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MLM Network Marketing Leads-Discover The Real Prospecting Secret

All networkers desire to have a steady stream of mlm network marketing leads coming through their funnel. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is learning how to say the right words.

Telling a story is one of those things that can help a networker keep their mlm networking marketing lead engaged in the conversation. Plus, one will be telling a story only to people who are interested so it's practically rejection free!

When telling a story, it is not to be long and drawn out. The story really is a very simple presentaton about the business. It needs to very short, about two minutes or less. Here is how it works.

All a networker would have to say is this: "I got a good story. Takes about 2 minutes. You might make a lot of money; you might not. Wanna hear it?"

Now, since most people enjoy stories, it will be the rare person who would say "no" or "I'm not interested"! Usually, the response would be "yes" or "sure". So, once the prospects says yes, the networker could say:

"Ok, let's say that you want to earn an extra $500 a month. Well, Barry told me all that a person has to do is three simple things. Here is what they are:

-Don't change. Be yourself. Continue making recommendations like you always do when it comes to things like good movies to go see, great places to eat, great places to shop, where to find the best deal, etc"

Then, the networker would share with the mlm network marketing lead, some of the benefits of their particular company's product or service. A person could say soemthing like this:

"I am with X company. We have over 30 products that help people live a healthy life. For instance, we have a special juice that helps people wake up one hour earlier a day feeling like a million bucks and fall asleep at night within 7 minutes of hitting the pillow. Plus, it helps get rid of stress! Then, we have the cookies. They are perfect for the folks who want to lose weight the easy way by eating two cookies a day between meals. The cookies fill them up so much they don't eat as much. They love it because they don't want have to go on those crazy starvation diets. All you would need to do is to find 2-3 products that you like."

This statement is clearly outlining the benefits of a partiuclar company's products in a way that will intrigue many a prospect. So, now that the prospect knows about the products. The conversation can continue. The networker then would say something like this:

"All you have to do is between you and everyone you talk to, and everyone those people talk to and so on, find 25 people who love the products just as much as you so you can earn an extra $500 per month. So, that's it. What do you think?"

Notice that this is a very non-threatening way for networkers to talk to their mlm network marketing leads about their products and business opportunity that is very interesting and will hold a person's attention. The person is given a easy way out if they are not interested without any undue hard selling pressure.

Telling stories is one of the easiest things a networker can do to have a steady stream of interested mlm networking marketing leads. It is one of network marketing prospecting secrets. So, hone up on those story telling skills and take action today!

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