Monday, September 01, 2008

Free Network Marketing Information-How To -Use A Fish Bowl to Grow Your Business

When it comes to network marketing prospecting, one way a netwoker can use increase their prospect base by using what is known as the "fish bowl" technique. If one is looking for prospects who are presently suffering in the rat race, this technique is a great way to find them.

Many restaurants have glass fish bowls by a cash register where people can drop in their business cards. They can be found in coffee shops, some chain restaurants, etc. Some business establishments use a fish bowl because they would like the business person to try to win a free lunch or dinner at the restaurant in a weekly drawing. This results in repeat business.

Many establishments actually throw out the business cards after a drawing. So, what a networker can do is approach the manager and get the cards for free or at least for the cost of the meal that is being given away.

Once a networker has the business cards, their network marketing prospecting base will be increased with potential prospects.

Now, what is known about prospects who leave their cards?

1. They are in a rat race and currently suffer through a 9-5 job, some commute long hours, and they know the disadvantages and lack of financial independence a job offers.

2. The prospect have some extra income because they buy their lunches instead of taking them to work in a lunch bag. This income could be redirected to building a part-time business from home. Buying lunches can get expensive. Purchasing twenty a month could easily cost about $150. This money could be used to invest in a business.

3. It could be these network marketing prospects spend their lunch hours expressing their unhappiness to their co-workers about their jobs.

4. The prospects have regular jobs that pay their monthly bills. So, it is not likely they are in desperate need of money, and can afford to patiently build a network marketing business.

Now that this is known, what a networker can do is type up a short prospecting letter or send a brochure. This can be effective because it is likely those who leave their business cards have the motivation and the extra income to qualify as future leaders on a networker's team.

In addition, writing to them instead of calling them can be powerful. This is because if a networker writes to them, they will only hear back from those who are interested, positive, and motivated to do something. A networker won't have to listen to excuses and a lack of belief from those who are not qualified.

Using a fish bowl in business establishments can be an effective way to increase a networker's network marketing prospect base. Choose a few business establishments and begin to grow your business today!

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