Sunday, March 16, 2008

How To Build MLM:When To Prospect For New Distributors?

When it comes to how to build mlm, one of the top "go-to" guys is the legendary Tom, Big Al, Schreiter. Here is what Tom has to say about how to build a successful mlm business.

"When should you prospect for new distributors?

Prospecting is like going on a diet.

When would it be a good time to diet?

One day a year?

No, that would not be too successful. We may lose weight on the one day that we diet, but the other 364 days would cancel our one day of progress.

One day a month?

Again, our dieting is not consistent enough to be successful.

One day a week?

Better. But do you really think you can lose weight by dieting only one day of the week?


That's the key to success in dieting. Just a small effort on a daily schedule will create success in our diet.

And that's how leaders prospect. They do a little bit each day. Distributors think that leaders have some sort of secret trick that they perform to become successful. The truth is that leaders tend to be more consistent in their sponsoring efforts.

What can we teach to our new distributors so that they'll have consistent results also?

Teach them to make at least one contact each day. Maybe write a letter. Loan out a DVD. Mail a CD. Make a telephone call. Just talk to a prospect.

It all adds up and soon they'll have all the prospects they need for a successful network marketing business. No longer will they suffer from the stress of where to find the next good prospect. They'll have plenty of prospects and their entire "positioning" changes from desperation to confidence."

Great words of wisdom from Tom on how to build MLM. Go to his website for more great ideas!

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