Sunday, February 17, 2008

Free MLM Marketing Tips-The Top 7 Secrets to Success with Squidoo

As a professional network marketer, you want to use resources that are effective as well as low cost or free to market your product, service, or opportunity. Squidoo is one such source! Here are 7 free mlm marketing tips you can use successfully with Squidoo .

Tip #1: Make your Squidoo lens useful. If is is filled with junk, it will be poorly rated. People need to appreciate what you are offering. So, make sure you have good content on your lenses.

Tip #2: Make your lens easy to find. This is done by doing your keyword research first. You can also check the tag clouds within Squidoo itself. The words in larger fonts are the ones that are highly searched. After you have done your research, place your chosen keyword phrase in the title of your lens. You can also add them to your lenses tags. Make sure you find keyword phrases for all 40 tags Squidoo permits you to have per lens. This will help people find you even easier when they use search engines such as Google.

Tip #3: Proclaim yourself as an expert. You can do this in your bio section of Squidoo. Make sure you add your picture as well. Always use a professional username. It is ok to say that you are an expert. After all, each of us are experts in some area!

Tip #4: Get your readers involved. This is a great free mlm marketing tip for Squidoo. Your readers need to view you as someone they can connect with. Here are a couple of suggestions for you:

-Have controversial topics on your lens.
-Use the Guestbook module to ask provoking questions.
-Permit others to link your lens to theirs. you do this with the Plexo module. What is neat about this is that it also helps your lens rank to go up and gives your more content. It also shows that you are open to other's views.

Tip #5: Keep fresh content. When you start a lens, you will want to keep it updated with fresh content everyday. You can do this by adding modules. A good one to use is the RSS module where you put RSS feeds from your blog or others and set it to update daily, hourly, etc. The key is to keep the fresh content coming.

Tip #6: Keep your readers coming back. You will want to keep your readers constantly coming back to visit your lens. You can easily do this by having an autoresponder set up where you can notify then when you make changes. If you blog, participate in forums, comment on others blogs, etc., you can also have the URL to your lens in your signature file.

Tip #7: Use social bookmarking and pinging services. You want to create links coming back to your Squidoo lens. You can do this by using sites such as Only Wire and Social Poster to bookmark your lens. You can also use the RSS functions of sites such as Pingoat or Pingomatic as well. All of these resources

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