Thursday, May 22, 2008

MLM Success Tips: How to Talk to Prospects Rejection Free

Following mlm success tips from legend Tom Screiter can help you tremendously. I thought I'd share a series of lessons regarding how to talk to prospects rejection free. It's good stuff so take note!

Welcome to our mini-course on Ice Breakers: How to talk
to prospects with no rejection.

Lesson #1: The rules.

Everyone can talk to prospects.

We can say: "Hi. How are you? How is the weather?"

That's easy.

The hard part is:

"How do I take the conversation from personal issues
and introduce my business into the conversation?"

We don't want to appear to be pushy salespeople.

We don't want to appear to be taking advantage of our

And we certainly don't want to sound like this:

"Hi. How are you? How is the weather? Want to be a

So let's set up some rules for our "Ice Breakers."

Rule #1: All "Ice Breakers" must be rejection-free. If
there is any chance of rejection, our downline will
never risk using them. They will continue to keep our
business top secret.

Rule #2: Our "Ice Breakers" should never high-pressure
or embarrass our prospects. We have to live in our
communities, and we don't want to move every six months
after insulting or embarrassing our friends.

Rule #3: Our "Ice Breakers" should have a high
probability of success. If they never work, well,
we would get discouraged.

Rule #4: Our "Ice Breakers" should get our prospects to
respond by saying: "How does that work? Tell me more."
We want our prospects to be asking us for presentations.

We all talk to prospects. We just say the wrong things.

Let's start saying things that get our prospects to ask
us for a presentation, rejection-free.

In Lesson #2 I will show you what NOT to say to prospects.
(Lesson #3 is the secret to "Ice Breakers.")

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