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The Secret Is Out: What Network Marketing Prospects Really Want To Know

As a network marketer, I’m sure you talk to prospects about your network marketing home business. In your discussion, you might find that as you talk about the company founder, the product statement for 1994, and the name of the rock formation in Estonia where the magic herb is found for your vitamin formula, their eyes begin to glaze over. Even worse, they might make a hasty retreat and go as far as to duck and run if they ever see you coming their way again! So, it’s fairly obvious that your prospect does not need this type of information. The question is what do your network marketing prospects REALLY want to know? Simply, the answer to these three basic questions:

  1. What business are you in?
  2. How much money can I earn?
  3. So, what do I have to do to earn this money?
Answer these questions in an efficient, clear, and concise way, and you will find an interested prospect! Let’s get to business and see how this is done.

Question #1: What Kind of Business Are You In?

This is a reasonable question. I mean, who would ever join a business if they had no clue what it was about? Would you do that? I hope not! Therefore, when your prospects ask this question, you must be very clear so that they will not delay their decision Here’s an example of an example of poor answer to this question:
“I am in the global search for entrepreneurial talent, for time freedom and financial freedom, whereby they can enhance their efforts through multiple streams of residual income, thereby improving their lifestyle . . ."

Ummmmmmmmm. Anybody else confused besides me on that one? So, please don’t say silly things like this to your network marketing prospects. Instead, when you describe your business, you should use the "which means" words to connect your business to one of your products or services. This helps the prospect understand exactly what you do in your business. Here is what you can say:

"I am in the health and wellness business which means that we have a delicious nutritional shake that people drink which helps them wake up an hour earlier every morning feeling like million dollars, and fall asleep at night within five minutes of their heads hitting the pillow."

Got it? Good. On to the next question.

Question #2: How Much Money Can I Earn?

This is an easy question to answer. You state an amount that you feel your prospect is interested in earning per month. If someone is looking to earn only a couple of hundred extra per month, you describe income. For someone who wants financial independence and work from home, the quote would be different.

If you don’t know your prospect well, all you would need to say ask if they were to make an extra income with your business, how much extra income are they looking for?
Now, on the last question your prospects will ask.

Question #3: So, What Exactly Do I Have To Do To Earn Money?

Isn’t that a reasonable question? I would want to know what I have to do as a prospect. Let’s give them a clear answer instead of saying things like “Oh, you just have to talk to people”, or “We are a wonderful sharing and caring business” By a clear answer, I also don’t mean describing the compensation plan or sharing with them the company history! Just tell the prospect approximately what kind of activity he will need to do earn a certain a particular amount of money based on what you told them when answering question #2. . For example, if you quoted $500 you would say something like:

"All you have to do is: between you, and everybody you talk to, and everybody they talk to forever and ever . . . find about 2 families who want to drink the shake so that they wake up in the morning feeling great and then you would earn an extra $500 a month."

I would call this a clear answer to your network marketing prospect. They now know exactly what they have to do to earn that extra $500 a month‘

Once your prospects have these three questions answered about your home business, you close with something like, “Well, what do you think.” Or “And that’s that.” Very simple. No haggling, hassling, high-pressure sales pitch here. You just gave them the facts and now the decision is up to your prospect.

Use these techniques and watch your network marketing business prospect interest increase by 100%!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

11 MONSTROUS Small Business Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

I happened to have this great article sitting on hard drive and thought I'd share it with you. Hope you find it beneficial!

11 MONSTROUS Small Business Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
by: Susan Carter

MONSTROUS Marketing Mistake Number 1: Sinking a Fortune Into an Unproven Product
Is your business idea built on market research or a hunch?

Entrepreneurs often fall in love with their products or services before they determine if there’s a real market, and they throw fistfuls of money into the venture. If you, your spouse, your uncle, and your neighbor think you’ve got a winning idea, that’s simply not enough qualified input to run to the bank and drain your savings account!

Avoid this mistake by:
  • Conducting your detective work (research).
  • Testing your business idea with the real marketplace.
MONSTROUS Marketing Mistake Number 2: Believing That “If You Build It, They Will Come”
Do you think you have a product or service that will practically sell itself?

Trust me — you don’t.

There is a misconception among small business owners that, with the right product or service, your customers will simply “find” you when you open your doors for business. Whether you have a physical storefront on a corner lot in the busiest part of downtown, or a graphically pleasing online storefront offering easy access to your hot products and services, your customers will not find you if you do not market to them.

The day you open for business is the day you put on your “marketer’s hat” and never take it off. You must consistently move product, or schedule service time.

To stay in business you must profit.

To profit you must sell.

To sell you must market.

The good news is that, with a marketing strategy, you take the control out of your potential customers’ hands and put it into your own. If you have a product that will “practically sell itself,” then your marketing job will be easy. Just remember that the job must still be done.

Avoid this mistake by:
  • Defining your niche market and USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that differentiates you from your competition.
  • Developing a marketing action plan and strategy to reach your niche market with your USP message.
MONSTROUS Marketing Mistake Number 3: Trying to Reinvent the Wheel

Marketing is an age-old practice with some very basic principles. Yet, I’m sure you’ve read many marketing information products that stress the importance of being innovative and creative with your marketing efforts. It’s easy to get caught up in the innovation process and forget that the REAL focus should be on results.

Avoid this mistake by:
  • Emulating success instead of trying to create something completely new. Please note that I am not saying, “copy” what others are doing. Look at the basic structure of a tactic, campaign, advertisement, or event and use the same formula as a basis for developing your own tactics.
  • Realizing great marketing ideas are used over and over again with just the right twist to make them fit a specific business. Focus on results, and choose imitation over innovation to create your own twist on a proven, winning technique.
MONSTROUS Marketing Mistake Number 4: Over-Preparing and Doing Nothing

The fear of failure can be powerful. So powerful that we do everything we can think of to prevent it. Yet, there is a point at which we are so busy preparing, organizing, and researching to prevent failure that we never get around to the actual marketing of the business. Here are two things to remember:
  1. Activity is not productivity.
  2. In order to sell a million of something, you have to sell the first ONE.
Avoid this mistake by:
  • Doing something! If you believe in your business and have done your detective work, it’s time to dive into the marketing pool. Start small, track results and build from there.
  • Not being afraid to make a mistake. Mistakes are the entry to success. At the very least, a failed promotion means you have SUCCESSFULLY determined what promotion does not work. And, to learn what does NOT work is a valuable tool in getting you closer to discovering what WILL work.
So, go ahead. Fail a little. It will make your eventual successes even sweeter.

MONSTROUS Marketing Mistake Number 5: Boredom

When I was working for an ad agency many years ago, I had one client that was running an extremely successful ad campaign. After about six months, I received a phone call from the client. He wanted to develop an entirely new campaign. When I asked, “why?” he simply said, “I’m bored with the one we have.”


That client may have had the money to spend on a new campaign due to “boredom” but you and I usually don’t. Yet, I’ve often seen my small business clients switch promotions for the same reason. This is detrimental to your business!
“Losing money” is a reason.

“Boredom” is not.

Avoid this mistake by:
  • Remembering that, what is old to you, is new to an untapped target market. If you have a promotion that is consistently getting you results, stick with it until results show you its time for change.
  • Testing new promotions without abandoning the current one. Then track results. Never swap a current promotion with a new one that hasn’t been tested.
MONSTROUS Marketing Mistake Number 6: Relying on Networking to Generate Sales Leads
Joining the Chamber of Commerce and schmoozing at association meetings can put you in contact with vendors and possible joint venture partners, and will be invaluable exposure for you as a community supporter – but it will rarely generate substantial sales leads.

Everyone else who attends these “meet and greet” assemblies is there to do the same thing you are. You may be able to make some valuable contacts for future ventures and promotions, but one-on-one networking is time-consuming and results are unpredictable.

Avoid this mistake by:
  • Treating networking opportunities the same as any other marketing tactic. Track results by determining your costs and measuring your payback.
MONSTROUS Marketing Mistake Number 7: Doing What Your Competitors Do

It’s important to be aware of what your competitors are offering, but do not let it dictate the strategy you use for your own business.

If your competitor wants to be the low price leader, let him. Don’t try to become the “lower price” leader. Chances are this will lead you to financial problems because it will thrust you into an ugly price war.

If your competitor wants to tout low prices, then you focus on value. Bargain hunters don’t necessarily want the lowest price. They want the best VALUE. Make what you have to offer something of value.

Avoid this mistake by:
  • Finding an unmet need or want of your target market, and fill it to differentiate your products and services from your competitors.
  • Giving customers a reason to choose you over your competitors. Define your USP, and identify your niche market.
MONSTROUS Marketing Mistake Number 8: Not Targeting a Specific Market

If you believe your market is “everybody,” you will struggle to attract people who will buy from you. The value of target (niche) marketing is one of the toughest sells I make to my clients. They understand the logic of it, but the “fear of losing a potential customer” gets the best of them.

Avoid this mistake by:
  • Viewing the practice of niche marketing as inclusive, not exclusive.
Think of your business as part of a person’s support group. It’s logical to say, “Everybody needs a support group so my business should attract everyone.” But, will it? People – your customers – want to go to a support business that understands their specific concerns, needs, and wants. Make sure you ARE that business by targeting a niche market.

MONSTROUS Marketing Mistake Number 9: Targeting a Market You Can’t Reach or One That Can’t Afford You

Targeting a niche market is the smartest way to market. Yet, targeting a market that is too specific will limit your ability to succeed long term. For example, a market that might be too specific would be: female pilots under the age of 35 who fly ONLY New York to London flights. That’s a pretty narrow market to sustain your business in the long term unless you can capture the ENTIRE market with a product or service that has a high profit point and customers need to use or replace it often.
In that same vein, a market that is begging for the service or product you have but cannot afford it will also be a business impossible to sustain. Never compete for someone’s rent money. Your target market must have the means to buy your products and services.

Avoid this mistake by:
  • Creating your customer profile to identify characteristics of your potential buyers,
  • Identifying a niche market,
  • Examining the long term potential for new and repeat sales.
MONSTROUS Marketing Mistake Number 10: Focusing On Acquiring New Customers Instead of Promoting to Current or Previous Customers

When you first start a business you have little choice but to focus on gaining new customers. The cost of finding those new customers can be expensive, which is one reason it is so important to really target a specific niche. However, once you’ve made just one sale, you’re ready to start looking at other marketing options.

Wouldn’t you like to:

… slash your marketing costs by half or more?

… reach proven buyers for your service or products?

That little goldmine of proven buyers available to you “on the cheap” is already yours in the form of current and previous customers.

Any respected marketing guru, past or present, online or offline, will tell you that the biggest asset your company has is your customer base.

Avoid this mistake by:
  • Realizing that, when a sale is finalized, it is the beginning of your relationship with that customer, not the end.
  • Offering additional products or services to current customers. If you don’t have your own to offer them, then develop a referral, joint venture or product bundling program so you can reap profits from your already-interested (and buying) customers.
MONSTROUS Marketing Mistake Number 11: Not Systematically Following Up on Leads

The least expensive part of business is making the sale. The most expensive is generating leads – finding the people who are interested in what you have.

Once you find people who express an interest in what you have to offer – whether they buy from you or not – you MUST develop a follow up system that will keep marketing to those interested prospects. A person who has expressed interest in your products and services is far more likely to eventually buy from you than someone who did not respond at all!

Avoid this mistake by:
  • Curbing the tendency to become obsessed with generating more leads until you have exhausted the ones you already have.
  • Developing an easy, systematic follow up for leads, designed to convert a “maybe” into a “yes.”
About The Author
Susan Carter helps business owners “do more with less” to operate and market their small and growing businesses. She is the author of How To Make Your Business Run Without You, and SPLASH Marketing for Overworked Small Business Owners. Carter offers FREE book chapters, and distributes free business-building advice in her twice-monthly ezine, SuccessExpress Press, available at

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How to Use A Diet Club to Market Your Network Marketing Company's Weight Loss Product

It seems that, everywhere you look, everyone is trying to lose weight. If you are in a network marketing company that has a weight loss product line, you have a huge, hot, and hungry market that you can sell to.

One of the easiest marketing strategies that you can implement is starting a diet club in your town. Here are tips to get your diet club started off right.

1. Host a diet club in your home. If you cannot do it, one of your friends, family members, or colleagues may be willing to be the host, especially when you offer them free samples of your network marketing's company's weight loss product.

2. The host will need to invite six or more people to your diet club. The invitations can look something like this:

"Your Dieting Days are Over!"

The problem with diets is that, whenever you go on a diet, eventually you have to get off the diet. What usually happens? The weight returns.

*Drink a shake. Lose weight! Eat a cookie. Lose weight! Try these and other fun and easy ways to lose weight!

*Never be hungry! (that's better than willpower!)

*Enjoy great tasting cookies between meals!

*Lose weight and keep it off!

Come to our diet club kick off! Meet new friends, bring your favorite dish and recipe, and lose weight while snacking with us!

Fun! Healthy! Plus it all tastes so good!

Tuesday, April 18th, 150 broad Avenue, Winchester, VA

3. Purchase a scale so that you will have one for the official "weigh-in".

4. Plan to have your diet club meet on the same day and time every week. Every member will need to weigh in each week. The member who loses the most weight will get to keep the special "Weight Loss Trophy" for the week. You will need to remind them to bring it back for the next group meeting's winner. When you do it like this, you will only need to purchase one trophy.

5. The member that loses the least amount of weight or gains the most gets a booby prize. This can be anything, such as an embarrassing poster they have to put on their refrigerator for the week. Get creative! Whoever gets the booby prize will need to bring it back to the next meeting so that the new winner can receive it.

6. After the weigh-in, trophy, and booby prize awards, give your diet club members a tip or two about proper eating and dieting. Share with them how your weight loss product can help them meet their goals.

7. Lastly, socialize! Share recipes, give out cookies, shakes, or whatever weight loss product your network marketing company promotes. Dig into the delicious dishes that members bring. Overall, just enjoy the fellowship and then repeat next week!

That's it! This is all it takes to start your own diet club in your hometown. Your members will appreciate your efforts, and it's highly likely you will get lots of orders for your weight loss products! 

So, get going with your first diet club today!