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Network Marketing Recruiting-How To Sponsor correctly Using The Internet

I just recently signed up from a mini-course by Tom Schreiter which teaches how to use the internet successfully as a network marketing recruiting tool.

The information is very, very helpful, so I encourage you to take the time to read carefully over it and them implement what Tom teaches.

That said, here is lesson #1 in Tom's words:

Imagine that you are a prospect. One day you open your e-mail,and there is a message prospecting you to become a distributor.The e-mail message is neat, makes a good offer, and you decideto join the new opportunity.

After joining the new opportunity, you receive a brand-new e-mail message in your mailbox. This message is even better thanthe previous message. This e-mail message makes a great offerand you decide to join the new opportunity.

Two weeks later you get another e-mail message in your mailbox.Not only does it make a great offer, but it has a color pictureattached that gets you excited. You decide to join this newopportunity.

Later, a brilliantly written e-mail message comes to yourmailbox. Not only does it have a great offer and a great colorpicture attached, but the message also sends you to abeautifully-designed web site. You decide to join thisopportunity because it looks so much better than anything elseyou've seen.

Do we see a trend?

No matter how good our e-mail campaign, there will always beanother message that is even better. The first secret ofsponsoring over the Internet is this:'I

It doesn't matter how you make the initial contact. What matters is what you do with the prospect or distributor AFTERyou make the initial contact.'Some experts say that the first thing you should do withInternet prospects is to get them OFF the Internet.

This meansto visit with them over the telephone, meet them in person, orpossibly send them written material.You want to make a connection or a bond with your newprospects. You want to quickly separate yourself from thecompetition by creating a special personal relationship withyour prospect.

You want your relationship to be so strongthat your new distributors will not be affected by the constantstream of new e-mail offers coming to their mailboxes.You see, it doesn't matter how many distributors you sponsor. Itis how many distributors you KEEP that makes a difference.We will not spend much time in this e-course discussing thebonding techniques you'll use. You can learn about thosetechniques from my other audio cassette tape trainings.

However,this very important lesson about bonding with your newdistributors OFF the Internet can't be overlooked.You don't want to be one of those leaders who builds a bigorganization, only to see the organization dissipate and leavefor other programs. We want a permanent downline and a permanentresidual income.Now that we understand that we want to bond with and keep ournew distributors, you want to know how to INITIALLY sponsor newdistributors over the Internet, right?

So, beginning with lesson #2, we will begin putting together arejection-proof system for sponsoring new distributors.

For now, I would like you to consider this:* What are you willing to do to bond and create a relationshipwith your new Internet-sponsored distributors?

* Will you send them a personal e-mail welcome message?* Will you give them a call over the telephone?

* Will you send them a postcard or a letter?

* Will you send them a regular newsletter or update?

Why not spend the next day or two considering how you are goingto bond and build a relationship with your new distributors?

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Tom 'Big Al' SchreiterFortune Network PublishingPhone +1 (281) 280-9800
PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289, USA

This is great stuff. Begin to do what Tom says and your network marketing recruiting efforts will become much more effective.

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