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Network Marketing Recruiting-Internet Sponsoring Secrets-Go Viral

Today's lesson covers a great internet network marketing recruiting secret that can potentially do wonders for your mlm business.

Tom talks about how to go viral. Let's see what's up his sleeve!

In Lesson #8, we learned about 'signature files.'

Today, we are going to talk about the 'viral'
power of the Internet.

'Viral' means that others pass along an idea,
an e-mail, or a website.

So what is the most viral thing on the Internet?


How many times have you received a joke from
a friend? How many times have you forwarded
a joke to a friend?

When people receive a good joke in an e-mail
message, they usually forward the whole message.

And, that whole message could include your
signature file!

So imagine you went to and
searched the web for a great joke. Then, you
customized the joke or modified the joke so that
it would be unique to your friends. Your friends
would 'viral' that joke to others, who 'viral'
that joke to others, etc.

>>But jokes aren't the only things that are viral
on the Internet.

You could create a list of resources. If people
thought your list had value, they would forward
your list on to others.

You could post valuable information to a forum
where people discuss a common topic. Now your
signature file could be instantly read by people
all over the world -- people that you've never met.

Recipes are viral.

Touching stories are viral.

Even some pictures are viral.

Just start thinking -- viral. Then, let your great
signature file do the work.

Your signature file pre-qualifies interested prospects,
so now your web page will have better quality visitors.

My friend, Bernie Center, sent out an e-mail to just
a few friends. It was an interesting and funny 'prank.'
Bernie reports over 44,000 visitors to his web page
from the viral effect of this e-mail.

Viral can be big.

>> Homework.

Try to create at least one viral e-mail message today.
Then, try do the same every week. Your viral traffic
will grow and grow with your consistent efforts.

-Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

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Happy network marketing recruiting!

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