Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MLM Business Lead-Big Al's 77 Prospecting Idea's

MLM legend Tom, Big Al, Schreiter is an expert at talking to mlm business leads. After after all, he built an organization of over 100,000 distributors way before the Internet. So, if we want to learn how to talk to our mlm business lead, Big Al is the guy to get advice from.

I have recently subscribed to his 77 More Hot Prospecting Ideas series. I thought I'd pass on to you what Tom says.

I know you will greatly benefit from it! That said, here goes!-

Welcome to Tip #1 of the "77 More Hot Prospecting
Ideas" series. You will be receiving 77 hot tips
over the next few months. These ideas will help
you create more leads, create better responses,
become a better sponsor.

You will receive a brand-new tip every two to
three days. This will give you time to digest each
idea and to put some of the techniques into

So, let's get started with tip #1.

Tip #1: Don't sell features. Don't sell benefits.

Instead, base your sales presentation on your
prospect's most pressing problem. Then you'll have
your prospect's attention.

For example, if you talk about the weekly bonus
checks, that's a feature.

If you talk about the benefits of weekly checks
(not waiting until the end of the month, getting
your earnings quicker, instant gratification for
work performed, etc.) - you're doing better, but
it still won't rivet your prospect's attention.

Try talking about your prospect's most pressing
problem. For example, you might say:

"Next Tuesday your mortgage payment is due. That
could eat up most of your paycheck. Wouldn't it be
nice to get a check from our company that would
pay the mortgage payment for you? Then you'd have
your entire paycheck to do what you want."

See the difference?

Your prospect is constantly thinking about his
problems - not your benefits.

Great advice from Tom about how to talk to MLM business leads. More to follow on the next post.

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