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Network Marketing Recruiting-More Big Al Internet Sponsoring Tips

The tips that Big Al has been providing on how to sponsor successfully on the internet have been very practical and powerful. Our network marketing recruiting efforts now have gotten easier if we follow what Tom says.

Today's post will cover lesson #5.

Welcome to Lesson #5 of the 'Big Al Internet
Sponsoring Home Study Course.'

In Lesson #4, we created a web page that bonded
the prospect to us. Our page would help create
that 'know, like, and trust' that influences our
prospect's decision to join.

Today we will create a different kind of web page
for our prospect to visit. It's not a better page,
just a different page. I simply want you to be
aware that you can choose many different themes
for your web page.

Today's web page theme is:

'Get the prospect excited about a benefit of our
product or service.'

Again, let's think in term of pictures or
graphics. We want to instantly grab our prospect's
attention when he visits our web page.

Some examples:

* If you sell telephone long distance, you could
show the picture of two long distance bills. Of
course, your bill would be much smaller for the
same calls.

* If you sell skin care, you could show close-up
photos of wrinkles being diminished or maybe a
picture of pedestrians turning their heads and
staring at someone's beautiful skin.

* If you sell diet products, you could show a
picture of you wearing 'oversized' clothes from
your old wardrobe. Or on a positive note, show a
picture of you at the mall shopping for new,
smaller clothes.

* If you sell vitamins, why not have a picture of
you crossing the finish line ahead of your
exhausted teenager?

* If you wanted to impress your prospect with the
extra income from your opportunity, show a picture
of your family packing the minivan to go on the
Disney vacation paid for by the part-time bonus

Now, it's your turn.

What picture or graphic could you use for your
web page that communicated a benefit of your
product or service?

Again, we're only concentrating on the picture. In
later lessons we'll learn some copywriting
techniques for our personal web page.

In Lesson #6, we'll discuss the third type of
personal web page:

Have 'real life' testimonials of success from new
distributors or customers.

-Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

P.S. Remember, once we get our web page ready, the
following lessons will be on how to send
eager prospects to our web page.

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Implement what Tom says and happy prospecting!

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