Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Network Marekting Recruiting-Savvy Internet Sponsoring Secrets

Big Al Schreiter is a network marketing recruiting genius isn't he? I know you are getting tons of
useful internet sponsoring tips!

In today's lesson, you will learn the importance of how to capture your prospect's contact information so that you can follow up:

Welcome to Lesson #7 of the 'Big Al Internet
Sponsoring Home Study Course.'

In Lesson #6, we created a web page that showcased
our testimonials with interesting pictures.

Today we will create a different kind of web page
for our prospect to visit. It's a different type
of page, and probably my favorite page.

Today's web page theme is:

'Collect our prospect's email address
so we can follow-up.'

Most prospects do not join on their first exposure
to our products or opportunity. That is normal.

But if they fail to take advantage of the offer
at our web page, when will they return? Usually . . .

So it is important that we collect the e-mail
address of our prospect so that we can remind our
prospect to come visit again, or to provide new
information to our prospect.

For most web sites, this is the single most important
reason to exist:

To collect a prospect's e-mail address.

How are we going to get our prospect to volunteer
his e-mail address?

Rewards. Incentives. Bribes.

Your web page can be simple, and should be simple.
If it is too complicated, your prospect might not
find your offer.

Here are some ideas to get your prospect to leave
their e-mail address:

1. Offer a free e-book.
2. Offer a free special report.
3. Offer a free newsletter subscription.
4. Offer an informational mini-course on
one of your products.
5. Offer to send a sample.
6. Offer to send an audio tape.
7. Offer a tele-class.

Now, once you have collected your prospect's e-mail
address, your autoresponder can help you keep in
touch with news of upcoming events, new
products, etc.

>> Homework:

Talk with your upline sponsor, or create your own
report or tool to motivate your prospect to leave
his e-mail address.

I will be sending you lesson #8 in a few days.

-Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

P.S. Remember, once we get our web page ready, the
following lessons will be on how to send
eager prospects to our web page.

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Happy network marketing recruiting!

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