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MLM Education- Does It Have To Be Your Way Or The Highway?

Author and mlm expert Michael Dlouhy is one of my mentors and friends. I love how he lays things out so simply. He is a true leader on mlm education for sure!

Check out this article he wrote that addresses how we really think about things in our life.

I know you will enjoy it!

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Does It Have To Be Your Way Or The Highway?

We all have moments when our thinking is … well … suspect. You have a lot of confidence that your thinking is right. But on the other hand … maybe it isn’t. How do you tell the difference? Here’s an idea that has helped me in both personal relationships and in my MLM business, and maybe it will help you.

Ask yourself, “What is behind this line of thinking?” At times, you will discover a very stubborn opinion that may have originated in a single long-ago incident. Something like:

“It’s my way or the highway.”
“Prospects just don’t listen.”
“Women can’t stick to a budget.”
“Men are bull-headed.”
“Kids can’t be trusted.”

Obviously, the list could go on forever. Probably, no thought on this list rings true for you. But we all have similar types of stubborn ideas that have hung around forever, and which sabotage relationships and our MLM business-building today. The trick is to recognize and get rid of them. Can you think right now of 2 or 3 of those recurring, age-old thoughts that have dictated how you live your life?

You can certainly improve your results by gaining new skills and by adding new, achievement-oriented thinking in your life. But you can also improve your results by recognizing faulty thinking or misdirected actions … and then get rid of them. As you do, people will notice that you have become wiser and gentler, and it will be much easier for you to build the relationships that build your network marketing business.

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