Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MLM Tool: My Story on How I Found A Free Tool to Build A Successful MLM Home Based Business.

I wanted to share with you my story about a free mlm tool that I found that I’m currently using to build my mlm business.

I’m from the USA and live in the state of Virginia. Because of where I was raised in my childhood, I have always loved country living and being out in nature. So, my current country home in Gore, VA suits me well.

During my childhood, I also discovered something very interesting about myself. At any early age, when we were pre-teens, my sister and I were asked to help out in the children’s division at our church. Though we both were nervous at first, we soon discovered that helping and working with little ones was fun and we were happy to do it. I continue to do this these years later.

As I grew older, this enjoyment of helping others, especially young people, guided me to become a licensed clinical social worker and behavior specialist for young people with developmental disabilities. While my job can be challenging, it also has great rewards when I see a young person make significant progress in their life.

Some years ago, I began to think about earning residual income from home. The book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kyiosaki, and other books that I read, increased my desire and excitement to take action and find a good home based business opportunity. So, I became involved in networking marketing. This was an easy decision for me since Kyiosaki recommended it and it fit my desire to help others.

At first, I was excited about being a network marketing distributor with a well-known company. But after a time, I began to encounter some difficulty. It seemed that advice I was given was not working. I was told to make a list of my friends and family, and buy leads. There also didn’t seem to be a system in place or a mlm tool that anyone could use successfully to build their business.. Something seemed to be missing and I wasn’t sure what it was. I struggled for about a year and then just gave up and quit out of sheer frustration.

One day after joining a internet social networking site, I found a friend. I shared with this friend my experience and my “why”; why I still desired to earn residual income from home. He began to teach me about the mlm business without pitching me on his company or any other company. My friend told me it wasn’t my fault that I had failed and introduced me to a system he uses successfully that is not based on selling. My friend said that this system provides unconditional support with an emphasis on helping others become successful in their business; that is educates people on the MLM industry with no strings attached.

I began to think that this is what I was missing in my previous network marketing venture.

Hearing my friends’ story resonated with me since all my life I have enjoyed helping others and I feel good when I do so. So, I decided to take a closer look at this system, appreciated what I saw, and decided to become a part of this special team. The other good news is that this system was instrumental in helping me find a solid MLM home.

What’s beautiful about this mlm tool, is that is a system is that you do not have to work 24-7. You can spend 1-2 hours a day if that’s all the time you have and still see success. I really needed this since I work full time and only can work a few hours per day.

What’s also cool about this is that you can have lots of fun doing it. I can still do all the things I enjoy in my personal life, plus I can help and teach others what I learn and do so they can be successful too.

So, this is my story about a mlm tool, which is a free system called Mentoring for Free, that I found to help me successfully build my mlm home-based business. This system has changed my life and business. I wish you success in yours as well.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Network Marketing Distributor: The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

As a network marketing distributor, you want to have a number of tools in your aresenal when marketing online. If you desire to use the Internet to build your business, this can do wonders if you are looking to have success online. When you talk with people online, you will hear an equal amount of people who have failed and succeeded. The difference between the two is minimal, but there are some simple mistakes that can be costly. Here are 5 affiliate program mistakes to avoid.

1. Not having a plan:
With the internet changing as frequently as it does, it is essential that you have a plan of some sort. While your plan is certain to change with the internet, having a plan will prepare you for what is to come. If you know where you want to take your mlm opportunity, bumps and curves along the road will only momentarily throw you off.

2. Selling the program:
As a network marketing distributor, sometimes, it can become quite easy to get caught up in the game and begin to sell the program or products. MLM is not a sales business. It is a relationship business. People have to know, like, and trust you first. Then, and only then, and only if they are looking for your product or service or desire to start a business, can you share with them.

3. Going through the motions:
There is nothing worse than a salesman that is going through the motions and appears to be looking at a sheet of paper with guidelines. If you want to have success with an internet marketing , you have to have passion and believe in what you are part of. This is not to say that every person you talk to is going to sign up or purchase something. But you will sound so much more influencing if you believe in what you are saying.

4. Moving to quickly:
While time is money on the internet, each customer is potential money as well. Take the time to talk with prospects so that you leave a lasting impact on them. Jumping from one customer to the next too quickly will do nothing for you. If you show each prospect that you truly care about them and their needs, they will be more inclined to listen. From there, you can sell your product on a more personal level and give them reasons for how your product can truly benefit them.

5. Be yourself:
The last thing you want to do is look artificial and fake. If you want to have success, personalize your MLM opp page and show people you are an individualistic. There are thousands of affiliate network marketing distributors that use the same page that are identical; mix things up and make yours stand out.

As a network marketing distributor who is looking to build your business online, there are hundreds of things you can and should try to avoid with your internet marketing. However, try not to get too caught up in worrying about these things. You are going to make mistakes, but try to move on without a hesitation. These are a few of the mistakes you may encounter along the way. But as long as you remain confident and goal-oriented, you will set yourself up for success using Internet marketing as a MLM business building tool.