Monday, December 08, 2008

MLM Distributors-Do You Know the 3 Magic Statements

Many mlm distributors want to know great ways to end conversations when talking to prospects.

Thankfully, Tom Schreiter gives us some amazing tips in how to do just this. Here is Tom in his own words:

Three closing statements that will thrill your prospects.

Your prospects enjoy being treated as adults. They hate
manipulation or tricky closing questions such as:

* Don't you love your family?
* Any three-year-old can see this a great
opportunity, do you have any problem
with it?
* Are you a decision-maker or a loser?

Yes, these are pretty rude closing statements, so why not try:

* So, what do you think?
* And that's it.
* And the rest is up to you.

These are very low-key, non-threatening closing
statements. You're telling the prospects that you
respect them as adults, and that they are capable of
making their own decisions based on the information you
have given them.

Just one caution. These closing statements only work IF
you have completely answered the three major questions
prospects want to have answered in order to make an
intelligent decision.

-Tom Schreiter

Tom is so cool. All mlm distributors need to do is just do what he says!

By the way, he will be in the Washington, DC area on January the 11th. If you want to get your registration fee covered, feel free to contact me.

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