Monday, May 26, 2008

MLM Online Success Tips: How to Talk to Prospects Rejection Free Part 2

In the previous post, lesson #1 about how to use ice breakers to talk to prospects rejection free from legend Tom Schreiter was covered. In lesson two, Tom will show you what NOT to say to prospects.

Following Tom's advice can help you find mlm online success as well as offline. Lesson 3, the secret to Ice Breakers, will follow in the next post.

Lesson #2: What not to say to prospects.

Do we hope our prospects will just say: "Hey, have you
joined any new businesses lately that you would like to
tell me about?"

If we do, we won't have many presentations for our

We have to take control of the conversation and get our
prospects interested in our product, service or
opportunity. And we have to get their interest high
enough to voluntarily ask us for a presentation.

I have a rule for my business.

"I only give presentations to prospects who ask me for
a presentation first."

Now, before you think I am going to starve, consider
this. I simply say things that will motivate the
prospect to ask for a presentation.

Currently, most distributors say things that motivate
the prospect NOT to ask for a presentation. They say
things like:

* "Boy, do I have an opportunity for you."

* "Do you keep your financial options open so that you
can enhance your lifestyle options?"

* "Let me tell you about a ground floor opportunity
that takes advantage of the buying power of Generation
X, Y & Z."

* "I am currently looking for business partners with a
fast-growing public company with extreme upside

* "How about coming to an opportunity meeting tonight
at the Holiday Inn? It only lasts 90 minutes and shows
you how to own your own life."

You have probably tested these sentences and noticed
that most prospects say:

"Run! Run! Save yourself!"

"I'm busy."

"It's a pyramid!"

"I'm not a salesman."

This isn't the reaction we want from a prospect. We
want our prospects to lean forward and ask us for a

If we want different results - we should say different
things. :)

Lesson #3 is coming in a few days. In Lesson #3, I will
show you the secret to getting prospects to say anything
you want.

- Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

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