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Network Marketing Recuiting=Big Al Internet Sponsoring Webpage Secrets

Big Al has been sharing fantastic information about how to do network marketing recruiting the right way on the internet.

Today's Big Al lesson will cover more powerful things you can do to create a webpage that prospects won't want to leave!

Welcome to Lesson #6 of the 'Big Al Internet
Sponsoring Home Study Course.'

In Lesson #5, we created a web page to get our
prospect excited about a benefit of our product
or service -- or our opportunity.

Today we will create a different kind of web page
for our prospect to visit. It's not a better page,
just a different page. I simply want you to be
aware that you can choose many different themes
for your web page.

Today's web page theme is:

'Have 'real life' testimonials of success
from new distributors or customers.'

Again, let's think in term of pictures or
graphics. We want to instantly grab our prospect's
attention when he visits our web page.

Sure, we could print quotes of people giving us
their testimonials, but that would be boring. Even
if we print the quotes in italics, print is
boring to web surfers with short attention spans.

Here are two quick ways to make our testimonials
come alive.

#1. Show the testimonial as a graph or chart.

This is easy. You can use bar charts, pie charts,
or even stack bags of chocolate to represent

Some examples:

* If you sell nutrition, show a graph of lower
cholesterol or weight.

* If you sell skin care, show a bar chart of the
reduction of wrinkles.

* If you sell diet products, you could show a
chart of how many 5 lb. bags of potatoes your
weight loss represents.

* If you wanted to impress your prospect with the
extra income from your opportunity, show a map
with a 100-mile circle around your home. Tell
the prospect that this was your 'vacation radius'
before your opportunity. Then show a new map
that includes you sitting on a cruise ship in
the Caribbean.

People respond to graphic images.

#2 Show a picture of the person giving the

This is easy too. A real picture of a real person
gives your testimonials credibility. People enjoy
looking at pictures.

But remember what we learned in a previous lesson?

Instead of a picture of a head, we can make our
pictures come alive with action. So, whenever
possible, put a little personality into the picture.

I have a picture of me holding and staring down a
13-foot python. People remember that picture!

Now, when your prospect reads the testimonial, they
can associate the picture of a real person with the
benefits from the testimonial.

Again, we're only concentrating on the picture. In
later lessons we'll learn some copywriting
techniques for our personal web page.

In Lesson #7, we'll discuss the fourth type of
personal web page:

A form and reason for the prospect
to give us his e-mail address.

>> Homework:

Grab your digital camera and get some action
pictures of happy customers and distributors
so your testimonials will have 'life.'

I will be sending you lesson #7 in a few days.

-Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

P.S. Remember, once we get our web page ready, the
following lessons will be on how to send
eager prospects to our web page.

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Happy network marketing recruiting!

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