Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MLM Prospecting-Are You Using the Eaves Droping Approach

MLM prospecting can become much easier if we do what Tom Schreiter says. I don't know where he comes up with everything he talks about, but it is really great!

Today, listen in to his tip on how to use the "eaves dropping" approach from his "77 More Hot Prospecting Ideas" series.

Tip #14: The "Eavesdrop Approach."

Do you have trouble getting prospects on an
opportunity presentation teleconference call?

Are they afraid of being "sold" by listening to
the sales presentation?

Relax your prospects by offering to have them
listen to a "training call." They can listen to
one of your teleconference trainings without the
fear of being "sold."

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Well, sounds easy enough right? So take action and happy mlm prospecting!

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