Friday, March 28, 2008

How to Build MLM: Build Relationships the Right Way

How To Build MLM: Listen in as expert Michael Dlouhy talke about the importance of relationships in mlm.

MLM Relationships - See the Innocence

One thing network marketers do is … we wonder why other people do the things they do. Some of that stuff really seems irrational, doesn’t it? Selfish, mean, nuts? It’s frustrating just to think about someone doing those crazy things. Why can’t they be normal? Like … like … like US for instance!

And do you know what the height of this lunacy is? They … look at us … and think exactly the same thing!

Since they are so set in their crazy ways, maybe the smartest thing for us to do is to be a bit less bothered by their nuttiness.

One way to do this is to look beyond their behavior and into their soul. The vast majority of associates and prospects and family members aren’t being devious. They are just doing what they believe in. If you can look at the other person and see the innocence behind their behavior, then you can have compassion for them.

One area where others seem to often “go too far” is in their idea of how quickly we should be doing some pretty weird (probably unproductive) action, to help them in their MLM business. To them, it’s urgent. You, on the other hand, have 27 things on your list more urgent and more likely to produce good results. So just think of the frustration you feel when a project is urgent to you and you have to depend on someone else for the next step. That may make it easier to “feel their pain” and not be so bothered by their behavior.

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Michael is an awesome mentor and friend to anyone! I hope you enjoyed his article on relationships.


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Monday, March 24, 2008

How to Build MLM: 5 Tips to Get You Swamped With Prospects Begging to Join Your MLM Business

When it comes to how to build mlm, every network marketer’s dream would be having prospects calling them daily for information about their business. I am sure it is the same for you. Here are 5 tips to get your phone ringing 24-7!

Tip #1: Use a relationship building tool.

One of the first things to realize is people do not join a company, but a sponsor. This happens because a know, like, and trust relationship has been built. So, in order for this to occur, you need some type of relationship building tool.

You could use a tool such as Tom Schreiter’s “How to Get Rich without Winning the Lottery” book, a CD, brochure, or anything that explains the benefits of network marketing. You just pass out this tool. What happens is if a person really is interested, they will contact you.

Here is how this works. Let’s say during a conversation a person, they indicate they are having difficulty or problem. When the timing is right, a few opening statements you could use are:

*I’ve been reading up on how to take control of my finances.”

*I just read a book on how to . . . “

*You want to make more money? That’s awesome. What’s your plan?”

*”I just started taking a capsule that is helping me sleep better at night. Here is what happened.”

That’s it. Then end with something like “This book may or may not give you ideas” or “It may not be what you are looking for.” Statements such as these give the person permission to say “no” right away and that’s ok.

Tip #2: Develop leaders from your desk.

Everyone who works in an office usually has something on their desk that their colleagues might be interested in such as candy. Why not put your book, brochure, magazine, etc. right in plain sight so people can see it? Let them take it if they want and just replace it. Who knew how to build mlm could be done right from a desktop!

Tip #3: Work that internet.
If you are a person who builds your mlm
 on the internet, always include information about your marketing tool in the signature file along with contact information. Make sure it is an eye catching headline so people will want to click through to see what you have to offer.

Tip #4: Arm those business cards.

Usually every business person has a business card, including you. Unfortunately, when cards are passed out, too many times they end up in the garbage. How can you stop this? Well, give them a reason to contact you. For instance, if you are promoting the “How to Get Rich without Winning the Lottery Book”, you could put on the back of your business card something like: “For a free copy of “How to Get Rich Without Winning the Lottery”, just call me. Your phone will ring with a message like that.

Tip #5: How to build mlm-Let Your Voice Mail be the Recruiting Tool.

Everybody, including you, has some sort of voice mail. All you do is to leave a message such as:
“Thanks for calling. I’m away from the phone right now but I’d love to hear from you. Leave your name, phone number, and purpose of the call and I’ll get back in touch with you. By the way, if you are calling about getting a free copy of the book, “How to Get Rich without Winning the Lottery”, let me know!” That’s it. Some people will call because they just can’t help themselves after hearing a message like that.

As you can see, when it comes to how to build mlm, using a low key relationship building tool such as a magazine, brochure, book, dvd, etc., can be a great way to build your mlm business. Take action and get started today!