Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Free MLM Help: How To Talk To Your Prospects To Keep Them Leaning Forward

As a professional network marketer, one of the most important skills to develop is how to present your business opportunity to prospects in a way that will keep them leaning forward instead of scaring them off! Here are a few free mlm help tips you can follow to make this process more enjoyable and stress free.

Step One: The First Call

-Ask your prospect if they done a home business before. This will help you identify if you are dealing with someone who has never done MLM or if they have previous experience.

-Talk with your prospect about the difference between linear and residual income. Explain to them that linear income is what you would get from a full time job where you are paid every 2 weeks. If one wants to make more money, more work needs to be done. If the work stops, the pay stops. Residual income is when you do something right one time and then get paid for the rest of your life.

-Tell your prospect you will teach them the skills they need to gain residual income

-Set an appointment for the second call.

Step Two: The Second Call and More Free MLM Help Tips

-During this second call to your prospect, share your story. Talk about how you became involved in the business and why. This will help your prospects open up to you. They will be almost obligated to do so because you freely shared with them.

-Ask the prospect what their dreams are; if they could do anything do anything, what would it be? The prospect should write down their goals, dreams, and aspirations. Once they are finished, ask them if anything else comes to mind.

-Once the person has explained their dreams and goals, ask if their current income will help them reach them. When you do this, you are putting yourself in the light as someone who can help them find a solution to their problem.

-Begin a discussion on the different ways one can reach their dreams. Examples include the following:

a. Investing. This requires capital and knowledge.
b. Second job. This will take away from your family time, put more stress on your, etc.
c. Start a traditional brick and mortar business. This takes capital, skills, knowledge, etc.
d. Build a network. A network based on residual income which will last a lifetime.
Ask your prospect which of these ideas sound doable.

After you have gone through these steps and if the prospect is still interested, you then use your mlm company’s third party tool such as a conference call, website, brochure, etc. that will explain the business more in detail. These free mlm help tips are great ways to present a business opportunity that will not come across as a sales pitch and help people think carefully about what they really want and the best way to get there.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

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