Thursday, August 21, 2008

MLM Business Leads-77 More Hot Prospecting Tips #3

This is a continuation from the previous post in which Tom Schreiter shared how to work with your mlm business leads. Today's tip covers how to use powerful incentives.

Enjoy the tip and good luck with attracting more mlm business leads!

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Tip #4: Incentives that really get people to act!

Don't spend money on a premium or incentive that's
boring or unimaginative. That's a waste of your

Here are two quick incentive ideas to spark your

I. Distributor Joe knows that John and Mary should
be at the next big Saturday training event. Mary
is hesitant until Distributor Joe arranges a "maid
for a day" to totally clean Mary's house. Total
cost is only $50. Mary is thrilled with the maid
and can't wait to sit back and enjoy the training.

What if John was hesitant instead? Distributor Joe
could arrange a "handyman for a day" to do fix-ups
and repairs around the home that John has been
avoiding for years.

II. Distributor Joe knows that the local Marriott
Hotel caters to business travelers and has many
empty rooms on weekends. The hotel offers a
"honeymoon special" for only $79 on weekends. A
couple gets dinner and a room for Saturday night,
champagne breakfast in bed, and can dance and
enjoy the luxury hotel's services.

What a great romantic gift to remind a new
distributor of the lifestyle and time with the
family. Perfect for a sign-up incentive.

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