Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MLM Internet Success: The Top Three Secrets to Growing Your Business Using Web 2.0 Sites

For those networkers who are building their businesses online as a way to seek mlm internet success, becoming a member of a web 2.0 site can be a powerful way to meet potential prospects. For those who may be in the dark, web 2.0 sites are simply online communities where people gather to meet, socialize, and share ideas. Popular sites include Myspace, Facebook, Direct Matches, Orkut, Twitter, and Ning, just to name a few.

Joining sites such as these can be a terrific way to meet like-minded people from all over the world, some of whom will be interested in and want to join a mlm opportunity. Unfortunately, many networkers seem to think these communities are places to just pitch others on their business. They fail to realize that this is not what these online communities are all about.

Once a networker understands what being a member of web 2.0 communities is all about, they can use this tool, find mlm internet success, and grow their business. Let’s look at the top three secrets to building a mlm business the RIGHT way as a web 2.0 community member.

1. The focus should purely be on building relationships. Yep, you heard right. The focus should be on relationship building and NOT on pitching your deal to people and hyping things up. Since 95% of the population dislikes being sold, and this includes those in web 2.0 communities, using this strategy will only result in failure and frustration. Don’t you hate it when people try to pitch you on something? Well, other people do too! So, work on getting to know people. Add friends who have similar interests as you, comment or post something positive on other people’s profiles or blogs, add valuable information to the community based on its needs, etc. Hopefully, you are getting the picture. Just focus on being friends to people Without an agenda! Remember too, not spread yourself too thin. To do this the right way, being a member of a ton of communities will not work. Pick only a few.

2. Create a profile that shares your story. Once more, no company product or name should be in the profile. In your profile, just briefly share some personal information about yourself, what brings you to the community, what you hope to gain from being a member, etc. You can also share your challenges and solutions. Once more, you can do this without going on and on about your company and products. Just be yourself!

3. Create a blog within the community. A couple of times per week, do short blog posts that add value to the web 2.0 communities you are a member of. You should not have a problem figuring out what to say since as a member you will have an idea of what people are struggling with, what answers they are seeking, etc. By answering questions and adding useful content, people will begin to think of you as an expert and come to respect you. They will want to get to know you and contact you. If you are wondering where in the world to gather information, you can go to any article directory such as to find great content.

When it comes to mlm internet success, being a member of a web 2.0 community can be a great way to build your business. If you follow the top three secrets that were discussed in this article, you will have no problem meeting lots of people, will make lots of friends, be viewed as an expert, and attract people who will desire to join you in your business. What a stress free way to build a mlm business!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

How to Build MLM: 6 Biggest Mistakes Made In Network Marketing and How to Avoid Them

Many networkers diligently seek how to build mlm successfully. Unfortunately, for some, the journey is not pleasant and they end up becoming frustrated and even quitting in some cases. What they fail to realize is that there are 6 mistakes that many people in mlm are making. By becoming aware of what these mistakes are and learning to avoid them, they can get back on the road to success. If you want to learn how to build mlm, take a close look at these 6 biggest mistakes made in network marketing and do the opposite!

*Mistake #1: Not having a business owner’s mentality. There is too “employee minded” mentality for many in mlm. When a person starts their business, they should view themselves as the CEO and president. This means creating a plan and taking action consistently to achieve success. It also means taking responsibility for when things go well or don’t. It does not mean working the business when you feel like it, working hard for a month, and then stopping for two, etc. This business should be treated like any other. Anyone with a “follower” mentality or wanting to sit around until they are told what to do will be in for a struggle. After all, this is “network marketing” and not “net free”
*Mistake #2: Failing to make decisions. Unfortunately, some desire to know how to build a successful mlm, but never take the time to figure out their “why”; why they want to do this business and what kind of incredible life changes will be the outcome of their success. If the reason is “just for the money”, a networker will not be around long. Some too, never make a decision to succeed. They will say things like “try”, “I’ll do my best”, “I’ll give it a shot”, etc. There never is “I will do whatever it takes to be successful”. If a networker has not made this crucial decision, prospects will pick up on it and figure it’s not worth joining if it’s going to dull and just like another 9-5 job.

*Mistake #3: Expecting too much too soon. Many prospects are given the impression that building mlm is easy, anyone can do it, and the money will start rolling in very quickly. Now, there are some who do come in and explode, but these cases are rare. Most people can’t make loads of money that quickly. There is a learning curve and everyone’s pace is different. Too many prospects are presented with hype and get rich quick scenarios. This is falsely leading them and anyone who uses these techniques will find it difficult to successfully build mlm. It is ok to show people how the business can be exciting with huge potentials but it needs to be presented realistically.

*Mistake #4: Work is done in spurts. If a networker is seeking how to build mlm successfully, working in spurts will doom them to failure. Work done in spurts is working for a few days and then stopping for a few, or working hard for 5 months, and then doing nothing for the rest of the year. What is needed is constant and consistent action, even if little results are seen at first. The work in spurts actions will only result in frustration and for some, quitting the business.
Mistake #5: Thinking it’s just a numbers game. While it is true a networker will likely talk to many people before finding a true leader, having the mentality of all that is needed to do is buy lists, talk to a certain amount of people, and then the business will explode is flawed. MLM is all about relationships, and not calling 100 people in day and expecting 30 to join on the spot. MLM is about helping others achieve their goals and dreams and this can only be done by taking the time to get to know people. Extraordinary results can be achieved when rich relationships have been developed.

*Mistake #6: Failing to develop leaders. When it comes to how to build mlm successfully, many networkers fail to realize that extraordinary results can be found not with 100 distributors, but leaders who can successfully build big downlines. In many cases, this may only be 3-4 people. You want to be a leader who breeds leaders who are independent. You train, teach, and show them how to build the business, and then let them build their teams. You teach vision, principles; skills that will help them achieve success. Yes, this is work, but the value of true leader is tremendous. Remember, this is network marketing and not net welfare, net free, etc. It is much better to spent lots of time with 3 or 4 leaders who will multiply leaders in their teams, then have a mass of distributors.

So, if you want to know how to build mlm successfully, avoid the top 6 mistakes that were covered. Build your mlm business the right way, become a leader with vision and seek to find others who are true leaders. Have a powerful why and not do the business just for the money. If you build your business this way, you will find success.