Friday, December 05, 2008

MLM Distributors-"More people have read this shirt than your blog."

Many of we mlm distributors are looking to build our business on the internet. This is great, but we need to keep in mind that we may very well be overlooking other marketing possibilities as well!

Once again, Tom Schreiter gets to the heart of things. I call it tough love! Here is what he says:

"More people have read this shirt than your blog." has cool, anti-success, anti-hype, satirical stuff. Sometimes we take ourselves a bit too seriously.

But, when I saw that saying on a T-shirt they marketed, I thought,

"Hey, for all the work someone puts into a blog that only three people read or care about . . . for the same effort that person could have met 20 equally qualified people at the local bar."

So before we spend time or money on prospecting, let's ask ourselves this question:

"For the same amount of time or money, could I get more prospects doing something else?"

This will keep us from fooling ourselves. A lot of time we do activities, thinking we are building our business, but in reality, we are just avoiding meeting new people.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289 USA

I guess Tom is saying we as mlm distributors need to get out from the computer and out in the world!

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