Friday, August 22, 2008

MLM Education- How to Find the Right Networking Marketing Opportunity

MLM Education- You finally decided to join the thousands of others who work from home. The home business you decide to pursue is network marketing.

Now, before you just up and join any network marketing company that looks good on the surface, seems to have a good product, etc. and so forth, STOP! Why stop? Because there are crucial steps you need to take to avoid being in the 93% failure rate of most people who join a network marketing company. Follow these tips and you will way ahead of many other home-based business opportunity seekers. Getting a little mlm education will be well worth it.

Tip #1: Commit to doing your research FIRST. I can't say enough how important this is. Starting a home-based business is a big decision and should never be done hastily and without careful thought. Commit to doing 5 or 6 hours of research on a number of companies. This one simple tip can greatly increase your level of success and save you years of frustration, being scammed, and most importantly, quitting.

Tip #2: When looking at a network marketing opportunity, make sure the product the company promotes meets the needs of a hot and hungry market. In other words, whatever company you are looking to join, make sure there are people out there clamoring for the product and would buy it even if there were no business opportunity associated with it.

You see, many people get so emotionally attached to a product or outcome that they totally miss the importance of seeing if there is even a market for it. If there is no market, you will have no success at all.

Tip #3: Use Overture. When researching if there is a hot and hungry market for a product, is a great way to see how many people are searching for any particular product or service in a given month. If your research shows only 1,000 people are searching for a product, it would be a waste of time for you to join a network marketing company that sells it. However, if you see searches for 30,000, 50,000, 100,000 or even more, you are on the right track!

Tip #4: Check out the competitors of a product. Go the search engines Yahoo, Google, and MSN and look at the first 10 companies that are listed. If the first 10 are the same company, it's not good. However, if there are a variety of companies selling the product, this is good because it means that there is more of a demand for it.

Tip #5: Use Overture's bid tool. By doing this, you will be able to see if there are many people interested in a product and how much they are willing to pay per click to have folks come and visit their site. If there isn't a lot of bidding going, that's a bad sign. If there are quite a few people bidding on a specific term related to the product the network marketing opportunity promotes, that is a very good thing.

These are simple strategies and tools you can use to research if the network marketing opportunity is worth your time and money. If you follow these tips, and your research shows the home-based business opportunity is worth pursuing, go for it! Your mlm education will be put you way ahead of the pack!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

MLM Business Leads-77 More Hot Prospecting Tips #3

This is a continuation from the previous post in which Tom Schreiter shared how to work with your mlm business leads. Today's tip covers how to use powerful incentives.

Enjoy the tip and good luck with attracting more mlm business leads!

To Your Success,

Monique Hawkins
Skype: Moniquie371

Tip #4: Incentives that really get people to act!

Don't spend money on a premium or incentive that's
boring or unimaginative. That's a waste of your

Here are two quick incentive ideas to spark your

I. Distributor Joe knows that John and Mary should
be at the next big Saturday training event. Mary
is hesitant until Distributor Joe arranges a "maid
for a day" to totally clean Mary's house. Total
cost is only $50. Mary is thrilled with the maid
and can't wait to sit back and enjoy the training.

What if John was hesitant instead? Distributor Joe
could arrange a "handyman for a day" to do fix-ups
and repairs around the home that John has been
avoiding for years.

II. Distributor Joe knows that the local Marriott
Hotel caters to business travelers and has many
empty rooms on weekends. The hotel offers a
"honeymoon special" for only $79 on weekends. A
couple gets dinner and a room for Saturday night,
champagne breakfast in bed, and can dance and
enjoy the luxury hotel's services.

What a great romantic gift to remind a new
distributor of the lifestyle and time with the
family. Perfect for a sign-up incentive.

Your next tip will arrive in two or three days!

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

P.S. When I meet new prospects, I give them a special
book that pre-sells them on network marketing. I
have used this book personally for four years, and
the results are excellent. You can read about this
book at:

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
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Monday, August 18, 2008

MLM Business Leads-"77 More Hot Prospecting Tip #2

All networkers need more mlm business leads. Tom Schreiter is the one who can help any of us accomplish this. If we follow his advice, we not only will have more mlm business leads than we can handle, but also we will be able to keep our mlm business lead on the edge of their seat.

The tip for today is how to become less stressful when we think we don't have any good quality prospects.

Tip #2: Not enough good quality prospects =

Eight quick solutions.

The cause of stress in MLM is having too few

When we only have a couple of prospects, we press,
we push, we strain to make them join our

Prospects feel this pressure and instinctively
back away from us.

This leads to fewer prospects and the vicious
cycle gets worse and worse.

When we have an abundance of prospects, we're
happy. We are not desperately waiting for a single
decision from a single prospect. We aren't married
to the outcome of a single presentation.

Instead, we're relaxed. We simply share our
opportunity and take the first prospects who
volunteer and step forward.

Now we're working with volunteers and we have more
great prospects waiting in line.

Which scenario describes your MLM career? Are you
pressing and struggling from too few prospects?
Or, are you simply accepting applications from the
best volunteers from your large pool of quality

The solution is simple:

Increase your marketing so that you have an
abundance of prospects.

Why not increase your personal contacts now? Here
are some quick ideas:

1) Host your class reunion. You don't have to wait
for a 10-year or 20-year anniversary. You can do
it anytime.

2) Take your best three or four headlines and
first sentences and test them. Mail out 100
postcards and test the response for each.

3) Start your own breakfast club.

4) Offer to be a guest on a local radio talk show.

5) Loan out ten "How To Get Rich Without Winning
The Lottery" books.

6) Establish some contacts who will send you

7) Pass out 10 product tapes.

8) Pass out 10 product samples or information

There are plenty of ways to expand your universe
of quality prospects. Just pick a method that's
comfortable for you.

Your next tip will arrive in two or three days!

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
Phone +1 (281) 280-9800
PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289, USA

Fantastic tips, are they not, to keep plenty of mlm business leads coming our way!

To Your Success,

Monique Hawkins
Skype: Moniquie371

I finally found how I can be successful in mlm with this free ebook. The same can happen to you! Grab your free ebook today:

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

MLM Business Leads- 7 Highly Effective List Building Secrets for Internet Marketers

One way to build a mlm business leads data base is by using various internet marketing strategies.

Read and implement these seven very effective ways to build your opt-in list for all your Internet marketing. If you do this, you will be able to build a very nice mlm business leads data base.

1. Offer a free newsletter: This is very common and very effective. It is used by virtually everyone who builds an opt-in list of potential buyers of an Internet marketer's product. The reason everyone uses it is because it is effective. Have your free newsletter prominently seen on your web page.

2. Make your free newsletter easy to get: You must have a "you'd be a fool not to get this newsletter" sentence telling people why and how your newsletter will help them. Make subscribing to it quick and easy.

3. Quality content in your web site: The better the content, the better your ranking in the search engines and therefore the more visitors will come to your website. There is a good chance that many of the visitors of your web page will sign up for your free newsletter.

4. Join forums: Search for and join any forum that is related to your business. Most of these forums allow you to add a signature line directly under your post where you can put a link that goes to your newsletter subscription information.

5. Write articles: You need to establish yourself as an expert in your particular field. And how do you do that? write articles. Your articles will contain useful information and the byline will contain a link to your newsletter subscription.

6. Write an eBook: This will establish you as an expert similar to writing articles. An additional bonus to this technique is many Internet marketers are often looking for freebies they can give to visitors of their website. Your eBook can be one of those freebies. Inside you will have various links back to your site and your free newsletter. Your eBook does not need to win any prizes for literary content nor does it need to be long; just write solid, useful information.

7. Use Co-registration. I saved the best for last. The top marketing experts on the Internet use this secret today. This will build your list rapidly in a short amount of time. What is co-registration you ask? It refers to the practice of referring subscriptions or leads for memberships with another registration process. There are several ways of doing this.

When a visitor signs up for a free subscription or other service, give them the chance on the "thank-you" page to opt-in to another offer. Another way is give the visitors to a website the opportunity to sign up for another opt-in list. These do not need to be your "thank-you" pages or websites. You need to partner up with another web marketer.

The goal here is to find other website owners who you can joint venture with to offer your newsletter along with theirs. Do a search via your favorite search engine and directories for similar offers and contact the people to set up your joint venture.

Here are two additional secrets to this co-registration process. First, make sure you offer more value than the other party involved in your joint venture. Second, offer your leads you get from this process more value than you usually offer by giving them a huge giveaway only available to them.

Use these strategies to build your mlm business leads data base today!