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MLM Network Marketing Leads-How to Write Killer Headlines

Many people are looking to use the internet to generate mlm network marketing leads.
I am one of those myself!

In today's post, we will learn from Tom, Big Al, Schreiter how to create rocking headlines that will attract mlm network marketing leads to us!

Here is what Tom has to say:

Welcome to Lesson #11 of the 'Big Al Internet
Sponsoring Home Study Course.'

Prospects skim your web pages and e-mail.

So, you have to be interesting or they will move
on to something else. And how can you make your
writing interesting?

Try this.

Big Al's Cheap, Sleazy, Trashy, Four-Step
Formula For Tabloid Type Headlines

Headlines are the most important part of your ad.
Want proof?

Grab your daily newspaper. Do you read every
article in your daily newspaper? Of course not. So
how do you choose which articles to read?

By the headlines.

For instance, let's see what you do as you skim
your paper and see the following headlines:
; 'Conflict continues in Europe.'

(Same headline every day, I think I'll move on
and read another article.)

 'Fire destroys lots of buildings.'

(Okay. That's terrible, but this does happen a lot.)

 'Government proposed to pass more laws.'

(Nothing unusual here.)
 'Elvis Presley's two-headed great-grandchild
elopes with two-ton alien.'

(Hmmm, I'd better read this article.)

What's happening? Why did we choose to read only
the last article?

Because it was interesting. Our lives are busy and
we don't want to waste time reading boring,
uninteresting articles. We want a little excitement.

And tabloids know this.

Check out all those cheap, trashy, sleazy tabloids
at the check-out counter in your local supermarket
or newsstand. What do they really have to sell?

A great sports section? No.

Outstanding investigative journalism? No.

In-depth business reports? No.

Interesting headlines? Yes.

That's all they have to sell - just headlines. And
they do an excellent job of selling their tabloids
because we love their interesting headlines.

What are some examples of interesting, tabloid-
like headlines that you could use for your ads?
Here are a couple of my favorites that really sell
the reader to read further:

'Atlanta Housewife Investigated And Almost
Arrested For Losing 73 Pounds.'

'Overweight Granny Loses 57 Pounds, Steals
Granddaughter's Tight-Fitting Jeans, Then
Enters Limbo Contest.'

If you wanted to lose weight, you would definitely
choose to read the rest of these ads. Why? Because
the headlines are interesting.

So what makes certain headlines interesting? Well,
when we talk about people, it's interesting.
That's why soap operas get such high ratings.
That's why People Magazine has many readers. We
like to peek into other people's lives.

And adding specifics to your headlines makes them
more believable too. That's why I include specific
odd numbers in my four-step formula.

Are you ready for the four-step formula so that
you can create cheap, sleazy, trashy (but very
interesting) tabloid-like headlines? Well here it

Step #1: Benefit

Step #2: Occupation

Step #3: Geography

Step #4: Odd numbers

That's it! It looks simple, but let's put it to
work to give us some interesting headlines.

Step 1: Let's pick a benefit for our product.
Imagine that we sell tax advice to entrepreneurs.
Our headline should include a benefit (saving
taxes), so our headline would say:

'How to save money on your taxes.'

Good headline, but it could be better. Let's go on
to Step #2, occupation. Maybe the tax advisor used
to be a bank teller. Now we can improve our
headline to say:

'Underpaid bank teller shows ordinary people how
to save money on their taxes.'

Better headline, isn't it? There is more
personality and interest with this revision. But
we can do more. Let's go on to Step #3, geography.
Maybe our tax advisor lives in Weird Falls,
Virginia. Now we can improve our headline to say:

'Underpaid bank teller from Weird Falls, Virginia
shows ordinary people how to save money on their

If you wanted to save money on your taxes, you'd
probably read this ad, wouldn't you?

We have one more step to go, Step #4, odd numbers.
Now which has more credibility?

1. 'About a thousand.'
2. '973.'

When we say '973' to someone, it has more
credibility because it is specific. So now we add
some odd numbers to our headline to get:

'33-year-old, underpaid bank teller from Weird
Falls, Virginia shows ordinary people how to save
$751 on their tax return by adding just one little

You definitely want to read this ad now to find
out which form to add to your tax return.

Want some more example of using this simple four-
step formula?

Step #1: How to stop snoring.'

Step #2: How a car mechanic accidentally discovers
how to stop snoring.'

Step #3: How a car mechanic from Wabonsie Center
shows people how to stop snoring.'

Step #4: 61-year-old car mechanic from Wabonsie
Center discovers how to stop your spouse from
snoring in only 13 seconds.'

Want to do it again?

Step #1: 'How to make more money.'

Step #2: 'Beautician's assistant shows mothers how
to make more money.'

Step #3: 'Beautician's assistant from Diamond
County shows young mothers how to make more

Step #4: '21-year-old beautician's assistant from
Diamond County shows young mothers how to earn an
extra $323 a month.'

Is this the only way to make interesting
headlines? No.

It's just an easy, four-step formula to get you
started. Once you have your Big Al cheap, sleazy,
trashy, four-step tabloid-like headline, you can
edit and fine-tune the headline for your needs.


Practice this four-step headline approach. Then,
change your signature file or change your web page
with this more interesting headline technique.

-Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
Phone +1 (281) 280-9800
PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289, USA

This is great stuff, isn't it, when it comes to how to create headlines that will easily enable us to build a mlm networking marketing leads list using the internet!

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