Monday, October 13, 2008

Network Mareketing-Turning Your Business Into A Bad investment

All of us in network marketing desire to grow a successful business so that we can retire one day. Unfortunatley, many of us are going about our network marketing recruting efforts the wrong way.

Here is what Tom Schreiter usually happens:

Turning your business into a bad investment.

Imagine spending $80,000 on a new car. That's quite an investment.Now, imagine that you never put gasoline in your car. Your $80,000 now becomes a $80,000 bad investment.For only a few dollars more, and a little bit of time invested, you could have learned how to put gasoline in your car and had a great investment.S

Sounds silly?Imagine this. A new distributor spends $50 for a distributor kit, $300 for product and inventory, $50 for business cards and stationery, $50 for voice mail and an extra telephone line, $400 for a suit, $100 to detail the car, $100 for a new website . . . and never spends a dime on learning what to say to prospects.This distributor will consistently lose money by purchasing leads, buying advertising, and driving across town to meet prospects.

His solution? Buy more leads, a bigger computer, a nicer car, a better haircut, fancy cologne, etc. He will look smart but sound . . . not so smart.

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I love how Tom always gets to the heart of the matter on things! So, take his advice and learn how to say the right things. Then, everything will fall into place for you.

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