Friday, September 19, 2008

Network Marketing Prospects: How To Get Profressional People as Prospects

If you have ever wondered how to get professional business people as a network marketing prospects, then the article I will be sharing with you today will help you greatly!

Tom Schreiter has given some very useful ideas on how to talk with professional people about network marketing.

Here is what he has to say:

Ever wonder how to get professionals to understand and
get into your business?

* If a surgeon decides to quit operating, the money stops.
* If a dishwasher decides not to wash dishes, the money stops.
* If an attorney decides to stop suing people, the money stops.
* If an IRS agent decides to stop auditing people, the money stops.

In almost every profession, when the person stops
working, the money stops. But not network marketing!

In network marketing, it's different. In the
beginning, you do a lot of groundwork and foundation
building, and you don't make a lot of money. If you
were being paid hourly, you could complain that you
were underpaid or getting less than minimum wage.

However, most network marketing leaders look at this
building period as a learning period. It's like going
to school. But, instead of paying tuition, you can
earn some money while you learn.

Once you complete the groundwork and foundation, the
money formula changes drastically. Now, you are
getting paid bonuses every month, even if you don't
work hard or when you take a vacation.

So, in the beginning you do a lot of work that you
don't get paid for, but in the end you get a lot of
pay for when you don't work.

That's why professionals want to get into network
marketing. They like the residual income and the
financial security it brings.

On a sad note, there are some individuals who get into
network marketing and build a foundation. But because
they didn't feel they earned enough money during this
learning and building stage of their career, they
quit. Yes, they quit just before they go into the
collecting stage of their careers. I guess the rewards
go to people with persistence and vision.

Imagine, just a few days from now you could have
access to over one-hundred ways and places to sponsor
new distributors! You'll begin to see how easily you
can sponsor more distributors into your Network
Marketing business!

Happy prospecting!

-Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

Didn't Tom explain beautifully how to talk with professional people who are part of your network marketing prospects? I think if you do what he says, you will not have any problems enrolling some into your business.

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