Friday, September 07, 2007

MLM/Network Marketing: Greatest Headlines 16-20

Whether you are in MLM/network marketing or any other type of business, these awesome headlines can work! Here are more for you: from Art Jonak:

Here are headlines #16 through #20 from the Top 50
''Greatest Network Marketing Headlines'' list:

16: '''How to get a $100 tax refund - every month!''

17: '''How much income tax do you want to pay next year?''

18: ''Increase your take-home pay $450!''

19: ''How to get the IRS to fund your next business venture.''

20: ''How you're getting taken to the cleaners -
and don't even know it!''

As you can see, the five headlines above all point
to the tax benefits of owning a home-based network
marketing business.

Some of the best headlines and first sentences are ones
that are *specific* to *your* product or company.

I create hundreds of headlines and first sentences specific
to my program, product and network marketing benefits . . .

. . . and I create these *specific* headlines in under
30 seconds!

Here's the best part -- you can too!

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See you at the TOP!

-Art Jonak

More to follow.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

MLM/Network Marketing: How to Create Killer Headlines

Here is more headline information from Art Jonak as well as a bonus tip on how to create great headlines for your mlm/network marketing business.

Here are headlines #11 through #15 from the Top 50
''Greatest Network Marketing Headlines'' list:

11: ''THE SECRET the IRS is TERRIFIED you'll learn!''

12: ''Enron proof your portfolio.''

13: ''How big of a raise do you expect this year?''

14: ''Get an extra paycheck in your mailbox every
week - without having an extra job.''

15: ''Moms: Earn more money working at home than
in the office.''

Watch for headlines #16 - #20 to arrive by email soon!

-> Bonus Sponsoring Tip:

Remember the challenge in the last email to you?

I challenged you to write down the first sentence YOU
use when giving a presentation. First sentences are
very important. They determine if your prospect will
lean forward and look for reasons to join . . . or
lean back and look for reasons not to join!

I used trial and error to discover my FIVE best first
sentences, but my friend Joel introduced me to a neat
way to come up with unlimited first sentences in only
30 seconds.

Joel showed me a simple software program that creates
100 first sentences in only 30 seconds. (The software
program only costs $29.)

I was over-impressed, blown away, and quickly created
hundreds of first sentences for:

* Individual products
* Meeting prospects
* Getting referrals
* Starting presentations
* Headlines
* Business cards

. . . and, the list goes on. It was fun. And, I knew you
might want to get a copy of the software program also.
It's worth a fortune to me, and I hope you use it too.

Anyway, click here:

This page explains more about first sentences AND be
sure to SCROLL DOWN the page to the yellow box to see
Tom ''Big Al'' Schreiter's FIVE best first sentences.

Each first sentence has and continues to earn ''Big Al''
tens of thousands of dollars.

I hope these FIVE best first sentences make you a
fortune also!

-Art Jonak

P.S. Read Big Al's five best first sentences and guess
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Sunday, September 02, 2007

How to Use Headlines That

I receive newsletters from a network marketing expert named Art Jonak. He always provides extremely useful information that can be used by not only network marketers, but people in other home based businesses as well.

In Art's recent newsletters, he sent a serious of headlines that work very well. I thought I'd share them with you. Today's post will cover 1-5. There is a total of 50 that Art will be sharing with his subscribers. He is Ok with us letting others know about them as well.

Headlines #1 through #5 from the Top 50 List: from Art Jonak

1: ''Most people do network marketing every day,
but they just don't get paid for it.''

2: ''Your body comes with a lifetime guarantee.''

3: ''How students can make more money part-time,
than their professors do full-time.''

4: ''Here are three things your boss forgot to tell you.''

5: ''Earn more money than your wife can spend.''

As a special gift, I've included a sponsoring tip
below to help you with first-sentences.

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-> Bonus Sponsoring Tip:

The secret principle that top leaders use to
get prospects to say, ''Yes.''

Top leaders have mastered the following principle:

If your first sentence is good, the world will
lean forward and worship the ground you walk on.

The rest of the presentation doesn't matter.

I can't over-emphasize the power of this principle.
It is magic.

If you say the right thing in your first sentence, prospects lean forward, and look for reasons to join.

One good first sentence can make you tens of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, I have several great first sentences I use to regularly grow my business. You may want to develop some, too.

When I say first sentences, I also mean:

1. Subject lines on e-mail messages
2. Headlines for an ad.
3. The first sentence in a letter or e-mail.
4. The title of your brochure or tape.

Here is the truth:

Get the headline or first sentence right, and everything
else will work.

If you want to learn how to create unlimited headlines
and first sentences easily, then visit:


Art has shared some great information! The next post will have additional headlines to use in your home business marketing campaigns.

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