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Network Marketing Recruiting-How to Create A Rocking Sponsoring Campaign

Network Marketing Recruiting-How to Create A Rocking Sponsoring Campaign

So far in this internet mlm sponsoring series, Tom Schreiter has given us some amazing network marketing recruiting tips when we are looking to build our business over the internet.

Today, he will share how to get a rocking sponsoring campaign going!

Welcome to Lesson #10 of the 'Big Al Internet
Sponsoring Home Study Course.'

Let's put together a prospecting and sponsoring
campaign with what we've learned so far. We
want our campaign to:

1. Find new prospects.
2. Have these prospects know, like and trust us.
3. Send these prospects to our web page.


Go to any tourist location in your area. You
will see the tourists taking pictures of their
friends and family with the tourist location
as the background.

One problem.

The person holding the camera is never in the

You walk up to a young couple and say:

'Would you like to have your picture together?'

They will smile, thank you, and pose for the

But . . . you take the picture with your
digital camera!

When you finish, say:

'Where do you want me to e-mail your picture?'

The young couple gives you their e-mail address.

When you get home, send an e-mail to the young
couple and say:

'Hi. Here is the picture of you I took today.
Hope you enjoy it. You look great!

In case you don't remember me, click here to
see a picture of me . . . '

Guess what?

They will open your e-mail.

They will know, like and trust you because you
did them a favor.

They will click on your link and will be taken
to your web page. And your web page can do its

Simple, wasn't it? And how much did it cost?


A friendly lead at no cost.

Now, how many pictures could you take in one

>> Homework.

Go take some pictures! And get your downline to
do the same.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
Phone +1 (281) 280-9800
PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289, USA
These tips are very easy to use. So, why not get started today!

Happy network marketing recruiting!

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