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Network Marketing Recruiting-More Internet Prospecting Tips from Big Al

I hope you have been learning quite a bit from Big Al about how to use the internet for your network marketing recruiting efforts. In today's lesson, we will learn how to properly set up a webpage.

Here is what Tom, Big Al, Schreither, has to say:

In Lesson #2 we focused our strategy to
collect the e-mail address of our prospect
for future follow-up.

However, before we can collect or motivate
our prospects to give us their e-mail address,
we must give them a reason to do it. Prospects
do things for their reasons, not our reasons.

In today's Lesson #4, we will begin to create
a web page for your prospects to visit. We
want our web page to create interest or
pre-sell our prospects. Then we will collect
a very qualified e-mail address for future

We will create our own home page because the
replicated home pages from most networking
companies don't interest prospects. The pages
only interest the distributors.

So what should our web page do to interest
our prospect?

Here are some ideas for our home page that
we will discuss today, and over our next
three lessons:

1. Help the prospect bond with us. Create a
'know, like and trust' with our prospect.

2. Get the prospect excited about a benefit
of our product or service.

3. Have 'real life' testimonials of success
from new distributors.

4. And make sure there is a reason for the
prospect to give us his e-mail address.

Let's start with #1: Help the prospect bond
with us. Create a 'know, like and trust' with
our prospect.

I will give you an example of how to do this.
This example is not the only way, it's just
one way of accomplishing 'know, like and trust'
with a prospect.

It is easy to be rude to a 'faceless' stranger
over the telephone or by e-mail. However,
give the prospect a picture of yourself, and
it becomes almost impossible to be rude.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture
communicates feelings.

So we will accomplish 'know, like and trust'
by putting our picture on our web page.

However, we're not going to put a boring
picture of our head. We're going to do more
with our picture.

Maybe we'll put a picture of ourselves, our
spouse, our 2.5 children, and our dog
standing in front of our house. What does
this picture convey to the prospect?


1. We are not some sleazy con artist.

2. We are a trustworthy family member.

3. We must be nice because the dog doesn't
seem to be abused.

4. We aren't hiding behind some mail box.
We are real people that the prospect
can talk to.

All of this is conveyed in the simple
picture. Neat, eh?

Now when you talk to a prospect over the
telephone, they feel bonded to you because
they have seen your picture.

Creating 'know, like and trust' is much
more important than product benefits or
compensation plan charts. Prospects join
people they feel comfortable with.

The competition can always add a percentage
point to make their plan look better. But
your competition will seldom take the time
to create a better relationship with a

In conclusion, if your web page was only
about who you are, it would be effective.
You can always direct your new 'friend' to
another website to collect the facts and
figures of your program.

In our next lesson, we will discuss the
second type of web page:

'Get the prospect excited about a benefit
of our product or service.'

>> Homework:

Look through your personal photo album and
find the picture or pictures that your
prospects will like. In a future lesson
I'll show you how to create some great
copy for your personal website.

-Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

P.S. Be patient. Once we get a great web
page, we'll then learn how to locate
and send prospects to our page.

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Get busy putting together that webpage that will take your network marketing recruiting efforts on the net to the next level!

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