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MLM Education-Lessons from Chapter 1

In my previous email I shared how you can accept a life changing invitation from my friend and mentor, Michael Dlouhy. Michael is one who not only educates about mlm, but also provides fantastic personal development training.

I thought I'd share with you two lessons from a couple of people who have taken advantage of Michael's gracious invitation.

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Chapter 1

Thought Become Things

It's amazing that as I read through this chapter, my
mind brings to life so many memories.Many of failure
and some of success.

It would be so easy for me to write about how my life
has been impacted by so many of the principles that
are talked about in this chapter alone. However for
the sake of time and to keep this lesson short, I
will focus on two words.

Faith and Fear

When reading the part about the small colored child
who went in and demanded fifty cents from Mr. Darby's
Uncle and refused to take no for an answer. It brought
to mind how I met my wife.

Here was a small child who stood with faith and
determination,stepped into fear to get what she wanted.

For me, after failing in two other relationships I just
about had given up. I was so afraid of what the next
relationship would bring. So fearful of what could
happen that my mind was stay focused on all the past
hurt and pain that I went through.

Finally I stopped focusing my energy on the negative
and started creating positive thoughts of what my ideal
relationship would be like. What I was willing to give
to the relationship and what I wanted in return.

I focused so much on it that I even started focusing
on the very person that I wanted to be with.

Here's the kicker. At this point in my life I had never
been in a social gathering with her, Sure I knew Amanda
from a seminar that I attended, but that was it.

Then through a series of unusual events we started
seeing more and more of one another through mutual
friends. Boy did I have a crush on her.

Finally, Sue, a friend of ours called me up and asked
me when I was going to tell Amanda how I was feeling.

Boy did it hit me then. FEAR. So much so that I was
sick to my stomach. At the same time there was about a
thousand volts of excitement coursing through my body.

I will always remember what our friend Sue said to me
on that call.

What you are feeling right now is what it feels like to
really risk in your life. What it means to step outside
your comfort zone.

So you have one of two choices turn and run from it, or
step into it.

Just like the little colored girl.

I decided to step into the fear that day. To take a
risk. Maybe the words were not perfect when I called
Amanda and maybe she could here the quivering in my
voice. But none of that mattered.

I stood in that fear, determined to say what I needed
to say and have faith enough that what was suppose to
happen would happen.

Faith and Fear at times go hand in hand. Many times
that fear is just the nudge of success setting in or
letting you know that you are getting close.

Well just like the little colored girl who walked out
with her fifty cents. That phone call to Amanda led to
our first date and eventually marriage.

Thoughts really do become things and everything that I
ever imagine and wished our marriage would be, has been
eclipsed by even greater outcomes.

Amazing what a little faith brings.

Live Limitless,
Ashley Bolivar

The first time I was on the Mental Cleanse, I became
aware of all the negative influence that was in my life.

As I shut off the TV, radio, stopped being around
negative people, I really began to realize how much
my surroundings affect my thoughts. Then I met, I mean
really met my worst enemy, ME. Now this was harder to
shut down. A TV or a radio simply has a switch.

So I began to do my self talk throughout the day as
well as a daily ritual of meditation and things are
really starting to click in my blue brain.

I had a breakthrough in those first 90 days about my
fear of poverty. But what I realize now is that it
wasn't so much the fear, but the thoughts that I had
that manifested the fear. Here is what I mean.

I would think about what things would be like when I
was financially free. Because thoughts are things,
right? So I would think, When I am financially free,
then I will really be happy.

So it is almost as if I was saying to myself, I can't
be happy now if I am not financially free. So I am
realizing that I had it all backwords. You need to
first be happy. Smile. Feel wonderful. Be blessed.
Thank God for your blessings.

Now in this happy state that I am in, I am in a
vibrational place where I am sending out thoughts
of expectancy. I know it is coming but in Gods time,
not mine.

The universe will give me what I think about. So now
I choose to be happy and blessed. I choose to expect
abundance. And abundance I receive.

It's funny how we send vibrations out to the universe.
As if the universe wanted to give me proof...

I came across a book at the library by Deepack Chopra.
I turned to a random page and he was talking about what
we all really want is the same thing... to be happy.

When you have a conversation with yourself and ask
the question, what do I want? Answer that question
and then ask yourself why? Then answer that question
and then again ask why. You will always come to the
same answer. "Because I want to be happy."

It works like this...

"I want to be Rich."


Because, I want to not have to worry about bills.


Because I will live longer and not feel stressed.


Because I want to be here to see my grandkids.


Because I want to enjoy them and my kids. I want to
live my life. I want to be happy.

You see it isn't about being Rich. What I really want
is to be Happy!

We all want the same thing and we will all come to
the same answer when asking the question, Why.

Why not be happy now? Live as if I am already rich?

Because, you know I am. I am Rich. I am blessed. Live
an abundant life. The universe will only see me as rich
and prosperous and it will have no choice but to send
me what is expected.

I think, Michael, This is what you call owning your

I appreciate you.
Wendy Krick

Awesome, awesome lessons here!

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