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Network Marketing Secrets-More Savvy MLM Internet Sponsoring Secrets

Well, Tom Schreiter continues to give us practical tips that any of can use to make our network marketing recruiting efforts more efficient on the internet. He will be covering how to correctly use signature files today.

Let's take some notes and get going here!

In Lesson #7, we created a web page that collected
the e-mail addresses of our visitors.

Today we will learn about 'signature files.'

A signature file is simply a small advertisement or
message that you place at the bottom of your personal
outgoing e-mail messages.

Here is an example:

Hi Joyce,
Just wanted to let you know that our aunt Lela is
having a birthday party at the Olive Garden
restaurant on Sunday afternoon. If you want to
come, let me know.



Click here to see a picture of the new car I
won from my part-time business.

The signature file part of this e-mail is:

Click here to see a picture of the new car I
won from my part-time business.

Signature files are an easy, non-intrusive way to
advertise your business. The biggest mistake most
networkers make is not having a signature file on
all of their outgoing e-mail messages.

You never know the circumstances of the person who
reads your messages. Your signature file might be
just the solution to the reader.

You want your signature file to direct prospects
to your web page, or to motivate them to contact

Now, let's create some signature files that sell.

Here are some examples of weak or boring signature

- Make millions with my part-time business.

- Click here to visit my website at

- I can change your lifestyle.

Here are some examples of more interesting
signature files:

- Click here to see a picture of the bonus
check I got in the mail last week.

- Click here to see if you can pass this
'fat test.'

- Whatever you do, don't click here.

- Click here to see a picture of my wife's

Did you catch the magic words?

'Click here to see a picture of . . .' is
a great way to start your signature file. These
words direct your prospect to take an action.
And, remember our earlier lessons?

People love pictures.

In our next lesson, I'll show you how to get
your personal e-mails with your great
signature file distributed all over the
Internet. That way you'll reach prospects
that you could never reach before.

>> Homework:

Write up an interesting signature file that
will send the reader to your personal web page,
or motivate the reader to contact you.

And if you are a leader, read Fortune Now
Newsletter issue #40 on 'Sound Bites' from
your Big Al's Super CD. This will give you some
great ideas for creating powerful signature
files on products and on your opportunity.

- Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
Phone +1 (281) 280-9800
PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289, USA
Tom is great isn't he? I can't wait until he comes to my local area so I can attend one of his live generic seminars!

Happy network marketing recruiting!

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