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How To Be Successful In MLM-Learn From MLM Legend Tom Schreiter

When it comes to how to be successful in MLM, Tom Schreiter is an expert and MLM legend who can provide some great guidance. So, I thought I'd share some of his tips with you today from his "Big Al Leaders Course"

Everyone has problems.

Leaders and distributors face the same problems

every day. Leaders don't become leaders because of

a lack of problems. They become leaders because of

how they think and handle problems.

>> Leadership thinking.

How would a leader think when confronted with the

exact same backorder situation? A leader might


'Whoa, the product's backordered. These products

are so much in demand that even if my customers

give me money, they still can't get the product.

It's so exclusive and selling so well, the company

can't keep the products in stock. My new customer

is going to be so impressed, he'll probably order

two or three times more product to make sure he

can get some. That means two or three times more

product volume for me, and two or three times the

bonus check. Wow! I hope they bring on some more

backorders - yes!'

Would you characterize this as leadership thinking

or as distributor thinking?

It's obvious - this is leadership thinking and you

would get leadership results because of this


>> Here is what distributors don't know.

It doesn't cost anything to change your thinking.

Most distributors think:

'Well, I'm stuck with one kind of thinking.

There's no way that I can change it. This is the

only way to look at situations.'

This 'I can't change my thinking' viewpoint comes

from years of conditioning from parents, teachers,

friends, and employers. But this viewpoint isn't


Of course, we can all change our thinking - if we

want to. But how do you convince your potential

leader that he can change his thinking?

>> With a story.

Stories are the best way to change people's

thinking. They are easy to remember, and your

potential leader can see himself in the story. He

can identify with the story.

To help your potential leader see that changing

one's thinking is possible, try sharing a story

similar to this:

Imagine that you're driving along one day and a

green Mustang automobile almost forces you off the

road. The driver appears to be a young teenager

and he is obviously speeding. How do you feel?

What do you think about the driver?

If your potential leader answers honestly, he'll


'I don't like that teenager. He's reckless and I

almost had an accident. Someone should report him

to the police and have him arrested.'

Later that day you get a call from the hospital.

It's from your son. Your son says, 'Hi. Just

wanted to let you know that the doctors said that

I'm going to be okay. I fell off my bike and

suffered a serious cut. I could have bled to death,

but fortunately a teenager in a green Mustang was

driving by. He picked me up and raced me to the

hospital just in time.'

Now, ask your potential leader this:

'What do you think about that teenage driver now?'

If your potential leader answers honestly, he'll


'You're right. I did change my thinking, and it

didn't cost me anything. The situation was the

same. And you know what? I could have chosen to

change my thinking about that teenage driver even

if I didn't get that additional information.

You're right. I can change my thinking any time I


Now that your potential leader understands that he

can change his thinking, you'll want to teach him


Point out that there are two ways of thinking -

leadership thinking and distributor thinking. If

you think like a leader you'll get leader results

and if you think like a distributor, you'll get

distributor results.

Then give your potential leader a big dose of

personal responsibility. Tell him:

'I'm not going to change your thinking. That's up

to you. If you want distributor results, think

like a distributor. If you want leadership

results, think like a leader. It's strictly up to

you which results you want. Pick the results you

want in your life, and then you'll know which type

of thinking to choose.'

This is a big step -- but this is the only way you

effectively build a leader. Because if you don't

do this, you're going to spend a lifetime fixing

all their problems, answering all their questions,

holding their hands, and trying to re-motivate

them after every challenge.

>> Okay, okay. So what exactly will I teach them?

Let's make this concrete here.

First, write down all the everyday problems you

encounter in your business.

Second, for each problem, write down what would

represent leadership thinking and what would

represent distributor thinking.

And third, write down any appropriate stories that

you could tell your potential leader to help him

change his thinking from distributor thinking to

leadership thinking.

That's it. That's what you're going to have to

teach them.

Let's write down some common problems and how

we'll teach our potential leader to change his


Write quickly, because . . .

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I hope you enjoyed Tom's tips! I wish you success!


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