Friday, February 29, 2008

How To Recruit People for MLM|How To Build MLM, Part 2

In the previous post we learned that when it comes to how to recruit people for mlm and how to build mlm, we must have the mindset that MLM is a coaching and mentoring business first and foremost. Many have been lead to believe it is all about selling, but this is not the case.

So, for today, let's talk a bit about buying leads. Many people in MLM buy leads. Unfortunately, sometimes lead lists are sold to a number of different companies, so your "hot" prospect might already have received numerous other calls of folks trying to get them in "on the deal".

This is not the best way to generate interested prospects for you biz. Why? Because it is not duplicatable. On a recent training call, I heard how one couple were paying $100 per lead and spending $1500 a month on leads! Yes, I am not getting kidding. Plus, they were spending $2,000 a month on the company product. The money they were generating from their team of 42 people was still not enough to cover the cost of the product.

Now. let's think here for a minute. How duplicatable is this for most people? $100 a lead and $2000 on products? Can you see when it comes to how to recruit people in MLM and how to build MLM, that this is a very bad strategy?

The bottom line is that first, you do not need to buy leads especially when it is much easier to generate your own. Second, it is crucial that you have a duplicatable system so that it is not difficult for you and your downline to recruit people for your mlm business.

So, when it comes to how to recruit people for mlm and how to build mlm, the business model of the company must be ethical, fair, and duplicatable!!


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