Thursday, May 08, 2008

MLM Success Tips: Use A "Big Al" Headline

Whether you are building online, offline, or both, a mlm success tip that can help you as you advertise is learning how to use effective headlines.

Tom Schreiter has come up with some eye catching ones! If you use these, you phone will get to ringing!

"More headlines! More headlines!

* How To Get An Extra Paycheck Every Month - Legally!

* The Get-Rich Plan For People Over 40.

* I Knew He Was A Maniac, But He Was Right About

One Thing!

* 3 More Reasons Not To Work For Your Overpaid

Idiot Boss.

* Become More Popular - By Becoming Rich.

* Stop Paying The Maximum Tax On Your Paycheck.

* Work Part-Time, Live Full-Time.

* How To Call In Sick Seven Days A Week.

* Leave Your Boss A Good-Bye Note.

* Work For 50 Weeks. Vacation For Two Weeks.

Is That Fair?

* Why Some People Don't Care If They Get Fired.

* The Secret Paycheck You Didn't Get.

* Would You Rather Have A 3-Day Workweek?

* Here Is How To Make Your In-Laws Jealous.

* Can An Employee Become Rich? -- Nah.

You can use headlines like these on your business

card. These headlines will be much more impressive

to your prospects than your name.

Your prospects are only interested in themselves.

That's why we have to grab their favorable attention

with world-class sentences. So invest your time and

energy in creating many of these business-building


Tom also has these valuable resources packed full with mlm

success tips:


This site is for the "hobby" network marketer. If

you joined networking to test the waters, for the

social life, or maybe just to see if you would get

lucky, this site is for you.

Lots of free ideas, no commitments, no stress.


This is for professional network marketers. If you

joined networking to earn a really good part-time

check, a full-time check, or the big money in our

business, this site is for you.

This is like a college education in networking, but

without the high college tuition of thousands of

dollars a year. Learn exactly what to say and do to

bring your business to a higher level fast.

- Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

P.S. Please tell everyone you know about the Big

Al Report. Great tips, zero cost. It is a

price everyone can afford.

All they have to do is to go to: and fill in their info.

I hope you enjoyed Tom's tips.

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