Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Network Marketing Prospecting-4 Steps On How To Increase Page views Of Your MLM Web Site

If you are a netwoker who uses the internet as a network marketing prospecting tool, having a website is crucial. It is the way you can get your mlm product or service benefits to potential prospects.

One of the ways to determine success of your mlm website is how many page views you get each day. Page views come from unique visitors who come across your site based on keywords. Page views are the result of traffic. Traffic is the bloodline of any site, whether it be a mlm or not.To increase the page view or traffic of your site, just follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Provide quality, pertinent, and unique content to your site.

This is the rule that all savvy marketers follow-to offer solutions to problems that people are seeking. People use the internet to find information on all kinds of things. They surf the world wide web because they are looking for something. And if that information comes from your site, they are more than willing to check it out what you have to offer. Always make sure what you offer is valuable information about your mlm products or services that provide solutions to problems. For years now, it has been said that content is king. And if your site is a good source of reliable data, then people will just keep on pouring in. Your page views will dramatically increase with the content you have.

2. Keep content short and simple.

People don't want to read too much or too little on your website. They also don't want to be presented with hype and a lot of sales pitches. Just provide the necessary information to them fast and easy. Over the internet, people have short attention spans. Don't expect them to read a very long article containing thousands of words. People are more likely to scan the article but they definitely won't read it all word for word. Another tip is not to have lots of flashing lights and all sorts of bells and whistles. This will drive many people away, especially if as a result, your site takes a long time to load.

In addition, to capture their attention initially, make sure you use a attention grabbing headline. There are plenty of low cost software you can buy that will help you create outstanding headlines. You will be amazed at the steady flow of network marketing prospects you can generate when you have fantastic headlines.

3. Use proper highlighting and formatting.

The way your website or your content is presented to your audience is very important. Increase the page view of your site by highlighting all the important words, sentences, or ideas you would like to impart. Highlights and formats don't fail to catch a person's attention. So if your site is well presented, your visitors won't walk away disappointed. In fact, they'll so happy about your site they are willing to comment on your posts, subscribe to it, or even refer your site to other friends who may be interested.

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