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MLM Education-Another Wonderful Story

The last few of my posts have covered how doing a mental cleanse can be a life changing event. This is mlm education and learning on a whole new level.

Listen to Asa as she shares her story:

Mental Cleanse Chapter 1. July 30 2008

The first chapter in the book starts with: Truly
"Thoughts are things"and powerful things at that,
when they are mixed with the definiteness of
purpose, persistence and a BURNING DESIRE
for their translation into riches, or other material

So what are my thoughts about myself as a
mentor truly? Do I see my purpose in being a
mentor and if so am I really feeding my purpose,
my why, with a burning desire of being ME?

My why, in short, is to get personal freedom to
live my life the way I decide to. That would be a
life where I am in charge, not the local authorities
or different laws.

In this it is included to be able to give my son a
good, stable upbringing filled with love and care,
without being afraid all the time that he will be
taken away from me because I am a "different
kind" of mother.

For most people this might seem like something
very modest and something almost taken for
granted. For me it is not so. My everyday life is,
today, controlled by laws, authorities and by other
people's kindness.

That is how life is when you are depending on
personal assistants in your daily life.Money does
not make a person happy, but it could give the
freedom to decide myself how I and my son
should spend our days, with whom and where.

Do I see myself as a mentor? I used to. I enjoyed
very much being a mentor to my team before I went
on a cruise in February this year with my company.

The cruise was a great experience. I had a great
time. It was the peak of my career in MLM. Not
only did I meet a lot of wonderful people that be
came good friends with me for life. I also learned
a lot about how to become an even better mentor.

I was very happy on the cruise and I went home
light hearted and very motivated.

When I came home reality struck like lightening.
During the cruise I had set up everything at home
to work in the best way possible both for my staff
and my son and the solution was accepted by all
persons included.

Unfortunately a person in my staff, was jealous
of my success (she even wished me a bad trip
before I left) and called the authorities telling them
that I did something that I was not supposed to do,
then she quit her job at my place.

I was sure before I left that I had done everything
according to the law. When I came home, the
personal assistant's company called me and told
me that I broke the law by going on the cruise
without my assistants with me.

They were going to turn me to the police and I
would also be paying my staffs salaries for that
month with my own money....... I explained my
version and that I really did not mean to do any
thing illegal.

They did not call the police but I had to pay the
salaries for that month, it ended with a whopping
$ 4750 USD. Money that I did not have and I earn
too little to get a loan.

Not only was I back stabbed by somebody that
I truly trusted, I also lost all the money I had saved
and maxed out my credit card. I then lost my faith
in myself being able to change my own life.

Many people would just have worked harder and
kept on digging that golden ore to find new team
members with the help of Mentoring for free. I did
not do that.

I quit. I lost all the joy of being a mentor, because
I felt that all I have achieved would not make a
difference in my life anyway. Most probably I quit
three inches from the golden ore. But not believing
in myself anymore I was not able to mentor others
either, because I had lost the desire.

Or did I, really lose it?

I am not so sure anymore. During these months I
have been away I have accomplished great things.
I got my bachelor degree in sociology and wrote
an essay that is much talked about in Sweden.

I have built up my personal assistants staff to be
even more skillful, honest and better then ever. I
have started to take care of my body better and I
have worked hard to get my son the help he needs
to deal with his ADHD.

But above all this, I have thought much about how
to let the "real me" out in a better way. To stop
being afraid of being rejected on the phone because
I am "different" and because my English is not perfect.

And instead focusing on how to use all the skills I
have learned in life to mentor others. In Mentoring
for free I have a great and easy system to follow
that works. It works for anybody, every time if used
in a proper way, if you team member is coachable.

If it is not, I just have to be patient and persistent
enough to continue to search until I find the right
persons to join me. They WILL come. I don't need
to change anything in the system but I have to allow
myself to be me and to shine as the great mentor
that I know in my heart that I can be.

Because I want change in my life and Mentoring for
free is giving me the tools to achieve that if I decide
to use it.

I am a person that if often described as having a
burning desire to live life fully and to care for others.
It is time now to use that desire and to put it in
action. To be the great mentor I was born to be.
I will use my desire to create great things!

See you on next cruise!

├ůsa Puide in Sweden

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