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Network Marketing Prospecting-Big Al's Top Internet Recruiting Secrets

I hope you enjoyed the info copy writing expert and guru John Carlton had to share.

Now, we will get back to network marketing prospecting and how to do it the right way on the internet.

Let's see what additional secrets Big Al Schreiter has to share!

Welcome to Lesson #2 of the 'Big Al Internet
Sponsoring Home Study Course.'

In lesson #1 we discussed that we want long-
term permanent distributors.

To get these distributors, we will:

1. Create a steady stream of qualified prospects.

2. Build relationships with these prospects.

3. Sell these prospects on our service, product,
or opportunity through our web page, e-mail
messages and personal follow-up.

>> So where do we start first?

The #1 goal in our prospecting efforts is to
COLLECT the prospects' e-mail addresses.

If we only send our prospects to our web page
where they can read our selling copy -- and if
they don't join on their FIRST visit, they will
never return. And worst of all, we have no way to
re-contact them.

Very few prospects join on their first exposure to
our business.

So we want to create a way of capturing the
prospects' e-mail addresses -- so we can continue to
follow up with our prospects and build a
relationship with them.

* The initial goal of our web page is not to sell
the prospects, but to collect the prospects' e-mail

* The initial goal of our e-mail messages is not to
sell the prospects, but to collect the prospects'
e-mail addresses.

We want prospects to opt-in to our mailing list.
We want them to give us permission to continue
contacting them about our business opportunity. We
want to create a mailing list of hot, qualified,
'volunteer' prospects.

Another way of saying this is:

'Our initial goal is not to sell a stranger,
but to create a prospect.'

All of our initial marketing efforts will be
directed towards collecting our prospects' e-mail

This means that your web page will have a form to
collect your prospects' e-mail addresses. On your
web page you may use:

* a reward
* a free giveaway
* an offer for more information
* or some other inducement for the prospects
to leave their e-mail addresses.

On all of your e-mail messages, you'll want to
direct your prospects to subscribe to your mailing
list, or to go to a web page that contains a
subscription form.

>> So how you collect or keep track of
all these addresses?

It is easy. You'll use a tool called an

Autoresponders are inexpensive mailing list
managers that collect your prospects' e-mail
addresses and automatically sends your messages to
your prospects.

You can create a series of messages or letters in
your autoresponder. For example, let's say that I
am a prospect, and I requested to be on your
mailing list.

Your autoresponder could automatically send me:

1. A welcome letter immediately.

2. A letter about one of your products two days

3. An announcement about an upcoming incentive at
your company three days later.

4. A testimonial from one of your excited
distributors four days later.

5. A message to call you to discuss your
opportunity five days later.

6. Etc.

You create the messages you want your
autoresponder to send. You also control when
those messages are sent.

>> Homework:

To learn more about autoresponders, check out some
of the autoresponder services on the Internet.

You don't have to sign up for a service right now,
but read how autoresponders work by visiting these

-Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

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Good stuff from Big Al. This is an area where I kind of messed up on with one of my You Tube videos, but have since then learned my lesson after seeing thousands of people leave my video without my having a way to collect their info!

How crazy for sure!

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