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MLM Online Success-5 Critical Supports You Must Have for Long-Term Success, Part I

Many networkers love network marketing and the model it represents. They desire to achieve mlm online success as well as offline success. The problem is many fail to make real profits much less achieve their dreams of financial independence.

Why is this? The reason is that most networkers ignore one or more of the five critical supports they need which this article will cover. Unfortunately, if there is even one weak support, many will never achieve their dreams no matter how skilled or sincere they are.

If you have been struggling, it is not your fault. You just missed the necessary information needed for long term success which you will find in this article and in the ebook you can download for free at the end.

So, let’s take a close look at the five supports needed for success.

Support #1) Company Management /Leadership and MlM Experience. One of the biggest mistakes many people make is failing to read a company’s policies and procedures. Some even think this is not important. If you want to achieve mlm online success, the must crucial support to evaluate is this one. Why? Because it is one of the best ways you can check if a company has ethics and integrity plus test their future treatment of distributors is in their policies and procedures.

It is a sad fact that many networkers have built huge organizations with a hefty residual income only to have it taken away because of a “red flag” clause in the contract. You know, a loophole. Comments to look out for in the p&p’s include the length of the contact (fewer pages is better), whom it protects (company or distributors), if walk away income is allowed, and if there are other ways for them to take your income or organization.

Also, keep in mind that just because a company is well-known and publically traded doesn’t mean there are no red flags present in the p $ p’s. So, make sure you do your due diligence so you won’t make a mistake,

Support #2) Timing of Industry and Company

MLM online success is also influenced by this second support which is finding if there is a target market for the company’s product. Is there a hot and hungry market with a big demand? What’s the profit margin? It is always a mistake to fall in love with a product, join a company, and then see if there is a demand. This is doing things backwards. You also need to consider how long a company has been in business and their overall track record.

Here’s another tip crucial tip-do a fast peddle backwards from start ups. This is likely hitting some nerves, but there is a reason for this. Even if you do get lucky and pick a “one in a million” company that lasts more than a few years and has weathered all of the headaches and start-ups issues, many times it is not worth. Many companies claim they will be the next billion dollar one, but people need to give them a few years to see if they can prove their claim, survive the start-up stage, and then head into “momentum”. The fact is, not many can do this. What you want is balance; a teenage company you can grow with, but also has established a success track and proven the likelihood of success.

As you can see, the two supports covered in this article are critical to your mlm online success. Part two of this article will cover the last three necessary supports for mlm online success.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MLM Leads List-7 Killer Myspace Tactics

MLM Leads List- Learn to use Myspace the right way to build your own targeted MLM leads list.

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Chapters 10 and 11 answered all my questions about MLM. The same can happen to you! Grab your free ebook today:

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Monday, April 28, 2008

How to Be Successful In MLM-Learn How To Say The Right Words

How to be successful in MLM sometimes can be as simple as learning how to say the right words. Listen in as Tom, Big Al, Schreiter teaches exactly what this means.

"Why do I have to learn that?"

Give me a break . . .

So I was giving the "Skills Test" to a potential leader. He couldn't answer a single one of the 10 skills needed to get a new distributor started. Ouch.

When I asked him if he was going to learn how to do this business, he said,

"Why do I have to learn that? I have a good attitude and I have goals. That's all I should need. I don't want to bother learning how to do this business."
Well, it is hard to learn to spell if you refuse to learn the alphabet.
* If you can't share with your new distributor four or five great opening sentences that get prospects to beg you for a presentation, what chance does your new distributor have to get presentations?

* If you can't write down word-for-word exactly what to say to get an instant appointment, should you let your distributor just make something up and hope for the best?

* If you don't tell your new distributor the three real reasons people join, will he leave those reasons out of his presentation?

* If you don't show your new distributor the two ways of creating "instant vision" - how will your new distributor keep his team motivated?

* If you don't give your new distributor three or four great, rejection-free closing sentences, won't your new distributor be afraid of closing?

* If you don't teach your new distributor the "needs vs. wants" principle, won't your new distributor get discouraged quickly?

* If you don't teach your new distributor the exact words to say to take control of the prospect's mind to get his total attention, won't the message go unheard?
So if you are a new distributor reading this newsletter, go to your upline's training and learn these skills. Don't make excuses. Don't blame the weather, say you are too tired, that you are busy petting the stray cat you just bought ... just go to your upline's training sessions and learn.

And if you are a leader reading this newsletter, give your new distributors the skills they need right away. Don't let them struggle. Write down exactly word-for-word what your new distributors should say and do.

Anyone can do this business easily if they just say the right words and do the right things.
Get seven examples of ways to sponsor new distributors, taken directly from the '103 Ways & Places to Sponsor New Distributors' manual.

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Tom does have a way of putting things in perspective doesn't he? Follow his advice and you can learn how to be successful in mlm.