Friday, July 27, 2007

How to Create the Ultimate Sales Letter For Your Home Business

Today's marketing tip is the final one based on a conference call I participated in a few weeks ago. It has to do with creating good sales copy.

Many home based business owners feel that they cannot do this themselves, or if they give it a shot, struggle with it. Even if they end up hiring someone, the sales copy is still bad.

What was suggested on the call is to record yourself or have someone record for you as you talk about your business and its benefits. You would just be speaking from your heart and be yourself. Then, you turn this into a sales letter. It is amazing how great this turns out.

I think that was a very interesting idea. You could save yourself lots of money to by doing it this way.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Relationship Building and Your Home Based Business

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

This is a continuation on business building strategies that can make a powerful difference in your home business based on a conference called I heard a few weeks ago.

Tip #4 Make sure you are with a team or company with a good understanding of marketing. This takes knowing people who are savvy and have expertise in many areas. Marketing is much more than simply selling something your home business has to offer.

The wrong way to market is using high pressure sales techniques since 90% of the population hates this approach. The right way is to build relationships. People have to see that you are someone who will not pressure them in anyway; that you like taking the time to talk to them, and have no agenda.

When they see how genuine you are, it will be greatly appreciated. Eventually, they will trust you and began to ask questions about what you do. They will be open to your testimonial and ready to listen to what you have to say because that relationship has been built.

What a powerful testimony on how just showing someone you care can make a big difference in your home-based business.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Do You Have A Powerful "Why"?

In our continuation on business building strategies that can make a powerful difference in your home business, the most important one is having a powerful "why".

Why is this important? Because no matter your business, be it MLM, a franchise, direct marketing, etc., you will have your ups and downs. Times will get rough sometimes. If you have written down what you want from your life and business, this can help you get through those times.

Unfortunately, many people only have a fuzzy idea. So, take some quiet time today, and think about what you want, and then write down your "why". You will be amazed at how doing this simple activity can have such a big impact on your life and business when times get tough.