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How To Build MLM: More from Big Al Leader's Course

When it comes to how to build mlm, who better to go to than mlm legend Tom Schreiter. This post will cover one of his lessons that I receive on a weekly basis. I hope you find it as helpful as I.

Welcome to Lesson #4 of the 'Big Al Leaders

What is my definition of a leader?

I have three definitions of a leader. These aren't
the only three definitions. They're not all-
inclusive. These are just three definitions to
give us an idea of what we are looking for.

The first definition I heard is from a man named
Tracy Dietrich in Dallas, Texas. He says that
leaders are professional students of the business.

In other words, leaders actually read the sales
manual that came with their distributor kit. By
this definition, everybody reading this newsletter
would be a leader. We're students of network
marketing - always looking for new ideas and

Leaders listen to audio training tapes, read
books, go to upline meetings and, whenever they
can, they attend company conventions. You'll see
leaders hanging around with the upline leaders
hoping to pick up a good idea.

I like this definition. It makes it easy to spot
leaders. Just go to any training meeting and
you'll see the chairs full of potential leaders.

>> Sounds good, but what is my second definition
of a leader?

This definition is a little harder to explain but
easy to observe.

Imagine that you decide to take a vacation to
Hawaii. You're going to miss your local weekly
opportunity meeting. Somebody will have to conduct
your weekly meeting.

A leader is someone who will do the opportunity
meeting, make sure the product display is there,
pay for the room, and assumes the responsibility
that everything runs smoothly - and you don't have
to call from Hawaii to see if it was done.

In other words, you're on vacation and you don't
have to worry or check on anything. This leader
was glad you left town so he could take the

This is a pretty good definition of a leader. He
is someone who does his business without your
constant motivation and checking. He is someone
you don't have to worry about.

>> The third definition of a leader is the

This definition separates the so-called leaders
from the real leaders. Here it is:

A leader is someone who handles problems.

Let's say there is a problem in the downline. Mike
didn't get his order or Mary talked longer than Al
or there was some bad news in the local press, or

A leader handles the problem.

Your leader will call the home office to trace the
order, will help Al understand why Mary talked
longer, or support and counsel a devastated
distributor who is upset over some bad publicity.

The leadership test is this:

Will the problem filter upline to you?

If you have a distributor whom you think is a
leader -- but the distributor is still passing
problems upline to you, this distributor doesn't
qualify to be a leader.

This is a tough test, but it separates leaders
from the crowd.

Now we have three clear descriptions of a leader.
We know exactly what we are searching for.

Now that we have a really good grip on what a
leader is, the next question in your mind should

>> Step #2: How do I find leaders?

That's simple.

There are only two ways to get leaders.

The first way to get leaders is to steal them.
That's right, steal them. We're all leaders here,
so let's be honest. People try to steal leaders
all the time, don't they?

They say:

'Come over to my business and I'll give you $5
more than what you're making over there.'

So the leader changes loyalty and moves to another

What's the downside of this?

Well, if the leader will change allegiance for $5
more income, then what's going to happen when
someone else offers this leader $6 more income?


If this leader can be bought once, he can be
bought again.

So we could steal leaders, but the problem is that
we will only end up with temporary leaders. This
means we'd have a job for the rest of our lives,
replacing leader after leader, wouldn't we? This
isn't what we're looking for.

You see, a lot of distributors advertise for
leaders. They try to persuade leaders to come over
with the newest hot deal because it's a tenth of a
cent lower or it pays 1% more. But what happens
when someone else offers two-tenths of a cent
lower or 2% more?

The temporary leader is gone.

It's just a full-time job replacing temporary
leaders. It's not really building a permanent,
loyal network marketing organization.

So I would like to eliminate further discussion
about stealing leaders because that's not really
what we want to do.

We want permanent income.

We'll learn the second way to get leaders in
Lesson #5. The second way will be the easiest
way to get that permanent income.

I will be sending you Lesson #5 in a few days.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
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PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289, USA

After reading this, I'm sure you know now that one of the best things you can do
when it comes to how to build mlm is to find and build leaders within your organization.

More to come!

I Appreciate You!

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Ridwan said...

By that I mean latching on to this or that latest, most innovative idea that some self styled money making guru has put out in the hope it’ll go viral and make them a lot of money off the backs of all the headless chickens who will follow them blindly down a blind alley. Its a shame but a truism nonetheless that people will follow where someone they see as an expert leads. Even if they lead them to certain disaster, which is what most of the gurus tend to do to their flocks.
The trick is to recognize a shadow when you see it!