Sunday, August 31, 2008

How to Build MLM-How to Become a Better MLM Recruiter

How to Build MLM-The lifeblood of any multi level marketing business is recruiting. Without new distributors your business will not grow. Anyone that has been involved in an mlm business for any period of time knows this and yet it seems to be the hardest thing to do. Why is that? Here are a few recruiting tips that can help you and your group to not only grow, but flourish.

1. First of all when you are talking to a prospect you need to try and see your business through their eyes and ears. The longer you are involved in your business the harder this is to do. You begin to assume things about your business that a new prospect will not naturally know. They do not know how great your products are. Or they do not know how great your compensation plan is.

The key here is to never assume, but to ask questions and then listen to what your prospect is saying. They will lead you to what is important to them and then you can proceed from there.

2. Here is another tip on how to build mlm. Spend some time just building a little rapport outside of your business. This simply means talking to them about them. Everyone loves to talk about themselves. You will very quickly find out what their hot button is by finding out what they like to do in their spare time. What they do and don't like about their lives right now. Making a friend goes a long way when it comes time for them to listen about your business.

3. Work at becoming a better communicator. The best skill you can develop when it comes to communicating is to become a better listener. Have you ever been in a conversation and felt like the person you were talking to was not hearing what you said. Many time people are so busy thinking about what they are going to say next that it wouldn't matter what you were saying because they weren't listening anyway. You have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason.

4. You get paid in your mlm business to get a yes or no out of your prospect. The sooner you find this out the better off for both of you. As you are talking to your prospect you basically go through the whole process just to find out if they are interested in joining you or not. Don't be afraid to find this out. If the answer is no that's o.k. because you can quickly move on to your next prospect.

To summarize this article focused on how to build mlm effectively. This included asking questions, becoming a better listener, and arriving at a final decision is the fastest way to make your network marketing business grow. Doing this over and over and getting your group to do the same will make all of you better recruiters.

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