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Free Network Marketing Information-How to Use RSS Feeds

In the previous post, we talked about how to blog the right way. Today, we will go over a strategy you can use to keep your blog updated with free network information or whatever else of benefit you are sharing with your readers.

This is about how to collect RSS feeds, which equals easy updates.

The Internet is so dynamic that it calls for regular updates to bring the latest information to the net surfers. This is especially important if you have a lot of folks who read your blog and want to know the latest goings on in the mlm world. But that does not necessarily mean that you always have to update your sites, like your web logs manually. It only takes a practical move to keep the ball rolling without doing it yourself: Collecting RSS feeds!

With the emergence of the RSS technology, you can patch up various websites in your blog. And when these sites get updated, it will all be reflected in your blog! A nice and easy way to add fresh information instantly!

How does this technology work? Here are some pieces of information regarding the collection of RSS feeds that are relevant to your web logs.

How do I start getting RSS feeds?

IN the same way that web browsers enable you to check web sites, an application will allow you to check updates on other’s website via RSS feeds. And that application happens to be an RSS Feed Reader.

What are the advantages of RSS feed readers?

RSS feed readers scan specified sites that you are subscribed to. When new articles or files are uploaded, the RSS feed reader will publish a list of new items.

Here is where the advantages set in. RSS feed users save time and effort in checking updates. Since new pieces of information are compiled, it takes smaller storage space. And you do not have to see the whole web site, or hop from site to site to get updated.

And in the field of blogging, one does not have to update blogs very often. If you know credible sites that offer wonderful information, you can just patch these sites to their blog. And voila! You now have instant contents.

All it takes is checking the list of updated information!

What are the commendable RSS readers to use?

- Pluck

Aside from being an RSS feed reader, it offers a lot of tools to make content searching, sharing, retrieving and organizing easier. But the nicest thing about Pluck is it is absolutely free!

- FeedDemon

FeedDemon is an independent RSS feed reader that can be purchased for just $29.95 dollars.

A trial version that can be used for 20 days can also be downloaded.

- Newsgator

Newsgator is an add-on feature to Microsoft Outlook. It enables users to organize news feeds like an email. This is available for $29.00. You can also try it, free of charge, for 14 days.

How do I choose RSS feeds for my blog?

Pieces of information that can be considered list-oriented are good options for RSS feeds.

You actually determine what pieces of information would be relevant to your blog site. Once you have determined what sites must be included in your blog site, all you have to do is to subscribe to that web site’s RSS feed.

One way to find RSS feeds would be checking out RSS directory sites:

- Sindic8

This has been acclaimed by SearchEngineWatch as a major RSS feeds directory. This has been made possible by thousands of volunteers and contributors that provide RSS links to the database.

- Daypop

If you are looking for fresh information, then this is the RSS feed directory site that you have to go to. All items featured in the site are assured to be current events.

How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?

You will determine what web sites you will be subscribing to. It all depends in your desired content for your blog.

You can use the RSS feed reader tools to locate content providers for your site. Or you may also locate these RSS feeds in the content provider website. Usually, the RSS feed link is defined by an orange button, with XML or RSS tag.

You can also locate the XML data in your web browser, copy it in a clipboard, and add it in the RSS feed reader. (Just follow the instructions provided in your RSS feed reader on how to add RSS feed.) Once added, the RSS feed reader will check updates from that site regularly.

Now that you know the basics of collecting RSS feeds as well as some credible RSS feed resources and RSS feed reader, I am pretty sure that your web log will never be outdated! Your readers will love all the free network marketing inforamtion and other benfits you are sharing!

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