Sunday, March 09, 2008

How to Advertise MLM-10 Tips to Skyrocket Traffic to Your MLM Blog

How to Advertise MLM-10 Tips to Skyrocket Traffic to Your MLM Blog

If you are involved in building your mlm business online or are looking to, and are wondering how to advertise mlm online, a blog is a great marketing method to use. Why? Because it is way to build relationships, become established as an expert in a particular mlm niche, and to get information about your business and products “out there.” Having a blog is great, but if you do not know how to drive traffic to it, it can be frustrating. Here are 10 effective tips to get traffic to your mlm blog.

1) Do keyword researches before you even begin a blog. You want to look for popular keywords, but have low competition. Once you find them, create your blog around them. Do four posts per day and then make you submit the blog’s RSS feed to a service such as Feed Burner and other RSS submission sites. If you can’t do four a day, do one.

2) Submit your RSS feed to My Yahoo and Google’s Reader. This will help get your blog indexed by the search engines much quicker.

3) Use ping services such as Ping-o-Matic and Pingoat. Ping your site each time you do a new post. For blogging platforms such as Wordpress, this is done automatically for you.

4) Submit your blog to search engine like Google, MSN, Alta Vista, and others.

5) Create a video about a topic covered on your blog and then direct people who view it to your blog’s URL. Next, submit it to sites such as You Tube, Google Video, and other video submission sites. HeySpread or Tube Mogul are resources you can use that will automatically post your video to a number of sites.

6) Create a profile on social networking sites such as Facebook, Direct Matches, Adland Pro, Myspace, Ryze, etc., and link back to your blog. The search engines love sites such as these. Plus, they have great amounts of traffic.

7) Submit your blog to directories such as Google’s DMOZ. You can also go to and download the directory as well as article submitter software for free!

8) How to advertise your mlm blog can be done as well by commenting on other people’s blogs. Make sure you leave comments that others will find valuable and not silly statements such as “nice post”. People will view you in a very negative light if you leave meaningless comments.

9) Participate in forums and have your blog link in your signature file.

10) Use offline methods. You can run newspaper ads, use public bulletin boards, business cards, etc. to get your blog information out there.

As you can see, how to advertise mlm by using a blog can be very effective. If all of the above techniques seem overwhelming to you, pick a few and work them. Whatever you do, do take action! Happy blogging!