Tuesday, August 21, 2007

7 Killer Tactics to Get Free Leads Through MySpace

One of the easiest ways to generate free network leads for your MLM business is through social networking sites. Social networking sites have taken the internet by storm over the past few years. Whether it be business networking sites such as Ryze, Fast Pitch, and Direct Matches, or more generic sites such as MySpace and Facebook, there are endless possibilities to build relationships with others, get free leads for your MLM business, as well as to market your product and services.

One of the most popular social networking sites is MySpace. Initially thought of as a place for teens to hang out and chat and the playground for music lovers and their fans, many business owners have discovered they can market their product and services very successfully, including network marketers. The following are the top ten creative ways you can use MySpace to generate free leads for your network marketing home business.

1. Build a fun profile. Your fun profile isn’t meant to be serious in any way. The purpose of it is to be goofy and fun! It can be about anything you find fun and humorous. At the end of your profile, you include a link to a splash or squeeze page about your MLM opportunity. Once your fun profile is created, you can start sending friends’ requests. MySpace lets you request 500 new friends’ requests every day, so you can build a friends list pretty quickly.

A couple of crucial points to remember about MySpace profile creations are:

a. It is a huge no-no to ever plaster commercial ads in your bulletin, comments, or email. Why? Because MySpace says you can’t in their terms and conditions and plus, the whole key to a profile is to make it non-commercial. You want to build relationships and not slam ads in people’s boxes.

b. Make your page a fun place to be with lots of cool things to do. Examples include sharing good restaurants and recipes, or posting fun and interesting things about your network marketing products and services.

c. Never put blatant sales copy in any of your profiles. This will spell the kiss of death if you do. Instead, share a few things about yourself as well as a link to your site. You can get as creative as you want with this, but in a classy way and not in a pushy, aggressive salesman way.

2. Create an interactive profile. With this type of profile, you want to get lots of interactive content. You can use trivia questions if you want. This works well because of the simple fact trivia questions are in and of themselves very interactive. You will still need a link on your profile page, but you also need to fill out as much as you can about yourself on your page as well. Make sure you include your picture. You can post a few trivia questions to your blog and then post a bulletin with one of the questions on it. You can then ask people to post answers on your blog and the first one who guesses right gets two kudos points.

Remember that every time you post a bulletin all your friends will receive it. This means, people will be coming back to look at your profile again. The more times folks review your profile, the more traffic you will receive as well clicks on your link!

3. Invite your celebrity friends. What you want to do here is to search for the most famous name in your particular industry. It should be name that your potential leads would know. For example, if you were in internet marketing, it could be Zig Ziglar or Yanik Silver. For those in network marketing, it could Tom “Big Al” Schreiter”.

What you then would do is to use the MySpace search feature to search your chosen celeb name to find their profiles. Then, make a friends’ request. Next, go to as many famous names you can think of that are related to your niche and invite them all to be your friend. This is important because in MySpace, big names attract a ton of attention, especially for those just starting out. You will want to make sure that your heavy hitter friends are displayed in your top 4 and 8 friends slots as this adds implied credibility. It’s like the heavy hitter is endorsing whatever your network marketing product or service you are offering.

4. Surf your way through MySpace. This is very powerful. What it does is create viral campaigns in which you market to the friends of your friends on MySpace. What you would do is not only send bulletins to your friends, but also post on the comment sections of their profiles. This way, not only will your friend get the message, but so will all the traffic that visits the profile. If you make a great viral comment on a big hitter’s page, you can expect to get lots of traffic to your profile as well as clicks to your link. This equals more free MLM leads!

5. Keywords anyone? You may not realize this, but content on Myspace is picked up by the search engines very, very quickly. If you share good content and good keyword concentrations, you will get indexed by the search engines. Just make sure it is good, quality content!

6. Post to Free Classifieds. Myspace offers you the opportunity to post classifieds. Make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions first. Numerous classified about your MLM products and services will get a lot more traffic to your profile link! More free leads for you.

7. Use the free Mozilla add on for MySpace. Mozilla is a browser like Internet Explorer. They offer a free tool bar that makes working on Myspace faster. You would go to http://www.mozilla.org to download it for free. Once you have done that, and it is installed, hit the “tools” button on top of the Mozilla screen. Then click “add-ons” and a small pop up window will come up. Next, click “get extensions” on the lower right hand corner of the window to be taken to a list of various add-ons. Select the Myspace utility and install it. You will then notice that the Myspace functions that appear on the top of the Mozilla browser. You will quickly discover how this speeds up everything you do on MySpace.

These are just a few ways that you can use the powerhouse social networking site MySpace to generate a ton of free leads for your network marketing home business. Create your MySpace account and profiles and kick your MLM MySpace marketing strategy into high gear today!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Free MLM Leads: How to Leverage Google for F.R.Ee Advertising

This is the last post about a conference call I listened to with direct mail and MLM expert, Richard Dennis about how to leverage Google to get f.re.ee advertising.

Once you have followed all steps as discussed in the previous posts, Richard recommends the following steps:

5. Once you have found the long tail keyword phrase you want to use, use the exact phrase in the title, and first and last paragraph of your article.

6. Submit your article to ezinearticles.com . Of course, there are other directories you can as well such as article marketer.com which is a free distribution service. Once you have submitted your article, in a week do a google search to see where you landed. If you don't like the page you are on, you can go back and make changes to get better results.

7. In your resource book, add a link to your blog or unique splash page where you are branded. It is best it is unique and different especially if you are in MLM where everybody uses a generic splash page.

Richard Dennis stated that article writing is a great way to bring in free leads and prospects over a long period of time. If you are not using this marketing strategy now, he says there is no reason not to as the payoff can be huge.

I hope you have found this information helpful.