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Network Marketing Recruiting-Big Al's Internet Prospecting Series, Part 3

I thought I'd get back to more training from MLM legend, Tom, Big Al, Schreiter. Anything Tom says is like gold, so doing what he recommends can definitely take your network marketing recruiting efforts to the next level!

Let's check in with Tom for more tips on how to recruit successfully on the internet.

In Lesson #1 we discussed that we want long-
term permanent distributors.

In Lesson #2 we focused our strategy to
collect the e-mail address of our prospect
for future follow-up.

In today's Lesson #3, we will learn exactly
WHY prospects join your business. If we don't
know how and why prospects make their
decision to join, we might end up using the
wrong strategies.

Here is an excerpt from my third book,

'The presentation ratings game.'

Most games are fun. This game can make you rich.

You'll need a pencil and a desire to play fair.
Your honest answers to the test are important.

Then you can compare what the prospect wants
versus what you deliver.

Professional salesmanship is delivering what the
prospect wants to buy. Therefore, we should look
at the recruiting presentation through the
prospect's eyes.

A survey of multilevel prospects asked what
they wanted in a recruiting presentation. Ten
factors were presented, and the prospects were
asked to rate them in order of importance.

Here is your chance to pretend you are a prospect.

Please rate the following ten factors in order of
importance for making a decision to join a
multilevel company.

Place the number (1) next to the most motivating
factor, the number (2) next to the second most
motivating factor, etc.

When you have numbered the factors in order of
importance from 1 to 10, you will compare your
answers to the survey.

Make sure you fill out the test before comparing
your answers to the survey.Cheating will result in
automatic qualification for the Sleaze Shallowman
Ethics Award.

The presentation ratings game

___ Company literature shown

___ Marketing plan and arnings

___ Training provided

___ Who gave the presentation

___ Product line

___ Company management experience

___ Upline support

___ Company image

___ Sales kit provided

___ Being first in area

Are you done? Have you written your choices?

Now, let's compare your choices with the
answers from our survey.

Go to:

to read the answers. Do this now.

Are you surprised at the choices your prospects
make? Now we have the strategy we need to
create our rejection-free campaign.

>> Homework:

If you are a 'hobby' distributor, just take the
next few days to ponder how important it is in
our presentations to bond with the prospect.

If you are a leader, you will probably want to
learn more about the 'know, like, and trust'
factor now, so you can use it effectively in
your career. You can order the 'London 2001
Conference' audio album for you and your
downline by going to:

Great stuff as always from Tom. His words of wisdom can greatly improve your network marketing recruiting efforts!

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