Sunday, August 10, 2008

MLM Business Lead-How To Keep Your Prospects Leaning Forward

When it comes to how to keep your mlm business leads on the edge of their seats and leaning forward when a networker presents a product or business opportunity, the go to man is Tom Schreiter. Tom recently did an interview with Mark "Google Superman" Davis which addressed various techniques to keep mlm prospects interested when presented with a mlm product or opportunity.

While many topics were covered, the two hot techniques which will be focused on in this article is how to use stories and how to use a top 10 list.

Hot Technique #1-Story Openings

Whenever a networker starts off their presentation with a story, they will immediately engage prospects. Prospects want to find out how the story ends just as any of us would. Many times, if the story is told using words that convey sounds and colors, the prospect will even imagine themselves in the story.

Stories about what is going on in the prospects local area are also very powerful. A networker can begin a story with statements such as "While I was", "When I was", "As I was", etc. Then, they can discuss what they found interesting about the local area of interest.

The bottom line is that stories keep mlm business leads engaged and not bored. If one doesn't have a story, they can simply use someone else's.

Hot Technique #2-Top 10 Lists

Top ten lists always create curiosity. People love to follow current trends and usually get behind popular ideas. A top ten list brings other people's opinions and ideas into it and not just the networker's are very effective.

For instance, if a networker has done their homework and has research statistics, they can start off their top 10 list by saying something like, "Based on the research we did from the top 1,000 responses to our weight loss survey, the top 10 reasons people can't lose weight are".. . . This just adds credibility to the top 10 list.

Here are examples of top ten list statements for your mlm business leads:

-The top ten reasons your boss doesn't want you to quit your job.

-The top ten reasons why coffee grown in the blue Jamaican hills is better for you than those grown in Kenya.

-The top ten reasons ways to start a business and keep it running three years from now.

-The top ten things you can do to reduce your taxes right now.

-The top ten ways to lose weight without eating differently.

-The top ten reasons to eat donuts to keep your waistline thin.

-The top ten things you can do with the extra money you will earn from your business opportunity.

-The top ten ways to get fit without ever joining a gym.

-The top ten things places you should visit before you die.

As these examples show, a networker can create a top ten list from anything. A mlm business lead will love top 10 lists because they are getting factual information and know they won't become bored with long presentations.

If a networker uses these two hot techniques as well as many others that Tom Schreiter and Mark Davis cover, they will never have any difficulty keeping a mlm business lead leaning forward!

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