Monday, July 21, 2008

MLM UK-How to Get Your Audience to Lean Forward and Instantly Pay Attention

One of the important things for a networker to master whether they are in a mlm uk company, in the USA, Australia or anywhere around the world is learning how to give effective presentations whether it be to a large group, small group, 1:1, over the phone, etc. Any type of presentation that starts out badly will go quickly downhill so it is crucial to start off on the right foot. The goal is to get your audience to lean forward and instantly pay attention.

Tom , “Big Al” Schreiter recently did an interview with Mark, “Google Superman”, Davis and they gave great tips on how to grab an audience’s attention. Using their strategies people will lean and pay attention. Let’s discover what these magic tips are.

-Always pay attention to location. When a networker is to give a live presentation in a place outside of their local town or city, always take the time to visit a local attraction the locals are proud of. At the beginning of the presentation, comment on it. For instance, if one is giving a presentation in New York City, they can say, “As I was visiting the Statue of Liberty today.” If a person is in Australia, and visited the Great Barrier Reef, they can say, “When I went snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef today.” While these are examples, the point is to always comment on a local attraction as this build a rapport with the audience.

-Create Curiosity. This means that a networker is seeking for the audience to focus on them and what they have to say. Comments should be made that will have the audience wanting to lean forward and put aside cell phones, texting people, worrying about then the meeting will end, etc., because of a provoking curiosity statement. Here are some examples:

*Thank you for coming tonight. Let’s get started. Tonight I will be sharing with you the 30 things your boss doesn’t want you to know about starting a home-based business on the internet.

*The four foods we should eat if we want to lose weight quickly.

*Let me tell you about the one lesson your mom never told you.

*Here’s the secret your neighbors know they never told you about money.

*Discover why your neighbor never leaves the house but drives a better car than you do.

Opening statements such as these will grab people’s attention quickly and create a burning desire to know what this is all about.

-Use the 2 most powerful words. This works whether you are in mlm UK, England, USA, etc. In other words, these two powerful words work the same universally. They are so simple they are easy to overlook. The words are “thank you.” Why do these two words get people to lean forward so much? It is because they stroke egos. People love to be recognized for what they have done and in this case, they have taken their valuable time to listen to a networker’s presentation. Use these two words if you want to build a powerful bond with an audience.

-Create Controversy. Everyone pays attention to controversy and many times they will want to participate in the discussion, take a position, etc. This technique is a way to easily grab attention and build rapport with an audience. For instance, one can say, “I have a saying about the eyes. Eyes are windows to cash.” This will instantly cause controversy because everyone has heard the saying how eyes are the windows to the soul. The audience will want to know where the speaker is coming from with this. A word of caution here is needed. When creating controversy, make sure it doesn’t offend people’s culture and isn’t offensive. You don’t want to create World War III!

The strategies discussed here are simple ones that networkers in a mlm uk company, US, Philippines, Spain, etc., can use and create a very captive audience immediately. So, take the time to test them and see how these great strategies from these two mlm experts can assist in growing your business.

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I did a lot of network marketing opportunity presentations in my 7 years in MLM and you pretty much sums up the points that makes an engaging presentation!

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