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Network Marketing Prospecting-Big Al's Top Internet Recruiting Secrets

I hope you enjoyed the info copy writing expert and guru John Carlton had to share.

Now, we will get back to network marketing prospecting and how to do it the right way on the internet.

Let's see what additional secrets Big Al Schreiter has to share!

Welcome to Lesson #2 of the 'Big Al Internet
Sponsoring Home Study Course.'

In lesson #1 we discussed that we want long-
term permanent distributors.

To get these distributors, we will:

1. Create a steady stream of qualified prospects.

2. Build relationships with these prospects.

3. Sell these prospects on our service, product,
or opportunity through our web page, e-mail
messages and personal follow-up.

>> So where do we start first?

The #1 goal in our prospecting efforts is to
COLLECT the prospects' e-mail addresses.

If we only send our prospects to our web page
where they can read our selling copy -- and if
they don't join on their FIRST visit, they will
never return. And worst of all, we have no way to
re-contact them.

Very few prospects join on their first exposure to
our business.

So we want to create a way of capturing the
prospects' e-mail addresses -- so we can continue to
follow up with our prospects and build a
relationship with them.

* The initial goal of our web page is not to sell
the prospects, but to collect the prospects' e-mail

* The initial goal of our e-mail messages is not to
sell the prospects, but to collect the prospects'
e-mail addresses.

We want prospects to opt-in to our mailing list.
We want them to give us permission to continue
contacting them about our business opportunity. We
want to create a mailing list of hot, qualified,
'volunteer' prospects.

Another way of saying this is:

'Our initial goal is not to sell a stranger,
but to create a prospect.'

All of our initial marketing efforts will be
directed towards collecting our prospects' e-mail

This means that your web page will have a form to
collect your prospects' e-mail addresses. On your
web page you may use:

* a reward
* a free giveaway
* an offer for more information
* or some other inducement for the prospects
to leave their e-mail addresses.

On all of your e-mail messages, you'll want to
direct your prospects to subscribe to your mailing
list, or to go to a web page that contains a
subscription form.

>> So how you collect or keep track of
all these addresses?

It is easy. You'll use a tool called an

Autoresponders are inexpensive mailing list
managers that collect your prospects' e-mail
addresses and automatically sends your messages to
your prospects.

You can create a series of messages or letters in
your autoresponder. For example, let's say that I
am a prospect, and I requested to be on your
mailing list.

Your autoresponder could automatically send me:

1. A welcome letter immediately.

2. A letter about one of your products two days

3. An announcement about an upcoming incentive at
your company three days later.

4. A testimonial from one of your excited
distributors four days later.

5. A message to call you to discuss your
opportunity five days later.

6. Etc.

You create the messages you want your
autoresponder to send. You also control when
those messages are sent.

>> Homework:

To learn more about autoresponders, check out some
of the autoresponder services on the Internet.

You don't have to sign up for a service right now,
but read how autoresponders work by visiting these

-Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

P.S. Want more prospects? Read the step-by-step
methods in 'How To Get Swamped With Prospects
Begging To Join Your Network Marketing Business.'
Go to:

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
Phone +1 (281) 280-9800
PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289, USA

Good stuff from Big Al. This is an area where I kind of messed up on with one of my You Tube videos, but have since then learned my lesson after seeing thousands of people leave my video without my having a way to collect their info!

How crazy for sure!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

How to Build MLM-How to Sneak Past Skepticism

How to build mlm-Increase your writing skills.

This is part three in a four part series on how to improve your copy writing skills as a networker.

If you learn this skill, it will greatly assist you as you build up your mlm prospect list.

Let's hear more on what guru John has to say.

How To Sneak Past Your Prospect's
Natural Skepticism And
Reluctance To Buy

From: John Carlton
"The most ripped-off and respected copywriter alive."


I've long since misplaced it, but I once owned perhaps the sneakiest and nastiest "how-to" book I'd ever seen.

It was all about getting revenge.

Safely and without paying any consequence.

I shudder to think that book is still in print somewhere. Lord knows we already have enough psychopaths out there nursing grudges.

Still, it was a pretty fascinating read.

Most of the tactics involved non-lethal methods that would only wreck your enemy's marriage or get him fired.

You know, like planting phony love letters where your opponent’s wife would find them... or having disgustingly raunchy magazines sent to your rival’s office in his name. That sort of thing.

I've never used any of these dirty tricks... but I'm glad I'm aware of them.

Because a new wave of this type of terrorism is upon us. And knowing how the slicksters operate gives you the best defense you'll ever have.

Consider this: A close friend just recently had some twerp send him threatening emails under a stolen identity.

This is where knowledge is power. What could have been a truly confusing and nasty situation was defused, because my friend was hip to this possibility, and had an uber-geek track the real culprit down following the cyber-trail of the email.

The guy was flabbergasted at being caught. And the person whose identity had been stolen never knew the drama was even taking place.

So there's a practical side to having otherwise unhealthy interest in dirty tricks.

Which I do. (There was a TV show on cable that featured hidden video that people took of their roommates and friends and spouses and such... and it will shatter your world-view seeing what otherwise normal people do when they think no one else is watching.)

(Yes, they do look through your stuff.)

Anyway... one of the least obnoxious tricks I read about in that "revenge" book was to give someone a $50 gift certificate... toward a brand new Cadillac.

If you do this for the right kind of guy, you can ruin his life from that point forward.

Because some people will see that Cadillac as "almost" theirs (at least the first $50 of it)... and bankrupt themselves trying to come up with the other $32,950.

That's sneaky.

And it's almost a great marketing tactic.

In fact, here are 3 variations based on it:

First variation: I’ve just put $50 in your account here.

I’ve used this as a headline for quick messages to house lists. Instead of discounting the product by $50, or half-off, or whatever... I just convince the client to open a special account for everyone on their list.

And into this account, put a $50 (or whatever) credit.

Which can only be used for products the client sells. It’s also perfectly legitimate to make the "money" good only for the product you’re trying to sell at the time.

Put a time limit on it. The "money" is only in the account for the next 11 days, say. Then it’s gone. If you act fast, you get $50 off your order.

And if you dawdle... you lose it.

Now, that's an All-Star bribe.

It's also a prime example of the "take away" tactic that all great salesman use.

Here's another version...

Second Variation: I have one set aside here in my office with your name on it.

If you can, put the prospect's actual name on the box or the product.

It's earmarked for ya, Bucko. Got your name on it. Sitting here. Waiting.

But there is such a limited quantity, that... if you don’t call in and claim it (and pay for it) within, say, 11 days... well, we’ll have to take your name off of it...

... and give it to the next guy down the list.

Imagine a friend calling you and saying he's just put a thick, juicy fifty-buck imported Kobe steak on the barbeque for you... and it's yours, everybody there knows it's yours... but there are 15 other people at the party and not enough meat to go around.

So, if you aren't there in 11 minutes, he'll be forced to give your nice, juicy, succulent, mouth-watering steak to someone else.

That's dirty pool.

And great marketing.

Third Variation: "There’s just one small catch to this offer..."

This is a classic paragraph that many top marketers insist on putting into every pitch.

What this wording does is to provide a small, reasonable, and non-hassle "condition" to the offer.

Which serves to make it all the more believable.

See, when non-world class marketers create an offer, they often go too far. They remove all risk, make the price as low as they can, and guarantee everything under the sun.

Which, when read by a skeptical prospect, can sound "too good to be true."

There is genius, however, in taking the promise down a notch. So it, very suddenly, isn't too good to be true.

This "catch" or "caveat" is usually a version of the take-away: "There’s just one small catch to this offer. It’s a small matter, and very reasonable. But it may affect your decision. You see this deal is not for everyone. If you are afraid to..."

And then you list all the reasons many people would, logically, not be "right" for the offer. Scaredy cats, cheap bastards, cynics, and looky-loo’s, for example.

The "take away" is one of the most powerful tactics you will ever have in your bag of tricks.
It's just stunningly effective at riveting the reader's attention.

"Hey," You want him to say to himself. "If I don't get on this, like, right freakin' now, he's gonna give it to someone else!"

Can't have that, can we.


That's plenty for this lesson.

I hope you've gotten a good, healthy taste of what I offer people who come to me for advice in marketing and writing.

Don't forget to jump back over to

There's a lot more specific info -- including tactics you can use -- waiting for you. And it's the place where you'll learn how and when you can immerse yourself in my Simple Writing System.

Stay frosty,

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Network Marketing Prospecing Secrets-Be Yourself

I hope you learned quite a bit from John Carlton's recommendations in the previous post. I believe that what he teaches can help us when we use online and offline strategies to build our list of network marketing prospects.

Today, we will learn how adding personality to any marketing methods will bring people closer to us; they will want to learn more about us. Here is what John has to say:

Simple Writing System Basics

"Making The Sale" Lesson #2:

How The Simple Addition Of Real
Personality Can Bind Customers
To You Forever.

From: John Carlton
"The most ripped-off and respected copywriter alive."


This lesson in advanced, "take no prisoners" style marketing may be the most powerful wealth-accumulation tactic you ever learn.

It's simple, and it's basic: Your number one weapon in advertising, especially on-line, will always be superior salesmanship.

This is the mostly-overlooked art of figuring out what your prospect desperately desires... earning his trust and establishing your credibility... and delivering your sales message in a way that nails his "passionate sweet spot of need."

This should be common sense for all marketers... and yet it will be your secret weapon.

Because most of your competition will forever ignore the fundamentals of good salesmanship, or screw it up (since they've never bothered to pay attention to the lessons).

It's relatively easy to create an ad that gets a prospect to say "Hey, that sounds like a great product". But that doesn't mean they will become a customer.

No. You want your prospect to say -- after experiencing your sales pitch -- "Wow! How do I get one of those?"

All buying decisions are made in an emotional part of your prospect's brain. He may explain his purchase in rational terms, giving you reasons why he considered it a great deal.

But getting someone to take money out of their wallet to pay for something is a much more complex process.

You don't have to understand the biology or chemistry that goes on... but you DO have to realize that closing any deal requires a little skill.

It's not difficult. But it's not something most people naturally learn to do.

There are a few key secrets to salesmanship that -- once you master them -- will guarantee that EVERY sales pitch you create is empowered to close the deal.

That's how fortunes are made.

However, most marketers "sell from their heels"... meaning, they blow it when it comes down to asking for money. They mumble and stumble and often just blurt out the price, without helping the prospect position this purchase in his mind.

The marketing graveyard is crammed with great products that failed because the advertising didn't elicit that all-important desire to buy RIGHT NOW.

However, when you master the basics of great salesmanship, you can persuade a prospect to desperately desire a product he didn't even know existed before he came across your ad.

Whatever results you're getting will instantly be multiplied many times, as soon as you apply the secrets of great salesmanship.

Now, I was not a "born salesman."

I had to learn the hard way, making embarrassing mistakes, blowing deals right and left... and going to outrageous extremes to find world-class salesmen who would teach me their tricks.

I’m going to share one of those killer tricks with you now. A proven multiplier of sales to use on your web pages and emails is...


A good, solid sales page will bring you orders. Add some personality to your sales message, however... and sales go through the roof.

I recently wrote a short note for a client who was emailing to his "inactive list", trying to stir something up. I insisted that the client personalize each note with the prospect’s name.

Here is how the letter starts out to, say, Bob Jones:

Dear Bob,

Just now, I was sitting at my desk going through some stuff, and I had a sudden thought. So I called out to my long-suffering secretary...

"Hey Barb! What the heck happened to Bob Jones?"

As far as we know, Bob, you’re still alive and kicking. But we haven’t heard from you...

Now, let’s dwell on this opening for a second. Most advertisers -- if they had the sense to email inactive former customers at all -- would have adopted a holier-than-thou tone that reads like the warning label on a bottle of medicine:

Dear Mr. Smith,

It has come to our attention that your account has become inactive blah blah blah...

Yeah, I wonder why that customer stopped paying attention.

Now go back to what I did.

I created a scene, complete with some drama and script and -- very important-excellent use of the guy’s name.

It’s lighthearted, yet still brutally-effective salesmanship. It also doesn’t go on and on.

Just a brief, personalized little dash of slang-driven personality.

Now here’s the kicker:

If you can inject some personality into your emails and web pages and letters... you’ll be light years ahead of the competition.

The client above took the leash off me years ago, and I have created a personality in his copy that keep readership at astonishingly high levels.

He’s a funny guy anyway, but he’s not a writer, and has never attempted to translate his own personality to his marketing. So he pays me a fortune to do it for him.

When people on his list get an email or letter from him the response is not "Oh, yuck, another sales pitch", but...

"Hey! Let’s see what outrageous story
he’s got to tell me today."

Personality works. It will multiply your sales.

People are inundated with SPAM and boring websites and bad radio, TV and print ads all day long.

It's good salesmanship to put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. Most people live lives of quiet desperation. They don't get to do anything interesting, go anywhere interesting, or hang out with interesting people.


So that's your opening: Be the ONE thing he reads today that really gets his blood moving.

Be the one marketer who says something worthwhile and exciting... and your customers will reward you handsomely.

This gives you the opportunity to become the "go to" guy in your niche -- the dude who knows what he's talking about, and talks about it in interesting ways.

People don't want to deal with anonymous corporations, or marketers who sound like they have a bug up their butt.

Trust is a hard thing to manufacture -- but it's a heck of a lot easier when you allow your prospect to see that he's dealing with someone who shares his passions, understands his situation, and communicates without nonsense.

People like to deal with people.

Especially people who have a little personality. Think of the emails you get each day -- there are surely some people in your world whose emails you open immediately, happy to see them in your inbox.

And probably, it's because you enjoy reading email from those people. They have something to say, and you enjoy hearing from them.

This is personality in action.

That’s it for this lesson.

Don't forget to jump back over to

There's a lot more specific info -- including tactics you can use -- waiting for you. And it's the place where you'll learn how and when you can immerse yourself in my Simple Writing System.

Stay frosty...

This is great stuff! I encourage you to check out John's blog when you can as you will find more useful gems there.

Happy network marketing prospecting!

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