Sunday, September 21, 2008

Network Marketing Prospects-Are You Using the "Secret" Language?

I keep sharing information that I receive from Tom Schreiter because I think his simple and straightforward approach to attracting network marketing prospects works.

In today's post, Tom will share a bit with you from the "Colors" training that he does in his workshops. He also has CD and a you tube video as well.

So, sit back, read, take notes, and then take action and do what Tom says. If you do, you will be amazed how your network marketing prospects list will grow.

After listening to my two-CDs on the "Secret Language of Prospects" - subscribers have submitted even more questions about exactly how to use the" skills. Here is a popular question.

Question: I like the lesson about the "blue" personalities. Tell me more about the "greens" and how to speak their secret language.

Answer:"Greens" are the researchers, the data accumulators, and you'll recognize us as engineers, accountants, computer nerds, and ... okay, we're personality-free, charisma-bypassed, socially-challenged and are much more comfortable with a book or a computer than dealing with other humans.

Maybe that's a slight exaggeration

But you'll know you are talking to a "green" personality when you give you longest, most detailed presentation, and the "green" personality responds to your closing question with
"Thank you for your preliminary information. I will know research 44 different websites, compare ingredients, create a 44 table spreadsheet, and I will get back to you with revised questions in about three weeks."

We "greens" are all about information. We want all the answers, all the data, before we begin our deliberation and decision making process.

So, what does that mean to you?

What magic words or phrases can you say that will communicate clearly and effortlessly with the "greens"?

Well, if you were to invite one of us "greens" to an opportunity meeting, you could say this:
"Would you please come to the meeting tomorrow night? I need your opinion. We are going to sit way in the back of the room, where nobody will bother us, nobody will ask us to join ... and bring a huge notebook, because there will be lots of information. And hopefully, by the end of the meeting, we will have enough information to begin our preliminary research."

Ka Ching!

Us "greens" are there. We feel comfortable, and it's our language.

Now, if we used the same language on the "blue" (party) personality, that person would have finished a six-pack of beer and would have left for more excitement before we finished the presentation.
Everybody knows that certain people understand things differently. So when you learn the secret language of the different color personalities, things get easy.

You can now talk directly to their minds and to their hearts.

And, get everyone to listen to your presentation.

Because, you will be using the "blue" script when talking to them.

What do I mean by a script? If you don't have the CDs on the "Secret Language of Prospects" - just go watch this short 3-minute video. You will see the script for inviting the "reds" to an opportunity meeting. Now, "reds" are completely different, but you'll enjoy the video, especially if you are a "red" personality ;

Just go to:

Here are two things you can do now to become better at speaking the "secret language of prospects."

1. Find a "green" personality and just notice how they research everything in order to make the right decision. We "greens" drive the "blue" personality crazy :)

Then use the "green" script to communicate to them in the way they love to be communicated to.

2. If you don't have the two-CD set, "How To Speak The Secret Language Of Your Prospects" already, then decide to learn the language now. Simply go to:

Have a great recruiting weekend!

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
P.S. You'll also enjoy the two extra free CDs at

PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

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