One way to do this is by using internet marketing strategies to build up a list. The following are seven very effective ways to build your opt-in list for your mlm opportunities product or service. If you do this right, you will have a steady stream of mlm business lead.

1. Offer a free newsletter: This is very common and very effective. It is used by virtually everyone who builds an opt-in list of potential buyers of an Internet marketer's product. The reason everyone uses it is because it is effective. Have your free newsletter prominently seen on your web page.

2. Make your free newsletter easy to get: You must have a "you'd be a fool not to get this newsletter" sentence telling people why and how your newsletter will help them. Make subscribing to it quick and easy.

3. Quality content in your web site: The better the content, the better your ranking in the search engines and therefore the more visitors will come to your website. There is a good chance that many of the visitors of your web page will sign up for your free newsletter.

4. Join forums: Search for and join any forum that is related to your business. Most of these forums allow you to add a signature line directly under your post where you can put a link that goes to your newsletter subscription information.

5. Write articles: You need to establish yourself as an expert in your particular field. And how do you do that? write articles. Your articles will contain useful information and the byline will contain a link to your newsletter subscription.

6. Write an eBook: This will establish you as an expert similar to writing articles. An additional bonus to this technique is many Internet marketers are often looking for freebies they can give to visitors of their website. Your eBook can be one of those freebies. Inside you will have various links back to your site and your free newsletter. Your eBook does not need to win any prizes for literary content nor does it need to be long; just write solid, useful information.

7. Use Co-registration. I saved the best for last. The top marketing experts on the Internet use this secret today. This will build your list rapidly in a short amount of time. What is co-registration you ask? It refers to the practice of referring subscriptions or leads for memberships with another registration process. There are several ways of doing this.

When a visitor signs up for a free subscription or other service, give them the chance on the "thank-you" page to opt-in to another offer. Another way is give the visitors to a website the opportunity to sign up for another opt-in list. These do not need to be your "thank-you" pages or websites. You need to partner up with another web marketer.

The goal here is to find other website owners who you can joint venture with to offer your newsletter along with theirs. Do a search via your favorite search engine and directories for similar offers and contact the people to set up your joint venture.

Here are two additional secrets to this co-registration process. First, make sure you offer more value than the other party involved in your joint venture. Second, offer your leads you get from this process more value than you usually offer by giving them a huge giveaway only available to them.

These are just a few ways to build up your mlm business leads list by using internet marketing strategies. Choose what will work for you and begin to build your list today!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

MLM Business Lead-What is the Biggest Scam in MLM?

We all know we need a steady stream of mlm business leads for our network marketing opportunity. If we don't have this, our mlm business will not grow.

Did you know there is a scam in mlm that many people fall for? Would it be ok if you find out what the scam is and discover what you need to do to avoid it?

If yes, read on!

The Biggest Scam in MLM - Network Marketing Leads Revealed
By Brent Worley Platinum Quality Author

Is it worth buying leads for your MLM, or network marketing, business?

Leads are generated from several methods. Most network marketing leads are generates from banners on websites promising money, wealth, time, and everything else that appeals to the masses.

Sounds great, right? You have people that are looking for some way to make money, most likely from home, and appear "eager" to get started.

But what these companies fail to tell you is the rest of the story behind network marketing leads.

First, understand that MLM and network marketing are relationship businesses. When you build rapport with an individual, your chance of them taking a serious look into your business increases.

Rapport is rarely created in one phone call. However, with 90% of the network marketing leads you will ever purchase, one phone call is all you get to get their attention.

Picture this: At some point, some random person filled out a form on a website. They sit down later that night with their family to dinner.

Then the phone rings.

"Hello, Bob? Hi Bob, my name is Joe. You don't know me, but you filled out a form on the Internet requesting information about making money from home."

The person has one of two choices: They can end the conversation now or they can take time away from their family to find out that you are offering a chance to "change their lives." 90% of the time, they hang up.

Congratulations, you have just faced rejection.

What makes matters worse is the fact that you are probably not the first person to call Bob today. Generating network marketing leads in the quantities these companies have to generate to run business cost money. They are not going to recoup their investment and make a profit selling one name for $5.

To compound matters, most of these leads are resold "wholesale" to other companies who sell the leads as well. Add that to the fact that the individual might have filled out multiple forms and you have the issue of the individual getting upset with the volume of calls he receives.

So you have spent, for good network marketing leads, hundreds of dollars, have reached at most 10% of them, and have even fewer than that truly interested in your business.

The problem here is that these people do not know you. How can they trust you? Will they trust someone who called them randomly one night? You have not had a chance to build any rapport with the individual to build confidence.

Finally, the problem with leads is that most of them are not expecting the "I" word: Investment.

We all know it takes money to start a business, but many people do not see that. Although the ads, the commercials, and all the wording in the ads point to this being a "home based business," many think you are still calling them to offer them employment.

When you tell them it cost $499 to start, you lose them again. Had you had a relationship with them through some form of communication prior to this call, the thought of investing into their business might not be as hard of a blow.

Network marketing leads have been draining the pockets of the masses in MLM for a long time. However, there is a better way to obtain leads for your network marketing business: Learn to generate your own leads through free avenues of Internet marketing.

Generating your own leads does not have to be expensive or time consuming, but it will pay off in the long run versus buying network marketing leads from a company.

Sick of buying leads for sales or business prospects? You can learn how to generate free network marketing leads using proven inexpensive (or free!) Internet marketing methods.

Brent Worley can show you how to generate free leads and get free Internet Marketing information while building a substantial income. You can learn more by visiting

Article Source:

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MLM Business Lead-How to Generate More Leads and Find Customers

We all need a steady stream of mlm business leads for our business. Mlm leads can be found both online and offline. In this article, you will discover all the potential places where leads for your mlm opportunity can be found.

How to Generate More Leads and Find Customers

by Emjae Johnson

There are many ways to find a rich source of leads for potential customers for whatever it is that you sell. Before you use the lead sources on this page, first identify who it is that you sell to so that you will be able to choose the best source that is listed here.
If you are new to sales then start with only one or two of these ideas. You will soon discover what works the best for you and it will be clear where to concentrate most of your efforts. It is not unusual to find that many of these strategies to find customers are successful for you and, as they do, then add them into your sales plan for success.

Chambers of Commerce

Contacting Chambers of Commerce can offer you a wealth of business to business leads in a local area and can be accessed online as well. This is a very inexpensive way to get new leads.

Trade Associations

Whatever the industry or trade it is that you want to sell to, there is probably an Association for it. Each association has lists of memberships that are often available for purchase for those that want them but what this article is about is how to find industry association business leads for free out on the Internet - it's very easy to do!

Public Libraries

Your local public library can keep you busy with leads for a very long time. Numerous directories and publications are available which contain excellent leads, most all of them free.

Business Networking

Attending networking events gives you an opportunity to meet face to face with people who are all like minded and desire to share new business ideas and make new contacts.

Conventions and Trade Shows

Attending as well as participating in trade shows can be a vast source of potential customers.

Purchasing Lead Lists

Buying lead lists from a reputable company can often be your best source of leads, especially if you have taken the time to carefully profile your ideal customer.


Advertising your products and services through numerous sources can be an excellent source of leads, although it is generally the most expensive.

Referrals from Customers

This is one of the best source of leads that you can ever have. Your satisfied customers will often recommend you to others in their circle of friends of business.

Newspapers and Magazines

Have you ever noticed how many b2b leads there are listed in newspapers and magazines, especially trade magazines. These publications, although they require a little more research, often have great leads that can also give you a little bit of the flavor of the company.


Simply using the phone can generate a load of great leads for you and your business. It is not as costly as you would think, and with a little ingenuity it can be automated so that only interested customers will be calling you!

Word of Mouth or Viral Advertising

Word of mouth is truly the best form of advertising. It can sometimes be more successful than a direct referral. There is however an art and a science to this type of lead generation.
Lots of ideas for you to help you get more mlm business leads for your opportunity!

Friday, October 23, 2009

MLM Business Lead-

Some of us struggle to get even one mlm business lead because we lack the skills. There are many skills we need to learn, but one of the most important one a rep must have is giving a SHORT presentation.

Some of us are very long-winded and we lose people easily. Wouldn't it be great to learn how to give a short presentation and still have people learning forward for more!

Let's let legend, Tom, Big Al, Schreiter, teach us how!

Why distributors can't get presentations.

Here are four reasons why distributors don't present their program to their warm market of friends and relatives:
1. They don't understand how their program works.

2. They are personally incompetent. They don't attend training sessions.

3. They fear rejection.

4. They don't believe in their program.
Want to solve these four problems?

Try making your presentations simple. I personally recommend a "one-minute presentation" for new distributors.
A simple presentation is clear and easy for the prospect and distributor to understand.

A simple presentation is easy to learn and doesn't require a three-hour training session.

A simple presentation helps reduce rejection. The prospect doesn't build up sales resistance if the presentation takes only one minute.
And finally, it's easy to believe in your program if you find it easy to explain.

So why not try to reduce your sales presentation to only the most pertinent points? If the prospect is interested, he can always get additional details at his first training session.

If you need help creating a "One-Minute Presentation," simply take this no-cost mini-course by going to:

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289 USA

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
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The ebook, Success in 10 Steps and Mentoring for Free answers the questions of frustrated netw0rk mar*keters - who REALLY want their questions answered. It's eating away at them, why they just haven't made it big. For more information click here:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MLM Business Lead-Home Based MLM Leads-And the Best MLM Prospects Are

If you are in a network marketing income opportunity, when you look to find new mlm business partners who desire to make money from home, there is only one group of prospects you should ever focus on. This is the group who are looking to make money from a work at home opportunity. Pursue anyone else and you'll be going down a long and frustrating road to no success. The end result could also very well be your quitting for good.

Even with those who desire to work from home, targeted marketing is still essential. This is because there two categories of people in the make money from home arena. They are:

1. Those who have experience in mlm.
2. Those who don't.

The question is how do you target group number one? Well, what you can do is give something away. For example, some mlm reps give away a free ebook by Michael Dlouhy called "Success in 10 Steps." This particular book is for mlm distributors who are frustrated and not succeeding. There is no having to explain the business as they already understand the concept. This is great because, let's face it, the idea and reason for seeking residual income isn't always easy for people to grasp. You might find a different way to build your mlm lead list. Other examples might include giving away a free ecourse, free newsletter, a free report that you have written, etc.

The bottom line is that group number one is just more targeted. This in turn makes it easier for you to create a steady funnel of prospects which could eventually build you a nice downline of reps. For those who are critical thinkers, when they realize there are millions of business opportunity seekers in group number one and 99% of them are frustrated and need help, it just makes sense to target that group. When people give away any resource that resonates with others in mlm, and they can relate to what the author is saying, it develops into a great leads prospecting tool because people will want to contact you for more details.

Always remember that to build great passive income, you need to create a steady stream of hot prospects. This is why it just makes more sense to build a list of those who already believe in mlm (group #1) and are looking for an opportunity. Your business will grow and you'll be a mlm success story.

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
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The ebook, Success in 10 Steps and Mentoring for Free answers the questions of frustrated netw0rk mar*keters - who REALLY want their questions answered. It's eating away at them, why they just haven't made it big. For more information click here:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

MLM Business Lead-Why the Most Important Success Ingredient Has Nothing to Do With Google

Today we are on the final lesson from Perry Marshall's "5 Days to Success with Google Adwords" free ecourse.

We all know that generating traffic to our mlm home based business website sometimes seems overwhelming. There are literally dozens of ways to do this. Google Adwords just happens to be one of many great ways to generate a mlm business lead.

What makes Google Adwords unique is that is will get immediate targeted traffic to your mlm home business website. Using Perry's strategies are a great way to generate mlm business leads for your mlm opportunity.

So today, enjoy this last lesson and learn a lot. Remember to visit Perry's site which is sited below.

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Skype: Monique371

The ebook, Success in 10 Steps and Mentoring for Free answers the questions of frustrated netw0rk mar*keters - who REALLY want their questions answered. It's eating away at them, why they just haven't made it big. For more information click here:

"Why the Most Important Success Ingredient
Has Nothing to Do With Google"

100 years ago, in 1903, the Wright Brothers achieved their monumental goal of flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Most people don't know that there were quite a few other people trying to build an airplane at the same time. One was Alexander Graham Bell; another was the President of the Smithsonian Institution.

All of these men were much better funded than a certain little-known pair of bicycle shop mechanics from Ohio with a wind tunnel in their garage.

But there's a key difference that led to the Wright Brothers' success.

The other guys focused on making a more powerful engine.

Orville and Wilbur Wright focused on the plane.

Specifically, the Wright Brothers built their airplane as a glider without an engine - then mounted the engine later, almost as an afterthought.

They flew it in the breeze first, then added power later. That was the key to their success. They discovered that when you're building an airplane, the wings are more important than the engine.

What does this have to do with Internet Marketing?

The point is that all of this is not really about Google AdWords, or any particular way to get traffic. What matters more than all of that is the ability of your website to get people to take action - to opt in, to buy, or whatever you want them to do.

Google AdWords just happens to be the fastest, easiest, and sometimes the least expensive way to get the traffic there. But once again, it's not about Google - it's about your website.

What Google will help you do, more effectively than anything else, is send highly-targeted, predictable traffic to your website, day in and day out, so you can experiment, test, and perfect your sales process.

Perry Marshall's "Expanding Universe Theory" for Doing a Marketing Rollout

Now listen up, because what I'm about to explain is profoundly important. It seems simple, but it's revolutionary. Please pay attention here.

For most businesses, the FIRST thing you should do is properly set up a Google AdWords campaign and play with your website until the traffic converts to sales profitably.

Frankly it doesn't matter how long it takes to make that work. Every step of the process teaches you very important things, even if it's through trial and error.

Why use Google for that? Here's why: It's just about the only way to get a steady, predictable stream of traffic day in and day out. Most other sources of traffic, like free search engine listings and PR, are things you have no real control of.

THEN... once it's working on AdWords, you take the same messages and sales process and roll out your product in this order:

  1. Google AdWords
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Other PPC's like Yahoo and Bing etc etc.
  4. Email promotions
  5. Affiliates
  6. Press Releases
  7. Direct Mail
  8. Print Advertising

You see, items #2 through 8 are more expensive and less "controllable" than Google. Get it right with Google first, where you have total control. THEN do email. THEN get help from affiliates. Don't let any of these other things or people be your guinea pig - if it works on Google AdWords first, then you can invest in these other things and be fairly certain it will work.

I can't overemphasize how powerful this is. Usually pay per click traffic represents only a tiny percentage of the people who are potential customers for you. When you roll out to items 2 through 8, you can often make five to fifty times as much money as you were making with AdWords. And no longer is it necessary to risk more than a few hundred dollars on a marketing campaign!

That's exactly what my purpose was in building my Google AdWords toolkit - to help you have a traffic engine that does exactly what you want, and minimizes your risk.

A little traffic. A lot of traffic. Turn it on or turn it off at will.

You can use it the same way the Wright Brothers used the wind tunnel in their bicycle shop - to perfect the airplane before going out to "the big time."

I wish you big-time success with Google AdWords, and I solemnly promise killer value and a tremendous range of clever tricks and shortcuts for squeezing the most out of AdWords for the least amount of money possible. Click here to find out more.

Perry Marshall

Friday, October 09, 2009

MLM Business Lead-"How one 'Trivial' Change Can Cut Your Bid Prices by 95 PERCENT!"

I hope you found Perry Marshall's first lesson on Google Adwords helpful. Perry Marshall is one of the world's best experts on Adwords. Following his advice can save you lots of money and get much traffic to your website if you are using Adwords as a marketing tool. More traffic means m ore mlm business leads for you!

In lesson 2, Perry will cover the ins and outs of bids.

Enjoy the lesson!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Skype: Monique371

"How one 'Trivial' Change Can Cut Your Bid Prices by 95 PERCENT!"

* Why Your Bid Price is NOT the Actual Price You Pay - and the Huge Difference That Creates for You
* What to Do When Your Keywords Get Labeled 'Inactive'

Today I'm going to talk about the thing that many newcomers find most confusing about Google - and I'm going to explain why it's a really ingenious twist that will actually help you.

The price you bid is almost never the price you actually pay. You almost always pay less.

First, it's a little bit like Ebay. You pay 1 cent above the position below you, not the maximum that you bid.

But there's an even more important secret that is the key to getting lower and lower prices, even while other bidders are jumping into the game:

Your Clickthrough Rate (CTR) is MORE important than how much you bid.

The Clickthrough Rate is the percentage of people searching who actually click. If 100 people search, your ad shows up 100 times, and one person clicks through, that's a 1% clickthrough rate.

So let's say I've got a 1% CTR and I'm paying $1.00 for position #2.

Let's say you've got a 2% CTR. If you play your cards right, you may only have to pay 51 cents to get position #2 and knock me down to position #3.

That means that you were 2 times as relevant, and you got to pay 1/2 as much!

The rules can be very simple, but the implications are huge.

When you achieve high click-thru rates, you can pull your bid prices down, down, down and yet stay at the same position on the page, while your traffic goes up.

The difference can be quite amazing. Here's an example of two ads - they are ALMOST IDENTICAL but one got nearly TWENTY TIMES the CTR as the other:

Popular Ethernet Terms
3 Page Guide - Free PDF Download Complex Words - Simple Definitions
2 Clicks - CTR 0.1%

Popular Ethernet Terms
Complex Words - Simple Definitions
3 Page Guide - Free PDF Download
39 Clicks - CTR 3.6%

Notice what happened: All I did was reverse two lines - and the clickthrough rate jumped from 0.1% to 3.6%!

That means that the ad on the right gets more than TWENTY TIMES as much traffic - and I could pull down my bid prices and get that for the same amount of money as I was paying before. Just think how much money we'd be leaving on the table if we didn't discover this!

This is just one of dozens of tricks I've found that let you push your bid prices down, down, down while your traffic goes up. (Of course you get all the secrets in my toolkit.)

Beat your best, and you can get more and more traffic for less.

I just explained how Google ranks your ad higher as your CTR goes up. Overture does not do this. On Overture, the highest bidder always wins.

That rewards people who have more money than brains.

Which means that for the smart marketer, Google is vastly superior!

Before I go, there's one other thing I need to tell you: This is precisely the thing that gets people all tangled up over keywords that Google suddenly labels 'inactive.'

While Google may tell you simply to bid more, the major reason that keywords get made 'inactive' is this: The message in the ad doesn't match what the person wanted when they typed in the keyword!

How do you fix this problem? By organizing your keywords into narrow themes and by testing different ads that match people's searches - like I described above.

Then watch as people's clicks vote on the words that actually sell. This is an absolutely foolproof method of getting your ad placed higher on the page, and my Definitive Guide shows you dozens of variations on this method that you can use right away.

Tomorrow's tip is called:

"A Google AdWords Lesson from the Wall Street Journal"

Talk to you then.


Perry Marshall

The ebook, Success in 10 Steps and Mentoring for Free answers the questions of frustrated netw0rk mar*keters - who REALLY want their questions answered. It's eating away at them, why they just haven't made it big. For more information click here:

Sunday, October 04, 2009

MlL Business Leads-Why Google Is Your Friend

I have a lot of respect for Google Adwords expert, Perry Marshall. He has helped many people run very successful Google adwords campaigns which in turn has helped their business to grow.

For those of us looking to build a mlm home based business opportunity and who needs more mlm business leads, Google Adwords can be a powerful marketing tool IF you know what you are doing. If you don 't know, it can be very costly.

I will be sharing with you over the next 5 posts a series of article that Perry has written about Google Adwords.

I know you will find them as beneficial as I!

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Five Days to Success with Google AdWords - with Perry Marshall Day 1

"The ONE Thing that Separates the Men from the Boys in the Google AdWords Game"

There is ONE central idea, one key concept that Google wants you to understand.

If you have this right, Google will literally reward you by giving you lower prices on clicks, and your customers will reward you by buying what you have to sell.

If you DON'T have this right, you'll pay way too much for clicks, your competitors will eat you up, and your whole Google experience will be very, very unpleasant.

The one thing that matters on Google is relevance.

You might think of this as "message-to-market match."

This will make complete sense once you understand a bit of Google's history.

Google started in 1998, after the "big boys" in the search engine game like Yahoo and AltaVista were already well-established.

At the time, few people would have bet that Google would overtake them all - but in less than five years they did exactly that.

What's even more remarkable is they did so without a bunch of hype and loud marketing. They literally built a better mousetrap and the world beat a path to their door.

So what happened?

Google's mission in life was to build a search engine that would give people exactly what they were searching for, as fast as possible. If you were searching for "California butterflies" they wanted to give you the very best and most popular California butterfly websites on the very first page of results.

They developed an amazing mathematical formula for figuring out who visited websites and why, and using that information in their search engine.

So ... when they began to sell Pay Per Click advertising, they were extremely concerned that advertisers should also put out messages that were highly relevant.

Google rewards you for being relevant, and they let people who are searching vote for you. If your ad gets clicked on, it's relevant. If it doesn't, it's not. It's that simple.

The higher your clickthrough rate - i.e., the more folks who see your ad and click on it - the less you have to pay for the position you want. But if you write lousy ads, Google will make you pay more to get your ads to show at all.

So this creates a "Darwinian" effect, a deliberate natural selection that weeds out bad advertisers and rewards good ones. What's good for Google's customers is good for Google and good for you.

When all the dust has settled, what really matters is that your ads and your content be relevant to the keywords you're bidding on. Your message must match what the person is thinking.

So ... what were they really thinking when they typed in "California butterflies?" That is the question! Figure that out and put it in front of them, and you'll win at Google. Write an ad that matches exactly what they're searching for and you'll beat your competitors by a country mile.

A Valuable Little Piece of Customer Psychology for You:

Here's a little mental trick to help you write Google ads.

Imagine that you are not you. You are your customer.

You're not the dude with the cool solution. You're the guy or gal with some stupid problem. You've got an itch and you want to scratch it.

And you're not in front of your computer. You're sitting in front of their computer. What do you type into the search bar on Google?

And what do you hope will come up?

Answer that question and you'll be successful marketing online.

Tomorrow's installment is called:

"How with One 'Trivial' Change You Could Cut Your Bid Prices NINETY PERCENT - Plus a Permanent Solution to Keywords Made 'Inactive.'"


Perry Marhsall

The ebook, Success in 10 Steps and Mentoring for Free answers the questions of frustrated netw0rk mar*keters - who REALLY want their questions answered. It's eating away at them, why they just haven't made it big. For more information click here: